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Thread: Man it felt Great.....

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    amrog27 Guest

    Man it felt Great.....

    tonight was a night to remember I played some guy in All Pro (I was waitin on Ucan but missed him) :cry: and ya'll know I cant stand all pro..but neways he used the Dolphins and he was gonna cheese me the whole game w/ ricky but after just one big run My Bolts shut him Down Tomlinson had over 280 on 18 he was a pretty big cheeser and lost the process I found a new defensive play that completly shut Ricky down all his pitches Jockers,ACES,kINGS all that .....he was cool about it tho... even tho he went for it on 4th alot and was down big.....I really enjoyed smashin a cheeser w/o havin to cheese at all myself.....Espn Is the Best football Video game ever...cant wait for 2k5........OG

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    XRated Guest
    Did you do what I told you dawg? :wink:

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