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  1. Rivalries resetting before the end of its run.
  2. Audio Issue - Daniel Bryan
  3. Custom Tag Team title matches freeze
  4. custom soudtrack to quiet and will play double songs as well
  5. Story Designer Bug
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  7. I don't understand this section...
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  10. Silent Ring Announcer Before Title Match in Universe
  11. What I want for Patch 1.02!
  12. Story desginer Custom music bug
  13. NWO DLC Characters Not Playable In Game.
  14. 4 alt attire caws
  15. Custom Logo Issue
  16. Tag Teams resetting
  17. HOURS spent on custom logos - GONE!!!
  18. Not all abilities displayed in edit Superstar
  19. Story Designer Help?
  20. Consolidated WWE2k14 glitch bug thread
  21. Problem downloading Community Creations.
  22. Hacckers - Online Ranked Matches, Are they going to do anything to fix this this year
  23. Cutscene Issue
  24. Commentary Falls Count Anywhere Issue
  25. Pickiing Retro Rock but it gives me current Rock?
  26. No replies for problems
  27. Why there has been no responses from 2k to your support Q's and no mentions of patchs
  28. Menu music game freeze
  29. Special Moves not available after DLC download on 12/3/3013
  30. Nothing join in my room online
  31. Random Game Freezes
  32. 'Cannot find glitch in video...'
  33. Trouble Loading Special Ref Fatal 4-Way Match
  34. have they said anything about the entrance creation freeze issues yet?
  35. Crowd Noise glitches: Yes! Chants and Booing
  36. -Confused- Can someone explain this to me? -Confused-
  37. Freezing Superstar
  38. Freezing Issue in Universe Mode while editing.
  39. Question
  40. Cody Rhodes bugs
  41. WWE 2K14 Problems On PS3-Help!!
  42. I'm having issues with Story Designer..
  43. Here's one I haven't seen before
  44. Online pass/ Warrior dlc not working
  45. WWE 2k14 OMG Table Glitch + Other problems.
  46. Server Down?
  47. PS3 WWE 2k14 Servers down + Other concerns.
  48. Xbox Freezing During/After 4 Person Falls Count Anywhere Exteme Rules Matches
  49. Game not loading?
  50. Royal rumble glitch
  51. Universe Mode Frustration
  52. PS3 Season Pass-3rd DLC Pack Issue
  53. Seriously, Tech Guys if you want People to Keep Playing.....
  54. Daniel Bryan audio problem
  55. Why do I keep getting this please explain
  56. Superstar Heads long neck
  57. create a logo resets
  58. Is the WWE 2K14 servers down right now?
  59. Online Pass Doesn't Work (PS3)
  60. Glam Slam Glitch
  61. Knee Pads 13
  62. xbox live game doesnt work
  63. logo reset
  64. WWE 2K14 Server Issues
  65. Tag Team Titles match
  66. Face paint
  67. Save data corruption?
  68. WWE Universe options
  69. Universe Mode: Name not displayed in Created Arena
  70. Logo creation sucks
  71. Match Highlights Not Working
  72. WWE2k14 Season Pass
  73. Superstars Heads
  74. wwe universe freezes xbox
  75. jukebox help
  76. WWE Online Pass Not Working
  77. Censor
  78. create wrestler or d/l a created star
  79. Ban on WWE 2k14 Servers
  80. Jake Roberts and DLC 3 Pack
  81. Multiplayer Lag
  82. Is there a way to update the game without going on Xbox Live?
  83. I am banned from online playing! why?
  84. Bug/Glitch: Punch Reversal to submission
  85. Defending created titles online?
  86. Universe Mode freezing (PS3)
  87. Will I have to download DLC and season pass again for PS3?
  88. Requests for 360
  89. NEW MODS FOR 2K Forums.
  90. please help..
  91. Help Needed: Can't play my friend online!?!
  92. Problem with DLC on cc.
  93. dlc bug
  94. Statistics
  95. Legends Pack Issue
  96. Online Matchmaking/Stability Issues?
  97. I'm banned on xbox 360 on WWE2K14 gamertag YouHaveBeenTold
  98. I have a problem
  99. Story requires Season Pass to download
  100. Can't save my created wrestlers?
  101. Universe #1 Contender Glitch
  102. Problemi con l'online di wwe 2k14 su ps3
  103. Problems with invitations!!!
  104. Problems with logos
  105. Count Out Win by cheap trick
  106. Cheap trick makes players taunt until they got enough finishers - no reversal
  107. DLC problem
  108. Can't play matches that I create
  109. Fix these damn servers!!!!!!!!!!
  110. ....Music Jukebox angers me.
  111. Why doesn't online work anymore?
  112. Bug/Glitch that CANT be reversed: will 2K do something about it?
  113. Sign-in Issue...
  114. Wwe 2k14 load/save glitch! Help?
  115. Usos Universe entrance not working...
  116. Several bugs in WWE Universe PS3
  117. Bug on PS3
  118. Freezing on Loading Screen Help
  119. community creations is freezing today
  120. Can only view Friends only CAWs in Community Creations?
  121. Attempting to view CC items causes hard freeze.
  122. community creations downloads FREEZING!!!.....???
  123. 2k. Are you still providing support for the servers?
  124. Rivalry manager is not influenced by gameplay
  125. WWE 2K14 Online Problem
  126. NO audio!
  127. Announcer Issue (PS3)
  128. Universe Mode - Same or Similar Matches Every Week
  129. Inappropriate Creations
  130. Wwe 2k14 errors
  131. Cannot install game at all
  132. WWE 2K14 startup issue
  133. Online Unavailable?
  134. Disconnect Ratio & loss issues
  135. wwe 14 server is down?
  136. Major Royal Rumble Glitch.
  137. Every time I turn my game off, my logos disappear.
  138. Server mainrence?
  139. Cannot Load or Save.
  140. WWE Online Pass Not Downloading
  141. WWE 2k14 Online - No 1 enters my room ..
  142. New xbox360 will it erase my caw data in wwe2k14?
  143. WWE 2K14 - Freezes Online
  144. Downloaded Superstar Heads set to Alternate Attires Missing Paint Tool Online
  145. Ps3 shows an invalid code
  146. PS3 long load times
  147. Unable to connect to game session...
  148. Community Creations
  149. The WWE 2K14 Service Is Not Available. Please Try Again Later
  150. Online Code Issues...
  151. Add-Ons Section Missing (PS3)
  152. WWE2K14 DLC is missing from PSN Store
  153. 80029564 error while updating this WWE 2K14 !
  154. PS3 online code problems - How to contact 2K in UK?
  155. lost online pass for wwe2k14
  156. Game locks up when entering crowd signs in threads
  157. The WWE2k14 service is not available. Please try again later
  158. Online Reedem Code
  159. menu not working
  160. Editing matches in Universe Mode freeze workaround??
  161. No online pass included
  162. missing/damage downloadable content
  163. WWE 2K14 - Online Issues
  164. Help! Game no longer working!
  165. Deleted thread? Thanks for the support 2K Regarding Mycareer no longer working
  166. CAW entrances not saving?!?!?!
  167. 2K14 Season Pass error: "Unable to retrieve your list of downloadable content."
  168. Help needed!
  169. Momentum Gauge Smaller.
  170. When I try to get online it says the WWE 2K14 service is not available
  171. Quick question about deleting save data (PS3)
  172. 2k14 servers down again???
  173. Community Creations.
  174. Downloaded community creations not available: WWE2k14 PS3
  175. Need Help.
  176. bought content off psn not showing up in game after installing