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Thread: I finally got it!!!!!!!

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    guilty comrade Guest

    I finally got it!!!!!!!

    OK, I know alot of people have this game, but i wanted to share my boring story with you.

    Earlier Tuesday afternoon, I called my mom at Kmart, she is shipping manager, and asked her is it came in. She said no. She would keep her eyes pealed for me.

    Backtrack to Monday night when told me my order was backordered. So I needed this game like now.

    Anyways, i called my mom at 5:30 and asked if it came in and she said no. So i decided to go to a bigger city 45 mins away. I called my gf, who lives 45 mins away from me , if she would go pick it up for me and leave it in her car so i can bypass going to the store. she said i was a nerd and laughed at me. i laughed with her and told her she would never understand.

    I called walmart to make sure they had it in. I didnt want to drive 45 mins only to waste gas. The woman goes, "NCAA?"
    Me: "2K8 All pro please."
    "Yes we have it."
    "How many?"
    "A few"

    I got done with work at 11 and came home to shower and get ready. I called a friend and she said she would go with me for the ride. i drove to wally world and i didnt see any. i was ****ed. They had them in the game case, but at the bottom.I found someone and when I got the game, I was happy as hell. The woman goes: "Do you want to look at the back of the box?"

    Me: 'Hell nah"

    So i got the game and then bought a dozen roses for my gf and a card. I drove to her house and placed them on her car and went home. i popped the game in a few mins ago. I am too tired to play now. i am jacked up, but I have to be up early. So far I am very very pleased. THANK YOU 2K!!!!

    Thanks for reading this borning mini-novel.

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    Lacarious Guest
    roses were too much.... it will be interesting too see how the girl took it.

    i was on the APF hunt starting at 9:00 AM PT.... i finally had APF in my hand at 11:10 AM PT.

    Stopped playing APF at 2:40 AM PT. Must sleep.....

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    guilty comrade Guest
    i got her roses to surprise her. since i only see her on weekends, i thought it would be nice.

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