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  1. Was I spoiled? Thread contains what could be a fake spoiler. READ AT OWN RISK!!!!!
  2. Cool new sub forum
  3. Well, I have to just say .....
  4. Game gives today as a release date?
  5. Getting ingame bonus items
  6. BioShock Infinite Wiki
  7. Don't understand the ending? Click here.
  8. Please use the [spoiler] tag when posting spoiler info
  9. How do you wear the Premium Avatar XBOX 360 after activated?
  10. Wat are the best choices in bioshock infinite for the 100% best ending and all items!
  11. DLC Idea (Warning: Heavy Spoilers ahead)
  12. stuck on a protection mission
  13. Running Infinite smoothly, but with random freezes
  14. The Basin
  15. !SPOILERS! The End (Discussions)
  16. Controller mapping options?
  17. to use the move or not to use the move controllers
  18. The ending (spoilers)
  19. Bioshock infinite stuck cannot continue
  20. bioshock sequal "Bioshock IMPOSSIBLE"
  21. How do I beat the siren in the bank
  22. how to beat the siren in the bank
  23. Pre-Order Bonuses
  24. How do I beat the siren in the bank??
  25. [spoiler] Very confused
  26. Disappointed by the lack of power
  27. My understanding of the ending and a few questions
  28. Questions, Questions: What about...
  29. Can't get back to Landsdowne Residence for locked chest - XBOX 360
  30. Using tears has no effect on elizibeth?
  31. Elizabeth Question..* No one has asked this.
  32. Who is this couple that keep showing up in the game and guiding booker?[spoiler]
  33. Makes no sense[SPOILERS]
  34. When I realized that I prefer Rapture[SPOILERS
  35. Sand Castles
  36. Who is my Comstocks Birds eye Sniper?
  37. Replay value
  38. Ghost Boss- On hard
  39. enidng confusions[spoilers]
  40. So...which scene was the one that almost made a Irrational employee resign?
  41. Best opening ever
  42. Question for you PC players
  43. How do you switch vigors
  44. After reaching the end of the game, I'm completely blown away.
  45. Question about Lutece (spoilers)?
  46. [ENDING SPOLIERS] Tears - time travel or dimension hopping? Also my story theory.
  47. Small reality shifts (minor spoilers)
  48. Does anyone find Booker....(Spoilers)
  49. [Spoilers] The ugly questions... let them begin.
  50. (Spoilers! Spoilers!) My questions regarding the ending
  51. Little discussion about "The Ending" (May contain Spoilers)
  52. Upgrade Pack Problem..
  53. Comstock[Spoilers]
  54. How close am I to the end? (Please don't spoil)
  55. What a disappointment this game turned out to be. (Spoilers)
  56. Bioshock Infinite's Agenda *Spoilers*
  57. [Spoilers] Songbird Discussion
  58. Songbird is way too weak
  59. Great Ending but please irrational [spoilers]
  60. Kill a handyman by only shooting his heart
  61. SPOILERS - Newspapers on the floor
  62. How do you think it ties into Rapture? ((Spoilers))
  63. That guy in the Landsdowne residence
  64. Who is Elizabeth's/ Anna's real mom?
  65. how many voxophones are in finkton proper, strategy guide err?
  66. I beat the game...[SPOILERS]
  67. Finding all of the voxophones/HP-Salt-Shield upgrades
  68. The Story / Ending Discussion (SPOILERS)
  69. Question?
  70. Am I the only one that thinks this? [SPOILERS]
  71. Elizabeth in game animation, flower on corpse?
  72. Songbird plush
  73. [SPOILERS] Why does the girl recognize Elizabeth at the Battleship Bay turnstile?
  74. About the portrayal of the Vox Populi and Daisy Fitzroy...(Spoilers)
  75. Game unplayable on Xbox 360 (Freezing)
  76. So, uhhhhh? Is that it for Bioshock then?
  77. Some rather questionable things I noticed....(Spoilers)
  78. Mind Eff
  79. Is it just me or does Bioshock 2 feel... out of place now?
  80. Um, I am confused... please help end my blight. People who have beaten the game...
  81. [SPOILER] This game seems to revolve around the real-life....
  82. Elizabeth's mother is unkillable in 1999 mode.
  83. The 3 Transposes?
  84. (Spoilers, sort of) Demo/pre-release footage not in actual game?
  85. Uh, so why doesn't Elizabeth just go to France in a tear?
  86. "welcome to munument Island" hidden trophy bug
  87. Why does chen lin's appearance change? (Spoilers I guess)
  88. Booker & the Sioux courier child?
  89. request- anyone got a good screenshot of *minor minor spoiler*
  90. [Spoiler] The "morality" of the ending makes no sense - mathematically-speaking
  91. Why did Comstock sabotage the Luteces time machine? Other questions
  92. Am I SOL? **A little, early game spoiler**
  93. geting onto the skylane
  94. The moment of immersion
  95. rapture [spoilers]
  96. 2 Questions about the ending... (Spoilers)
  97. Bucking Bronco Unlock for 375$$
  98. A Thought Expirement [Spoilers]
  99. More of the Lutece twins in the DLC please!
  100. The Fate of Elizabeth (Spoilers)
  101. Favourite Vigor/Gear/Weapon combinations
  102. A question about the ending.
  103. I wish there were more sirens and boys of silence?
  104. My one issue with the game thus far
  105. XBox - problems with Vigor
  106. 1999 Mode Help Thread
  107. The Meaning Behind The Map. (Spoilers)
  108. The sound and music.
  109. Theory about the ending. Spoilers, naturally.
  110. Post your recent achievements
  111. (Spoilers) Lighthouse
  112. Possible [SPOILERS] - anyone have tips for 1999 mode, In the bank vs siren?
  113. I loved it 10/10
  114. Tips for 1999 mode?
  115. Look I'm going to blunt about this how do I get rid of this shield
  116. (*Spoilers*) So, was anyone disappointed about Elizabeth when...
  117. Ties to Similar Stories (Spoilers)
  118. Does anyone think there will be another bioshock?
  119. Will the Circle be Unbroken...
  120. Main Menu song?
  121. Oh.... That's nasty...
  122. Need clarification because I seem to have missed something (MAJOR SPOILERS WITH BELLS
  123. Glitched trophies for ps3
  124. SPOILERS AHEAD: Ending Question
  125. Final Battle (FPS Newbie) (Spoilers Possibly)
  126. Had some questions
  127. [SPOILER] Anyone else notice....
  128. [SPOILERS] Uhhhh...voice?
  129. Oh well...*SPOILERS AHEAD*
  130. (Yet More Spoilers) Lighthouse Problem
  131. *SPOLIERS* I have a few problems with the ending *SPOILERS*
  132. 1999 mode questions
  133. The issues I had with the game
  134. What Is Your Favorite Combo?
  135. [SPOILERS] BIG ending revelation - found something NEW here!
  136. [MAJOR SPOILERS] BIG ending revelation! Unprecedented details and ideas!
  137. So sick of mind-bending endings. *Spoilers*
  138. Elizabeth meets the Daleks
  139. After you beat the game
  140. Story discussion...
  141. What have you done with the game ?
  142. BioShock Infinite Vox Code Guides
  143. [SPOILERS] confusion about the final choice
  144. (Semi-Spoliers)The Luteces
  145. Songbird
  146. The Fate of Daisy Fitzroy?[SPOILERS]
  147. Plot Error? Why Does The Priest Say Something About... *SPOILER!*
  148. (Spoilers, natch) Hey, Ken Levine, I have a problem with Comstock's twist
  149. Is Elizabeth an Alternate Eleanor Lamb?!? SPOILERS
  150. [Spoilers] A Happy Ending? (Plot Discussion and Theory)
  151. What I just realized after thinking about it (Spoilers obviously)
  152. Confused... *SPOILERS*
  153. Bring us the girl and wipe away the debt
  154. Bank of the Prophet and Vox Cipher, need help (possible spoilers)
  155. The beach scene with Elizabeth dancing
  156. (Spoilers)A few questions regarding the plot...
  157. (Spoiler) Why does Booker Dewitt have to go to Columbia to get...
  158. Irrational Set Up Something With This Spoiler Quote
  159. "He doesn't row. He doesn't row? No, He DOESN'T row." (kinda spoilers)
  160. I have a bitter taste in my mouth.
  161. Bitter taste.
  162. If I missed the Undertow Vigor?
  163. I need answers
  164. About the whole Elizabeth "drowning the flame of mountains of man"...(Spoilers)
  165. Why the Luteces help Comstock
  166. bioshock infinite screen at the very end
  167. (SPOILER) Do you think the Boys of Silence had a religious storyline?
  168. (*Spoilers*) The most nagging unanswered question.
  169. [Major Spoiler] Has this happened to you too? (ending)
  170. BioShock Infinite Locked Chest Guides
  171. 1999 mode trophy question
  172. Thoughts on completing Bioshock Infinite [SPOILERS]
  173. Chapter Selection
  174. question?? ^^ "SPOILER"
  175. Unlocking 1999 mode...
  176. (Spoiler) when Was Elizabeth born?
  177. any new DLC's?
  178. Lady comstock revealed
  179. Doubt of Chen Li
  180. Doubt Of The Tears
  181. Wait wait but what happens now to booker ? ( spoiler)
  182. So...Think We'll Ever See Elizabeth Again?
  183. Who Is The Arcangel... [Spoiler]
  184. 1999 need Siren Help
  185. A man, a lighthouse, and a city
  186. Help! Where's my ending? (Spoilers)
  187. Possible Sequel/dlc Ideas
  188. Bioshock movie!!
  189. Name of Classical music from when you first obtain the Crow Vigor.
  190. [Spoilers]Question about the ending...
  191. Post Your Set-UP! Feat The Two Shot Heater Build
  192. The Theme of Bioshock Infinite is Respawning/Rezzing/Rebirth - This Explains All
  193. Racist music?
  194. Question about Captain Slate
  195. Soldiers' Field eagle name?
  196. Maximum Siver Eagles? (poss spoilers)
  197. [Spoilers] Comstock ship help
  198. my ideas for DLC
  199. Museum of Orphaned Concepts DLC for Bioshock: Infinite?
  200. [spoiler quote] constants and the next bioshock
  201. Games Media Discussing Bioshock Infinite's Ending / Other Spoiler Talk
  202. The Newest Reason I Love this Game (Spoilers?)
  203. Am I the only one that feels....
  204. (Spoilers) I think the Comstock Confrontation...
  205. backstory to handyman, boys of silence, or songbird...never revealed as said
  206. The Luteces (SPOILERS)
  207. [Spoilers] A questions regarding the date of when Booker was taken
  208. *Spoilers* Question about the story for those who have finished. *Massive Spoilers*
  209. What are The Boy of Silence and his minions? [SPOILERS]
  210. enemy questions (POSIBLE SPOILERS)
  211. The Hidden Vox Populi Codes
  212. The creepiest kinetoscope
  213. Mark Meltzer and Rapture (SPOILERS!!!!!)
  214. (Spoilers) booker's nationality
  215. My understanding of infinite (SPOILER)
  216. Bird or Cage
  217. (SPOILER) Who is the "Don't Disappoint Us" guy in the lighthouse?
  218. Handymen break my heart (small spoilers)
  219. 1999 Mode: Comments, Questions, Problems?
  220. What in the game disappointed you?
  221. Who thinks the Ending for bioshock infinite was a big middle finger to the player?
  222. *SPOILERS* Problem I Have with the Ending
  223. How long is Elizabeth held before booker rescues her? **spoilers**
  224. What are vigors???
  225. SPOILER WARNING!!! Plot point missed that is actually really obvious (ENDING)
  226. The birds knew all along? *Spoilers*
  227. Just Completed - SPOILERS/Questions
  228. ***SPOILER*** Booker ingame screenshot.
  229. Was anyone put off when..(SPOILERS)
  230. So How Do I Start A New Game Without
  231. COMPLETELY Different Nostrums on 2nd NewGame? Confused
  232. HUGE SPOILERS - Plot discussion - 'The debt'
  233. The mind of the subject will desperately struggle to create memories where none exist
  234. my top 3 favorite songs in the game
  235. Columbia / Rapture.
  236. The only thing I didn't understand
  237. Ending Discussion Thread [Spoilers]
  238. After the seas & skies, where else would Bioshock go?
  239. (Spoilers) booker's age
  240. DIVERSE List of 3 Siren Strategies!! Any Input?
  241. What's your honest opinion on the plot overall? *Spoilers* (Long + Tl;Dr)
  242. Settings for another Bioshock game
  243. Bioshock Easter Egg
  244. Super dumb question: how does ammo acquisition work exactly...?
  245. intro qoute (spoilers)
  246. All Things Guns!!!!!!!!
  247. Season Pass
  248. Ending Explanation - Spoilers!
  249. How screwed am I? (spoilers)
  250. Someone explain the ending to me please (spoiler)