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Thread: Do damage stack on ufos if I send several interceptors?

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    Do damage stack on ufos if I send several interceptors?

    If I have several interceptors on one contintent and one manages to damage an ufo before being shoot down, do the ufo continue to be damaged until I send my next interceptor or will it be as nothing has happened?

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    Yes, it does.

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    Yes but the only catch is if the UFO runs away before your second one reaches it.

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    It seems to, to me. I was annoyed taking this approach one time because at one point after I sent my nth jet out to intercept, the UFO got away...and reloading didn't help. It still got away. Can't remember which jet it was...maybe my 3rd...or 2nd.

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    Battleship requires about 11-12 hits from a basic fighter with avalanche missiles.

    Without player interference you usually get 4-5 hits in per fighter, but with luck up to 7-8 hits.

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