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Thread: 1st game..15 min qtrs..accelerated clock..legend this game!!!

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    nyknicks33 Guest

    1st game..15 min qtrs..accelerated clock..legend this game!!!

    I wanted to jump right in this bad boy and have a good long game since i havent played a 2k football since 2k5 IN I wanted to get the feel for it back.

    Man I am just amazed. The score was kinda high..I lost 41-38...I was down 28-3 at the half.

    Here are some stats from the notables

    Me: Ken O'Brien- 27-49, 414yrds 1TD, 2 picks 81.5 Rating--forced to throw more then I wanted because I was down so big

    Freeman Mcniel:19 carries, 76 yards, 2 TD's

    Charlie Taylor 13 rec, 265yrds, 1 TD (match up a generic corner vs a gold or silver reciever at your peril)

    Eric Martin: 8 rec, 110 yards.

    Deacon Jones: 7 tackles, 1.5 sacks
    Harry Carson: 9 tackles
    Chuck Bednarik: 10 tackles
    Eugen Robinson: 2 tackles, 1 Int returned for a TD

    Them: Randall Cunningham: 9-16, 190 yrd, 2 td's, 1 Int
    OJ Simpson: 43 carries 212 yards, 3 tds
    Jerome Brown: 3.5 sacks
    Jack Lambert: 4 tackles, 1 sack
    clyde simmons: 2 sacks

    MY absolute favorite thing about this game is the passing. IT actually feels like a pro style passing attack. You take your drop your drop, and you best make a read and get the ball out or the rush will get you. On the downside..the over effective corner route is still there. I dont know what it is about football games that makes this happen..basically if you arent playing cover 3 or two have an excellent chance at a completion.

    The gold running backs are going to be handful..OJ was killing me (no pun intended)

    The generics are actually somewhat useful. My back up RB's are power backs and are good short yuardage and goal line pile movers..their generic Tight end had over 100yds recieving.

    On the flip side..if you have a generic starting DB..especially a best give him help..and if you have a generic best control him, because he will act a fool.

    I havent figured out how to assign a QB spy..anyone know?

    I have a generic balanced o-line and they had their hands full blocking simmons, and brown..which they should i suppose.

    kicking took me a while to figure out..i do not know if it is still me, or if generic kickers are trash..but i couldnt get a kick off any deeper then the 10-15 yrd line..punts were decent though

    I found running difficult..but rewarding. It felt plug away and if you plug away'll pop really feel like you earned it.

    Im really impressed..ncaa 08 is still in its wrapper.

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    Xfsphynx Guest
    cant fig out how to change on pro and then i can get custom by changing slider, but no legend and all-pro......i hit all the buttons

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    nyknicks33 Guest
    should see it under gm options

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    nyknicks33 Guest
    Wanted to get some opinions on some things. How do you guys like the AI?

    The first thing I do with every football game is hit it uop with the "Stupid DB Test"..I wanted to see if the out routes and the dredaed corner/flag route was were "money" routes. At 1st I was a little worried as I did complete a few..but was pleased to see the DB's start shading coverage..disguising their looks..rolling up..walking off..etc.

    This is the 1st time I have felt like I was playing something resembling an NFL style passing game. Let your QB take a drop..make a read..relese. it was beautiful.

    The ONLY change I am considering making is raising the human blocking up 5-10 points. I have no legend max protect has been a must lol....they dont get overwhelemd ALL the time..but 3 sack games by DT's are a bit much.

    running is challenging but feels just gottat make a read..hit a seam and get what you can..feels as real as a game can make it in my opinion.

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