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Thread: Progressive sweat, long hair, knee braces!!!

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    Progressive sweat, long hair, knee braces!!!

    I was just wondering if anyone knows if we will get progressive sweat, knee braces, and long hair with the hair physics. Examples would be Jeremy Shockey, Pac Man Jones, and Mike Mckenzie above.
    Louis M. Banks

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    Bish-Bosh Guest
    by the looks of the game so far you dont even get progressive dirt. You get all the players with the same dirt stains on them as the game progresses, as in 2k5...very next gen.

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    Yup, looks like the dirt stains from 2k5. Hopefully they used the on spot dirt stains like in MLB 2k7. I also wanted a field with a baseball diamond like Oakland's and Miami's. I thought dirt and dust flying in the air would be great. I figured 2k would use progressive sweat model from NBA 2k7 for APF 2k8. Guess we'll have to see.
    Louis M. Banks

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    Bish-Bosh Guest
    Heres hoping. I think Madden is including the hair, braces, progressive dirt isnt it? but we wont go down that road.

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    I know one thing. . .at 1:04 is the Jerry rice vid. . .the grass fly up off of his cleat when he make a cut. . .will make a thread with screen shots in a few seconds. . .but check out the video again. . .you'll see it.

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