First of all this is not a rant just a question regarding demo game play and all game play vids we have all seen up until now. Most of us have seen that game combat takes place with your men moving in until they see the enemy, the aliens then take cover and its up to you to kill them off. So fare 98% of what we have seen points to this form of play.

However on one of the Dev's play threw we seen some Muton's crash the party and join the fray, with the Dev's stating that they were on patrol and that there are alien's patrolling the maps. I have read many post about this a allot of people are concerned that this is the balk of the enemies game play, SPOT, TAKE COVER, SHOOT. I my self am not to worried as I remember the Muton's coming in on that mission.

My question would be, will difficulty have a factor at hand whether the aliens will hide and wait as most of use have seen, or will more of them be on patrols? I'm not trying to call the Dev's out just asking politely.