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Thread: I love this game

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    TheMan46112 Guest

    Talking I love this game

    OK i'm over the graphics aren't as sharp as we all thought. Now that I've played it for about 6 hours I must say I love the gameplay. It's a fun game.

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    Dirymac73 Guest
    what kind of tv do you have because I'm playing on a 62 inch hdtv and it looks proper

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    TheMan46112 Guest
    27 inch HDTV. No trust me it looks great. It's just different looking. I'll get used to it. Infact I think I like it. One think is there is no shadows when your kicking a FG which used to help me in NFL2k5. The arrow is misleading I used the arrows shadow. Now they took it away. Field goals are weird. They needed more silver star kickers. And maybe a couple of other punters 2

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    VC80 Guest
    I think they don't have silver or gold star kickers so you don't have to waste high level picks on them.

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    TheMan46112 Guest
    Trust me if you don't take the one and only silver kicker you don't make field goals in this game. Stadandue or whatever his name is

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