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Thread: 2 way players

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    shondeveron Guest

    2 way players

    i wanted to know if icould use sammy baugh at qb and db and punter like he started his whole career..did you know sammy baugh is the only player to get 4 interceptions in one game at saftey..also same game he threw 4 td passes and netted avg 51 yds punting as well..he's the only person to be all pro in one season and defensive and offensive player of the year...according to nfl networks his is the no. 1 versatile player of all time
    also i'd like to put fridge at full back and dt.. eric metcalf can play rb wr or kr/pr rod woodson could play safety or corner...this would save me a legend pick for a fb or db or a punter if i could make these positions interchangeable realistically ....

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    YungFresh Guest
    some body already asked this i think iam not sure if you can do this in apf atleast from what i heard they just have at qb

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    the decider13 Guest
    I wanted to know this about bednarik. He was a starting center and LB, but i bet they are only going to have him at LB.

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    George Blanda at QB, LB, and K!

    I dunno, I doubt it will be in the game, but we can always hope.

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    RubberJesus Guest
    Sammy Baugh at kicker, cornerback and some quaterback baby.

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