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Thread: People with ps3's going through a router

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    rockhead262 Guest

    People with ps3's going through a router

    PLEASE open your ports and dmz your ps3. and enable upnp.

    I couldn't get a game last night because everyone in the room was complaining they couldn't get a game. all of them had routers and none knew how to open the ports.

    I finally go to play when all the people from this board who did the fix i was able to finally play and play 5 games in a row.

    Seriously either 2k has to put this stuff on the Online Faq (that is absolutey blank and they always tell people to refer to it) or do a patch.

    A thread was made for this already on how to fix it and was never stickied.

    but anyways for those of you who do not know how to do it.

    go to your router settings page. Linksys is Belkin is any other brand refer to your router instructions or you can search in on google.

    Go to Port Forwarding or Virtual Servers(belkin). Set ports 3658 has begining and ending. make sure its udp. and put in your ps3 IP address (you can get that from you ps3) make sure you enable it.

    do the same for 4658.

    also go to your router settings and enable upnp

    also go to DMZ and put in your ps3's ip address.

    Its easier if you custom set up your ps3's internet connection rather than automatic so the IP never changes.

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    iclmvp03 Guest
    thanks man..will do

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