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Thread: MLG Tourny

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    Fac X toR Guest

    MLG Tourny

    im gonna go if its for Xbox....if there ESPN football tourny is for Xbox then Philly here i come

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    UcanHateMeNow Guest
    MLG is using XBOX for the Tournament..better hurry up and registar for the Philly stop I think its next month...

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    Sowers Guest


    whats MLG?

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    Fac X toR Guest

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    Fac X toR Guest
    any1 goin to the philly stop?

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    uLtImAteDforU Guest


    NAW MAN ITS PS2 NOT XBOX...espn football will be using PS2

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    Actually, It looks like it is the XBOX. Here is a Quote from the letter they sent GreyHoundSteve.

    Quote Originally Posted by GreyHoundSteve
    From: sundance
    To: GreyHoundSteve
    Posted: Wed Jan 21, 2004 8:47 pm
    Subject: mlg espn rules thoughts?

    Thanks again for your initial thoughts.

    It's been harder than expected to get rules help from the ESPNGames crew but I wanted to fly the basics by you---

    Played on the Xbox (PS 2 controller converters are allowed)

    Players are allowed to play as any current season team.

    The Basics:

    Difficulty: All Pro with sliders set to normal.

    Weather = clear

    Quarter length = 3 minutes

    In the event of a tie after 4 quarters, the participants will play additional (3) minute quarters, until one player scores.


    Players may not be substituted out of position. For example a running back may only be substituted for another running back, a wide receiver for a wide receiver, etc.

    Substitutions of RB, WR out of position returning kicks or punts will not be allowed.

    Package plays which automatically switch players are considered legal.

    Substitutions for the kicker are not allowed.

    General Rules:

    Onside kicks are not allowed unless trailing by 17 points. In the event of an onside kick the ball must hit the ground before it is recovered.

    Fading or retreating more than 10 yards from the line of scrimmage to avoid defensive pressure on a pass play is not allowed.

    any glaring omissions or erors in your opinion also, what's your feeling on EQ?

    The ESPN "expert" we had helping us turned out to have no idea what he was talking about...

    thanks again

    You guys might want to work on your HURRY UP offense because 3 min Quarters is nothing. I have drives that last more than that.
    PS3 Gamertag: xDREAMTHEATERx

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    2thehouse. Guest
    I received an email from MLG stating that the game was being played on the PS2! I'm confused! What is a PS2 controller converter?

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    2thehouse. Guest
    ok, i just emailed mlg and they responded that the game will in fact be played on the xbox and they will be providing ps2 controller converters.

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