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Thread: TO ALL MAGIC FANS.......

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    MagicFan4Lyfe1 Guest

    TO ALL MAGIC FANS.......

    man ths season really sucks for us. i dont know what to do. we are losing every game and i dont even bother watching anymore games especiially tonight when we got killed by the Nets. what will happen to us do you guys know of any trades we might be doing? T-Mac doesnt even feel like playing anymore you can see it in him. we need a major trade. but look on the bright side we could have a number 1 draft pick, but..... you know how john gabriel is with these issues and intends to screw up. WELL WE LOOK FORWARD TO NEXT SEASON where bogans Zaza and hopefully one day hunter will improve!!!!!!!

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    TMAGIC Guest
    I hate to sound like bandwagon sell out, but Im more of an NBA fan then a Magic fan. With that said, I sure hope TMAC gets the hell out of Orlando!

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    Blackwiz Guest
    ^^lol...bandwagon sell out

    neway, holla, the NETS murdered them, they had like 103 points at the end of the third quarter, J.Kidd and K-Mart both had double doubles..........that's wat im talkin about jerzy

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    Jay_Holla2004 Guest
    The magic messed up when they let Shaq leave. Then they let penny go too. After that they decided to spend millions on T-Mac and Hill. Seen hill play? Ever? So now they talk about revamping the roster so they let Darrell Armstrong and Mike Miller leave. I'm not saying Drew Gooden or Gordan Giricek both suck.. They just don't score. I did like the Juwan Howard pick up before the season but even he isn't living up to his reputation. Now when is Hill "suppose" to make another comeback?

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    Jay_Holla2004 Guest
    And, uh, who the ☺☺☺☺ let Tyronne Lue on the team?????

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    Stick with it, MagicFan4Lyfe... Don't be a sell-out like TMagic over here...

    And please, TMagic, when you do turn a bandwagon fan, please don't like the Lakers... they already are chock full of Wans (whack fans)....

    This season, in general, has been a disappointment. I was expecting big things this year, especially from Reece Gaines. The dude averages 0.7 ppg right now. However, the future is looking bright with Bogans and Pachulia and (if we keep playing like the Hawks) Emeka Okeafor.

    Stay with it. Fans who stick around usually reap the best benefits (unless you're a Nuggets or Cavs fan hehe)...

    University of Florida Gators

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    ludacris06 Guest
    You gotta have faith in your team sometimes....thats if youare a true fan. I really hope T-Mac gets out of Orlando because even the best player in the league couldn't even help the Magic.

    Sometimes I think the reason for all this loosing is that other teams saw how many games they lost, and they think that the Magic can't beat them and they make sure that doesn't happen. Well, thats just me. :?

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    yeldarb12 Guest
    wow, magic start losing again and they lose fans, eather stick with your team or go like the lakers... im stikin with the celtics even though we are lotto bound

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    Magic has made a bunch of mistakes. First, last year they played Hill way too hard when everyone knew that we wouldn't make the playoffs. Then we let D. Armstrong go which took so much perimeter and rotation defence. Howard, I dunno why signed up with us and really took Goodens spot. Gordan doesnt get lots of minutes because he doesnt have Armstrong to back him up on the perimeter and T-Mac cant waste too much energy on d because he is the one that gets the offence going. Then we got so much bad luck with all the point guard injuries, no Pat Garrity(SP?) and T-Mac problems... And I am predicting that now we are going to make so desperate last minute trades to get some crowd in the arena which are going to make our team even worse. It is just common sence that T-Mac leaves and lets our franchise rot... done

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    MagicFan4Lyfe1 Guest
    BN i totally agree with u 100%. Girickek has a graet perimeter game but this year...... he hasnt played like last year because armstrong is gone and we have no point gaurd to set up the perimeter game. Gooden i have no idea what he does on the court sometimes. i dont want to see t mac goes. well thats all, im still a magic fan no matter what. pce

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    s0me1 Guest
    Why the hell did they let Darrel Armstrong go? I still can't get over that. Yeah T-mac may be the all star of the team but imo Darrel Armstrong was the heart of the team. Someone in management better pay for this either soon or in the off season. Management has sucked for the last few years now, like getting rid of Bo Outlaw for what now, something like Jud Beuchler and cash. Or some crap like that.

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    What I really enjoyed about this team was its personality. Guys like Armstrong and Outlaw may not have been legends but they were fun to watch and they gave the team personality. Right now the team is dead. Their game is very boring and the only reason why I sometimes tune in is Tracy McGrady.

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    Blackwiz Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by ludacris06
    You gotta have faith in your team sometimes....thats if youare a true fan. I really hope T-Mac gets out of Orlando because even the best player in the league couldn't even help the Magic.
    That's not true, you put a good PF like Tim Duncan or KG, or put Shaq on the team, and they'll win a lot more games........they aren't bad players, but they are a bad team......actually, who they need is Jason Kidd. They need his leadership.....i mean, look at the Nets before J.Kidd came...Juan Howard is nice with the one hand hook and Gircheck can shoot, Lue can shoot, Gooden is pretty good, you guys make it like they have no talent, they definitely do, but they need someone like J.Kidd to exploit that talent.....

    ya'll Magic fans gotta stick wit ya teams, cuz who knows, next year, they could be killin, then ya'll would be runnin back to stickin wit my Lakers even though they been havin the worst luck since Malone got injured.......

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    ludacris06 Guest
    The Magic other than T-Mac isn't consistant to me. They need a leader instead of a team player like T-Mac. T-Mac really needs to leave the Magic and try to get back with Toronto or somthing.

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    TheGameShutDown Guest
    Letting Darrell Armstrong leave was one of the stupidest moves they could've made. By doing that, they let go a player who's been loyal to their franchise for years, an actual veteran, their team leader, their catalyst, and the one of two players who that team was based on. He, with T-Mac, kept the team on his shoulders. He provided a ton on and off the court, and by losing him, they lost a lot of what their team was about.

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    Dec 2003
    Yea I totally agree, Armstrong was like the heart and soul of the team, I think with him this year they'd be much much better than right now.
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    G WILL BE BACK....


    PG. Reece Gaines......yeh he will get MUCH better
    SG. Tmac
    SF. G Hill
    PF. R Wallace....yeh i believe sheed.....we need ya....
    C. Emeka Okafor......PLEASE

    now with Gooden, GG, ZAZA and bogans off the bench....


    plus a trade for maybe a Brent Barry or someone to shoot it and spark it off the bench.......

    HEADS HIGH MAGIC FAITHFUL......How do you think Twolves fans feel?

    MAN THEY GOT SOME COOL FANS....7 straight years and they still come back.....

    KG best player in the World and WILL win a title....

    TMAC the same thing....BELIEVE

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    TMAGIC Guest
    The only team I wanna see TMac lose on is my hometown Warriors. Since that will never happen, Ill jump on any bandwagon that has him. And even tho it makes me sick to think about it, yes, even the Lakers.

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    Like Angel said...

    With a high draft pick and a bright future at different positions on the Magic, keep your head up, Orlando fans...

    '05 NBA Champs

    University of Florida Gators

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    ludacris06 Guest
    Will T-Mac stay in Orlando? I herd he might exit out of his contract or somthing if the Magic don't turn around.

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    The upcoming trade deadline. Sources inside the organization say that there are only two untouchable players: Tracy McGrady and rookie Keith Bogans. Surprised? Drew Gooden might be.
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    X Dah Creator Guest
    Im more of a Tracy McGrady fan than a Orlando Magic fan so if he decides to leave then i'll follow the team hes going to unless hes going to the Lakers but then again he fits in a Orlando uniform.

    Emeka would be very nice for us and he'll be a block presence just like Theo Ratliff but can score. How tall is Emeka? I know he has game but never paid attension to his height.

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    Emeka is like 6'9"... but can block shots like former Magic player Ben Wallace...

    Anyways... what do you Magic fans think about the trades?

    We successfully traded our entire outside shooting squad for a slasher and a soft post.

    Giricek for Stevenson


    Shammond Williams for Rooks

    Giricek wasn't producing very much... and I'm not too upset with that trade... but Shammond for Rooks was a mystery to me...

    Well... we can't get much worse... and maybe TMac will take Stevenson under his wing and show him how to become a superstar...

    University of Florida Gators

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    Well, given the comback by the Magic, I am proud to type that I am once a again, a satisfied Orlando Magic fan

    We're 11-6 8) , got a lot of potential and old names back...

    The thing is though, I can't really blame Weis for all the things he has done wrong. He let Darrel go simply because he wanted to sign Antonio Daniels for the future, but both of the guys ran off so he got the cheapest pg in the agency, who I still think is a decent backup player. So, like in the past few years, they followed the trend of drafting a big 1, and got Gaines, who was "dissapointing"... He really based the whole team around Hill, and I bet the old Magic would have been great with Grant back, for he could help with the point problems, rebounding, defense, and most of all- he could make up all that Tracy didn't have (or didn't show much of)- personality and leadership..................

    In other words, I am happy .....


    Quote Originally Posted by BN
    And I am predicting that now we are going to make so desperate last minute trades to get some crowd in the arena which are going to make our team even worse. It is just common sence that T-Mac leaves and lets our franchise rot... done
    BN, you are a doo-doo head....

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    Dmanl337 Guest
    Orlando might go real far in the postseason and turn some heads. I 'm still pissed that we are on tv like only 3 times in the whole regular season. Sucks for people who dont have league pass.

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