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  1. Bug Report: Stuck in Soldier Customization menu
  2. Mouse lag solution
  3. Dedicated Bug Reports
  4. Bug, cannot add soldiers to mission
  5. Mods!! We need a bug thread!
  6. Why can't I select Ironman?
  7. Tutorial/Ironman Toggle
  8. Hot Key / Keybinding issues
  9. For anyone that can't save/load games or change any in game options.
  10. Where is North?
  11. Various Bugs
  12. No way to view availability facilities on base view
  13. New Recruits have 6+1 hp on impossible ironman
  14. LoS is unclear (and flanking)
  15. Satellites do not appear in launch menu after building
  16. Can only choose two locations for base - Xbox version
  17. PC Install disks not reading
  18. Can't Zoom in Ant Farm. (tut restriction?)
  19. No XP For Alien Capture? Or Just Less XP Than Killing?
  20. Xcom will not start on Windows XP Help!!!
  21. Corrupted Save
  22. Laserweapons requiring ammo??
  23. Graphics Error - Armory
  24. Do I need to do anything special to install from DVD?
  25. Cyberdisk falling though floor after being killed and Game froze after...
  26. Can't Customize Nationality
  27. Horrid Aim
  28. xcom restarts computer...
  29. Freeze during install
  30. Is this PC Gamer article true? Only 720p plays not the hi-def files?
  31. Couple issues Im having , any help would be appreciated!
  32. I bought the DVD boxed set. How do I tell it what drive to install on ?
  33. Unplayable Lag On a Good Rig
  34. Nothing but problems.
  35. No Russian language in Steam version
  36. Ran out of video memory: Shutting down
  37. Blue Screen
  38. odd graphic bug
  39. Huge Log Files
  40. Can't Get out of Barracks, HELP!
  41. Can't play
  42. DVD version and Steam
  43. Cannot use the 'V' hotkey to open doorways
  44. [bug] One of my units not able to deactivate bomb nodes
  45. Native Resolution Support
  46. Rendered upside down in 5760 x 1080 Eyefinity setup
  47. Will XCOM work on my system?
  48. Here is how to disable intro movies for Xcom
  49. Stuck in "Shot HUD"
  50. [bug] PC- mousing over alien head gives incorrect to hit percentage
  51. Hiring Soldiers Bug
  52. Cannot complete mission 2 of tutorial
  53. Thought the fixed this...
  54. Bug: My SHIV is a headless man.
  55. Research Complete then... nothing
  56. [bug] My building facilities screen is a red box with a triangle and an exclamation.
  57. Interceptor Hangs the Game?
  58. Really Frustrating Controls Lockup
  59. x2 install?
  60. Stuck in Hover mode
  61. A reminder: Silence doesn't help you. Tell us when the patch is coming.
  62. Weird bug in final mission.
  63. Ironman Mode Game stuck
  64. Unable to play - Kicks me back to desktop after selecting single player
  65. Soldiers are ALWAYS on mission
  66. Cannot "Build/Buy Items" from the engineering tab
  67. Game will not start at all!
  68. Bug Report
  69. Stuck on zoomed in globe after interceptor sucked into north pole
  70. Rescued civilians are not counted if you abort terror mission
  71. BUG: Game crashes when you approach enemy (Muton) for a stun
  72. Snap Shot Overwatch Bug
  73. 6 HP Rookies... On classic ironman?
  74. Win 7 (64bit) -- Game crashes and sends me back to the desktop
  75. My problems with the PC version so far:
  76. Is Close Combat Specialist bugged or am I to stupid to use it right?
  77. Major Bug: Hard Drives
  78. Bugs: Interface and Interactive Screens
  79. Cutscene Freeze Bug
  80. 2 bugs
  81. SUGGESTION : Scientists number is hard to see
  82. Massive game lag regardless of settings
  83. Overwatch Question, Bug?
  84. PS3 Bugs!
  85. Question about CPU Speed
  86. Medikit does not prevent poisoning
  87. Is there a difference between NA, ROW + UK version of this game please? Regions
  88. PC Save games not listing in chronological order when trying to Load a game
  89. Mid Mission Freezes?
  90. Grenade Throwing
  91. overwatch lag problem (slowmo)
  92. Cam chases corpse off edge of map
  93. Freeze on Aliens turn
  94. hot keys need to be fixed
  95. Bugs, Bugs, more bug! (Not aliens)
  96. Fix your game
  97. Loss of audio in some of the "bald man" communications
  98. [BUG] Multiple Interceptors on single target
  99. Can't get past next turn.
  100. Major audio issues
  101. World map error DETECTED!!!
  102. Second playtrough, I cannot choose my base location.
  103. Game Crashes on Start
  104. Bug Report: Camerangle in multilevel buildings/ship
  105. Bug Report: Game locked after UFO 0 mission
  106. Grappling Freezes game
  107. Phys X support
  108. Anyone else game freezing?
  109. Wounded forever
  110. For those with error code BCCode 101 this is a CPU/Bios Problem
  111. Alien Activity not ending (landed UFO) - Cannot pause game/load save during (360)
  112. Camera doesn't show you aliens that are shooting if you have action / 3d person OFF
  113. Alien groups don't notice when a different group is killed.
  114. Cannot customize all soldiers
  115. Change nationalities
  116. Bloodcall causing System Hang.
  117. Bomb bug
  118. Headless Soldiers PS3
  119. Xbox DLC not being recognized unless signed into Live!?
  120. Bad stutter on low settings.
  121. PC - Voice Chat
  122. PC Bug Report- Hit Chance Indicators
  123. @2k reps/developers: Bug report - aliens shooting through walls.
  124. Is it possible to save game progress?
  125. @2k reps/Firaxis developers: Bug report - Aliens shooting through walls.
  126. Big price difference between digital down load on Amazon ($45USD) vs Steam ($60USD)
  127. Missions Autoscrolling
  128. Game Freezes during Alien Activity and between actions on My Turn+ (PC)
  129. Bug: You shot my hair off!
  130. X-Com Enemy Unknown stops working at the start of a new game.
  131. Foundry Upgrades not showing - bug
  132. S.H.I.V. Unable to Deploy
  133. Bunch of random glitches
  134. Bug: Aliens spawn out of nowhere in plain sight
  135. inverted axis on controller
  136. error when overseer's UFO is triggered while the sky ranger is on the way
  137. error when sending multiple interceptors at an alien ship
  138. unpassable door bug
  139. Crash bug during storyline mission
  140. Dogfight not loading while transport is coming home from base assault
  141. Game voices missing
  142. Bug: Adding soldiers to Psionic testing, makes their items vanish from the item pool
  143. [bug] Newly spotted enemy health changes upon reload
  144. [SOLVED] Zooming in on base facilities
  145. Buttons not working
  146. Unable to use weapons I have researched
  147. "Some some games were not displayed because they were in another language"
  148. Unable to Hire more Soldiers and Squadsight
  149. Cursor level glitch - PC version using mouse/keyboard
  150. [PC] Multiple Freezes in Base
  151. Cyberdisc commits suicide?
  152. A few minor bugs found on PC
  153. Skeleton armor grappling bug in construction site map
  154. Can't Remove Saved Games
  155. Bug encountered during Operation Blind Empire
  156. Xcom - Serious issue with the combat values: Far too many misses.
  157. Workarounds for bugs
  158. How do you disable the "More Info"/"Okay" bar?
  159. ghost bullets
  160. So for those of us who pre-ordered but didn't get the bonus DLC, who do we talk to?
  161. Panic levels disappeared, no abduction missions, no income.
  162. Chrysalid Bug??
  163. Buggy Map or Mission: Operation Stone Calm (UFO Landing Site) - Australia
  164. How can I enable the Unreal console?
  165. Buggy Abduction Mission Selecting
  166. Berserker Bug + Situational Bug
  167. Hangs on "Alien Activity" Phase
  168. [Critical Crash] X-COM - Interceptor + Jets in air resolving at different times
  169. Close Combat Specialist Bug
  170. Soldiers in Psi training keep their equipment
  171. Ironman Imposable end game Bug (SPOILERS)
  172. Dismebarking Cutscene Bug
  173. PC: Menus and Soldiers disappears or NOT appearing... huh?
  174. Why do Muton Berserkers cause the game to stutter/skip?
  175. Crash after returning to base with the alien device
  176. Was there any bug testing before launch?
  177. No Voices
  178. XCOM RTM fail on ThinkPad W520
  179. English voices pronunciation sux?
  180. Only minor problems so far
  181. Bugs/glitches I've found so far
  182. Hanging / Freezing on Mission Control Screen
  183. DLC Armor clipping with equipped armor graphic
  184. Impassable doorway
  185. I thought the shooting through walls bug was fixed?
  186. Can't place thermo Generator
  187. X-box 360 controller on PC not recognized
  188. Possible Bug
  189. Game-ending bug - UFO interception during flight to mission
  190. The alt-tab crash.
  191. How do I build a satellites?
  192. DEV's will we get a feedback regarding the bugs which be found so far?
  193. Cant disable Steam Voice Chat in PC Multiplayer
  194. My PC Bugs...
  195. Official statement regarding mods
  196. Vets missing grenades in backpack
  197. Flush ability doesn't seem to work on cyberdisc
  198. Garbled Mission Text, Missing Saves and Registry Issues [Screenshots Included]
  199. Ironman Impossible HP Bug
  200. Game did not install "Can not tun installation script"
  201. Some bugs that I found
  202. Y-axis inverted please
  203. PC no visuals, flashes on sometimes, colour lines
  204. Cinematic slow motion issue
  205. Unequip button needed on soldier loadout screen. Also need next/prev soldier
  206. Pre-Order Bonus
  207. Sattelites won't get freaking built
  208. Ability overflow on PC....
  209. 360 Bugs
  210. Scrolling zero bug on PS3?
  211. Multiplayer bug/conflict = network disconnecting
  212. Sequence out of ammo bug
  213. [bug] Unable to move after opening door (Xbox 360)
  214. Ok, so now that it can run on WinXP (unofficially)...
  215. iron man doesnt work
  216. Plasma istol 1st mission
  217. Patch notes anywhere?
  218. Bug: Alien Squads spawning on Player Squads in Classic
  219. Civilians Piling up in the evac zone.
  220. Installing on two computers
  221. Recent patch screwed up armor colors.
  222. defeat from the jaws of victory? (spoilers)
  223. Free Look on the Ant Farm - Missing?
  224. Can't Tell if Elite Soldier Pack Installed?
  225. Can't select unit in that camera angle
  226. Lost voice after new patch.
  227. Crashing after last patch
  228. [PC] Corrupt saves?
  229. New patch bugs
  230. Stuck on zoomed globe
  231. Steam - Update Suspended
  232. Bug which causes the keyboard commands to not work in the far anthive veiw
  233. Can't Stop Scrolling
  234. PS3 Hard Drive Install
  235. Reloading bug
  236. Ranked PVP Disconnect exploit, (after 10/11/2012 patch)
  237. 360 disc error/freeze
  238. Installation issue, help!
  239. Fallen Comrades penalty with Mind Control
  240. Install on another disk.
  241. getting mind controled makes you pannic
  242. Unable to advance on the last mission
  243. X-COM Enemy Unknown - Crash Before Main Menu
  244. After patch issues
  245. wounded character is in all loadout screens
  246. PS3 Freezing Issues.
  247. Potentially game-breaking bug (namely, if on Iron Man)
  248. linked sectoids bug
  249. Save game bug: Sudden loss of save games.
  250. Post Oct 11 patch freezing