All right folks, let's get down to it. I'm running the game on a somewhat lower end system (hovering between the minimum requirements and the recommended). Graphics are set to the lowest possible settings (;_ and all that, and it runs decently, if a little ugly (disadvantage of having a lame computer).

Problem is, however, that whenever I try to Quick Save (F8), the game locks up and trashes my computer. Last time it was so bad that Task Manager couldn't initialize. Additionally, at other suggestions, I tried deleting my saves and starting anew which worked for a brief time, allowing me to make it past the auto-save (although my computer caused a crash there, so I had to restart) and even get a single quick save off. Of course, on the second try, I crashed hard once more.

Here's the basics for you. I'd appreciate any help you could provide. I'm not too great with computers, sadly, so I'm kinda stumped.

Dell Inspirion I6400
Intel Centrino Duo (Intel Core 2 T5500@1.66GHz)
1GB Ram
ATI Mobility Radeon X1400

If you need anything else, ask and I will deliver. Thanks for whatever help you can provide. ^_^