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Thread: Change language without re-installing ?

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    Change language without re-installing ?

    I know this question has been asked (at least twice) but was never answered.
    I own the full game (not from Steam), and i'd like to change the language without reinstalling the game (because of the DRM problem...)
    is it possible to change it in conf files ?
    I tried to edit BioShock.ini, but the game menu doesn't appear after that.
    Thanks for your answer.

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    I'm also interested in the same question.
    Anybody knows the answer?

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    Long time I've not been here !

    Yes it is possible to change the game language ONLY to english, let me explain :
    -When installing Bioshock in German, French or any other language, the english game files will be copied + the respective language versions of these (in Bioshock\Content\Sounds_Windows\ and Bioshock\Content\Maps\ you can notice the english ones and the choosen language ones.
    Be aware that some of the following things are based on suppositions : Have a look at your Bioshock game directory : Bioshock\Content\LocalizedXXX.lbf (where XXX is the language) contains the language text strings used in the game, so if all "LocalizedXXX.lbf"s are present in the Content folder there would be no problem with the text strings when switching to another language. Still, you would have english speech by doing so, adding the localized versions of the files in "Maps" and "Sounds_Windows" should fix this.
    -It was a good idea to look into Bioshock.ini (located for vista users in [Drive]:\User\[Username]\AppData\Roaming\Bioshock\Bioshock.ini (you'll have to enable hidden folders in folder options to see "AppData")), under the [Language] section the supported language values (int, esp, deu, fra, ita), under the section [Engine.Engine] search the line "language=XXX" -> you can only set the value to "int" (english) (and the installed language obviously) otherwise your main menu will disappear + you'll anyway get english text and speech.

    So the process requires much more than a simple config edit to set the game to any wished language. May be wise to back up these specific files I mentioned so once you reinstall select your other prefered language, then just copy the back ups to the fresh install and see if it works. May try some day if I don't get busy

    Hope this helped !

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    Are u talking in english mister...bcuz i didnt understand one word u said

    just tell us where to get the english files and put it in which directory haha

    we dont need a bioshock lesson 101
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    hes basically saying go to \User\[Username]\AppData\Roaming\Bioshock\Bioshock.ini which he told us how to get to, and under the engine.engine section, there will be a line that says language:xxx (xxx being language set) to change it to english simply replace xxx with int

    took me a while to figure it out but it worked for me

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    It’s simple to change language, follow the below step.
    Start Menu – Control Panel and Regional and Language

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    Quote Originally Posted by marieweaver132 View Post
    Its simple to change language, follow the below step.
    Start Menu Control Panel and Regional and Language
    That changes the Windows system language. Not Bioshock's language. It is ill-advised to do this: if you don't understand the new language it may be frustrating to change Windows' language back.

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