Welcome to the official 2K Forums, and thanks for taking the time to look at this big pile of text. We want to bring as many people together as possible to talk about video games—especially the ones made by 2K. The rules below are intended to help create an inclusive, inviting community for newcomers and forum veterans alike. They’re also designed to make content easy to find so the community and developers can benefit from your input.

These rules should be pretty easy to follow, but if you happen to stray a bit, the 2K staff and the volunteer moderators on the forum use a warning/infraction system, which means that you'll be alerted when you're doing something that isn't allowed. If you happen to rack up too many infractions—especially within a short span of time—we may be forced to ban your account temporarily or permanently. Finally, it's worth mentioning that we may add to or otherwise alter these rules from time to time as new issues arise; we'll try our best to announce when that happens.

If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch with a 2K Community staff member.

1. Be a Contributor
The 2K forums host civil discussions on a variety of topics, and we always want to keep the conversation welcoming, inclusive, and a positive experience. Please remember that others will be reading what you write without knowledge of your state of mind or sarcastic intent. Arguments are won by convincing the other side, not by scoring points with the crowd through personal attacks or trolling threads. Other obnoxious behavior, such as spam, also detracts from the quality of conversation. Please don't cause trouble for the sake of causing trouble, don't try to get around the rules and treat everyone - including individuals who post on these forums as well as those who do not - with respect at all times.

2. No Flaming or Trolling
It's really important to be respectful to all community members, the moderators and 2K staff. It's fine to debate and argue, but don't insult others, use name-calling, or troll other members to try to get your point across. Don't call people out, don't post obvious troll threads, and try your hardest not to start flame wars. Don't post about nationalism, religion or political topics, unless it's specifically referring to mechanics or game content within a 2K title. If you believe you’re being flamed by another member, please PM a moderator or admin rather than fighting back. Basically, don't post anything that would lead to a huge argument on the forums and, again, treat everyone - including individuals who post on these forums as well as those who do not - with respect at all times.

3. Inappropriate Content
Posts, as well as your username, avatar, and other profile details should be appropriate for readers aged 13 and up. Refrain from cursing and using other bad language when you post. Inappropriate posts—as determined by the 2K community team—and the threads that encourage them are not allowed. Usernames, avatars, and other profile information deemed inappropriate will be subject to deletion/editing.

4. Use Descriptive Thread Titles
When posting a new thread, use a clear and descriptive title. Thread titles such as "Why is this??" or "Ummmm..." may be closed or renamed at the discretion of the mod team or 2K staff. This was mentioned earlier, but bears repeating: if you are talking about something that is a spoiler, mention it in the title.

5. Don't Spam
Try not to make threads about topics that have already been created or discussed. Be sure to use text decorations sparingly when posting. Large-size font, colors, all caps, and so forth can help with clarity, organization, or emphasis, but simply using these features to personalize or add flare to your posts is not allowed.

6. The Forums Are Not a Chat Room
In general, threads are meant cover a specific topic, so keep that in mind when creating them! Threads that are really unfocused and/or invite a lot of spammy posts will likely be closed. Try to avoid making replies that consist only of "This +1," "me too!" or similarly short messages. It's certainly okay to express agreement or excitement over a subject or post, but try to contribute something new to a discussion when you post, particularly when quoting someone else!

7. Company Names and You
Don't insult 2K, Firaxis, Irrational, Take-Two, or any other developers making 2K Games with your username. Likewise, do not use phrases such as "Irrational", "2K", "Firaxis", or "Take2" in your username, or we'll require you to change it. Related to that, don't try to impersonate any employee of these companies.

8. Don't Advertise or Solicit
Do not advertise on forum threads, posts, or in private messages. If you're an established member of the community and you made a cool fan site or thing related to one of our games, we might let it slide, but please drop a line to a 2K community staff member to clear it before posting. Fan site links can be added to your Signature.

9. Steer Clear of Moderation Talk
Don't discuss mod/admin activity that occurs on the forums. That includes (but is not limited to) bringing up your own or someone else's warnings, infractions, and bans. If you are asked by a 2K staff member or moderator to stop doing something, please listen. Feel free to contact a 2K Community Manager if you have questions or concerns, but back-talking in the middle of a thread only serves as a distraction from the discussion at hand.

10. Avoid Backseat Moderation
Even though it's extremely tempting at times, try your best not to engage in backseat moderation—reciting the rules to other members, calling something out as spam, trying to get a thread shut down, and so forth. If you see something that you think is a violation of the forum rules, use the "Report Post" tool as your first resort.

11. Avoid Posting Spoilers
Don't post something that might be considered a spoiler, except in proper threads/forums. When you do, provide clear warning (preferably in the thread/post title), and wrap the spoiler-y bits in the BBCode tag.

12. Duplicate Accounts
Don't make multiple accounts. If you do, it's really likely that we'll ban your extra accounts. If you've created one/some to circumvent a ban—even a temporary one—your primary and extra account(s) may be permanently banned.

13. No Piracy
Piracy of music, games, and other media will not be tolerated here. Do not post about torrents or torrent sites. This also includes discussions about piracy as a general topic, too, so please don't have them here. Notable exception: We will allow threads about the swashbuckling sort of piratical behavior (smart alec).

14. Don't Post Scans or Leaked Info
Avoid posting unofficial links or magazine scans. If you want to post up an article or video, please link to the original source.

15. Use Caution When Bumping a Thread
Bumping old threads because you have something to say that will bring something new to the topic is all right. However, a thread that has not been touched in two weeks is generally considered "dead". Don't bump your own thread without a very good reason. Inappropriately resurrected threads will likely be locked by the mod team.

16. Posting Images
Some of the forums on this site have the [img] BBCode tag enabled.
• An image should not make up your entire post, unless the theme of the thread indicates otherwise. If the image doesn't further the discussion, it's not appropriate.
• Post a photo when you don't believe your point can be conveyed entirely in words. That said, it's worth taking the time to explain the image or why it supports your point.
• As always, be respectful to your fellow members. Related to not posting image memes/macros, using an image to target or mock another forum poster will result in warnings and infractions.

17. Signatures
• Signatures can be text only, no images are allowed
• Users are allowed up to three lines of normal-sized text that can include hyper links
• Content must adhere to forum rules (No linking to pirated sites, stores, etc.)
• Colored text can be used within reason
• 2K and the moderation team has the right to take down any Signatures we deem inappropriate