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Thread: OJ is a Killah (Pun NOT intended)

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    jddcp Guest

    OJ is a Killah (Pun NOT intended)

    I played my first season game yesterday with the Philadelphia Liberty against the Miami Cyclones. I was Philly and OJ was the running back for Miami. OJ was nearly unstoppable with his spin move!!! He ran for 191 yards on me, the CPU just kept running the ball down my throat and I couldn't stop it. Legend CB (bronze) was lost for 10 weeks in the first game (ouch!)

    By the way, my Philadelphia Liberty looks a lot like the old Eagles uniform with the flying eagle from the 80's and early 90's. The American Logo is perfect if you turn the bird green. Also Liberty stadium has a Liberty Bell so it is perfect for a Philly team.

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    chestnutz6 Guest
    I know man, OJ is a beast. Best rb I've played with out of Sweetness, Sanders, and Sayers. Go Eagles

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