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Thread: Your B.A.S. language complaints here!

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    Your B.A.S. language complaints here!

    Like the title says!

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    I just started the DLC and was literally shocked. Don't tell me to learn the english language as I, at least I hope so, understand it very well. Still, I played the whole main game on my language, german, and enjoyed it. It is not a must to play a game in german for me, but it is a big plus if I can, as the enjoyment really is higher if you can play a game in your first language.

    Wasn't IG telling the people, they will serve with Bioshock: Infinite, a game of qality, not quantity?
    Why do they then throw a DLC of contradiction at us? I don't say to make a good DLC does not need time, but hey, they at least needed nearly a full year to bring us a real story DLC. And then they are not even able to give us the quality of the main game? What? Really? C'mon, that can not be if they are not only driven by the money. We payed at minimum 20$/€ for the Seasons Pass, expecting IG bringing us a full quality DLC chapter for a very good main game in the same quality. But then they give us... this. A good DLC with horribly translated and incomplete subtitles.

    Good job. If there was any way to get my money back, I would maybe even give it a try. But as I paid for a download there may be no way, except IG caring for their customers and be ashamed.

    -> I just copied my other entry if that's ok.

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    While I understand your request, this is not a technical support issue. Please use your original thread in the General Discussion section.

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