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Thread: How do you Body Slam Big John Studd?

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    How do you Body Slam Big John Studd?

    The first match on the 30 years of Wrestlemania mode is a *****. how do you Body Slam Studd with Andre? any info would be appreciated.

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    Get him to critical, then press a then a again. If your a Xbox user.
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    Front face grapple then right plus grapple button. This will allow you to body slam Big John Studd.

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    if ps3 x for front chinlock then x to bodyslam, make sure he is in critical though

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    I'm on the PS3. thanks for trying to help though.

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    I'd start with lifting. Once you get him up I suggest dropping him to the floor. That should do the trick.

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    X to grapple, X to slam.

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    Thanks guys! you guys were a great help.

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    Just did it. thanks again Y'all.

  10. X to grapple and X to slam. Andre the Giant moves slowly but he will slam that guy hard

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