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Thread: Validating integrity over and over, help?

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    Validating integrity over and over, help?

    So, in response to a bug I reported, someone suggested I go to library/properties/local files and then click on verify integrity of local files update or some such. Which I did and sure enough it uploaded a file, took a minute or so.

    Except it doesn't seem to stick. I've done it three days in a row now and each time it does it again, the exact same thing is happening. Why isn't the uploading staying and being saved? Why is steam updating itself every time I log on, even though it did it the last time, and the time before, and the time before, etc.?

    I'm concerned that I will forever have to do this integrity verifying every single time I want to play now, and it adds a couple minutes to the whole start up system, which already is a few minutes long. (And let's not digress into a discussion of my system and why things take as long as they do, I have a new system and a cable modem with a high speed connection. That's not the problem, even if it had anything to do with why steam isn't holding onto the update every day. Thanks.)

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    You might be confused, since the window in verifying is misleading. The percentage you see, is the process of verifying, not a download. So it will always take that time when you initiate the verification. You also see the "file 1/1" written in there, so it might seem like a download which it isn't.

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    Also, as soon as you have played Civ in between two checks, one file will be downloaded, even if everything is in order.

    Not sure why you're verifying that each and every time though... that should not be necessary. But best would be to post this in your support thread and continue from there.

    As to Steam updating each time, is it actually updating or just checking for updates (which it indeed does every time you start it by default).

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