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Thread: played two games with my ps3 version

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    iclmvp03 Guest

    played two games with my ps3 version

    i have the ps3 version and i dont see any hitch. maybe its just me i dunno. I have a 42 inch hd tv. i have been playing in 720p have not tried 1080p yet i will in just a little bit. Just wanted to reassure all those ps3 owners thats the game is great nothign to worry about

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    maball Guest
    good to know that it runs smooth on ps3 ...gonna get my copy whenever future shop gets it in

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    TheMan46112 Guest
    The game to me at least doesnt even look as good as the original XBOX NFL2k5 on XBOX. How does the game compare to NFL2k5 for PS2

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