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Thread: Well... this BIG question is.....

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    Well... this BIG question is.....

    how does APF play? I'm expecting to pick my copy up after work. Which is about 9-10 hours from now. Wanted some comments from those who are using it now. I'm just a lil bit excited.

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    tsp120 Guest
    I'm in the same boat as you. It seems from everything I've read this game is a finely tuned version of 2K5 in terms of gameplay. I don't think it's anything groundbreaking, but it's going to be great.

    Can't wait to get home.

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    predator1970 Guest
    Yo!!!! this is the shynt (in a good way) the game is as real as it get far as video football goes. Made up a squad and pit dandy dan and he pats the ball like dan did awesome, my son had roger craig and the high knees were flying . Reggie has all the moves on the d-line. I see people complaining about the speed its fine. the animations are so real and the hard part is picking your team and logos and colors please who needs franchise mode. Gameplay gameplay gameplay it doesn't get any better see for yourself this evening . By the way I played hookie from work to get my copy early it pays to be in charge. The one thing you have to do is (de-maddenize yourself) as far as the controls. Have fun

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