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  11. What was your favorite unit from each civ game?
  12. Civilization Revolution - Beyond the Sword Aspects
  13. just to let u want civilisation more!!!!
  14. Questions for Firaxis!
  15. Flop?
  16. What month will this game come out?
  17. When will be be getting new news on this game?
  18. New Expansion?
  19. Answer me this,...
  20. Good News For Those With DS!
  21. What will be on official web?
  22. Civ Rev no longer for Wii
  23. Sid Meier talks Civilization
  24. Civilization Revolution release date is here!
  25. Wired talks with Sid Meier
  26. Civilization 1 for free?
  27. Apolyton.net podcast about Civilization Revolution!
  28. www.civilizationrevolution.com has relaunched with new info!
  29. Will we be able to end a multi-player match, save it, then resume our match later?
  30. PS3 Keyboard and mouse?
  31. Please tell me this isn't true!...........
  32. DLC Question ?
  33. PS3 version screen shots
  34. Differences between XBOX360 and PS3 version
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  36. Questions about simultaneous turns
  37. PC games
  38. Integrated Video and Voice Chat Question ?
  39. 15 new screens!
  40. Demo ?
  41. URGENT! Swedish Webshop goes April Fools' joke of Sid Meier!
  42. Podcast 2
  43. New Q&A Round up!
  44. Wallpapers and Themes
  45. No Pc Version?
  46. Does 2K Games benefit from my pre-order?
  47. Can we get some gameplay footage plz?
  48. A simple request
  49. Strategic Loopholes, Arrogance, and The Good Stuff
  50. Studio Number One and Shepard Fairey Join the Revolution!
  51. Podcasts on iTunes
  52. Release date pushed back ??
  53. OFFICIAL Thread for Civilization Revolution Release Date Update
  54. Can u choose your landscape???
  55. Think you'll be able to post gameplay videos
  56. greece
  57. IGN Update from NYCC
  58. More screens on CivilizationRevolution.com!
  59. Any Pc version of Revolution ?
  60. PS3 or 360? Help me!
  61. How long after release can we expect a user guide on this forum?
  62. Multiplayer Question???????
  63. Australia Release Date?
  64. Another NYCC Demo update
  65. Why not more realistic?
  66. Newbie - in every sense!
  67. Crispy Gamer interviews Sid Meier on their podcast!
  68. Join the Revolution Contest!
  69. Civilization Revolution Community giveaway! (Winners announced!)
  70. Lets talk some Civ Rev 360 & PS3 owners unite.
  71. shirt.woot.com running a Civilization Revolution Derby!
  72. Thank Ya'll
  73. Top 16 civs
  74. Cool civ rev video
  75. Multiplayer gameplay
  76. No Wii?
  77. post-game review vids?
  78. I can't find demo information
  79. Congrats to the Winners !
  80. Is Iran in the game?
  81. 1 month
  82. Let's talk about Civilization Revolution 360 Achievements!
  83. What would your favorite victory be
  84. PS store
  85. Game Length
  86. Yeah Friday's Here
  87. submit your designs for the shirt.woot derby!
  88. Xbox 360 Themes and Gamer Pics
  89. Xbox 360 Gamer Pics And Theme Now Available!
  90. "Join the Revolution" shirt.woot Derby has Begun
  91. Game Of The Week influences?
  92. Viva la Revolution, Civilization Style! (Giveaway thread)
  93. 2K Swag
  94. Goverments!
  95. Will there be a DEMO???????????
  96. Is America really going to have a 3x production bonus in the final game
  97. Cities
  98. Civilization Revolution 3 Not on Wii
  99. Will the wii know?
  100. Is there anything to limit the size of your army in Civ Rev
  101. possible reason for US delay?
  102. European Release date
  103. This Flash is HORRIBLE!!!!
  104. Please 2K, enable 2 player split screen so two can play on HDTV co-op or versus
  105. Game of the Week Question
  106. Winners Congrats
  107. IMO 2K would benefit from delaying launch til after MGS4 and NG2 & to add splitscreen
  108. Will the European and Aus PS3 versions work in North American PS3, any differences?
  109. quick question.
  110. New Gamespot preview says there are only 3 AI Civs
  111. [ Assumption ] Demo Out This Thursday/Next Thursday
  112. Why is there no Assyrian & Babylonian Civilizations
  113. Patch for the ds-version?
  114. When will we get to see the bonuses for the Romans, Greeks, Germans, and English
  115. Civilization Revolution Forum Contest -- Create your own bonuses
  116. I want screenies on how small the worldmap is!
  117. IGN Hands-On
  118. Question About Borders
  119. Campaign?
  120. Gamers Magazine scores Civ Rev 95/100!
  121. Apollo Wonder is overpowered
  122. Does Egypt start with the Pyramids or is there wonder random
  123. Question about the Oracle Wonder
  124. Will the PS3 version support 1080i?
  125. There is something that limits the size of your army after all
  126. Game saves limited???
  127. Questions on World Bank and United Nations
  128. demo info(xbox360)
  129. XMB and trophy support in Civ
  130. China's +1 population for new cities bonus plus republic could be awesome combination
  131. Did you preorder yet?
  132. this is going to be a problem
  133. New Podcast?
  134. A question for the Earth Map included...
  135. All civs bonuses on IGN
  136. Rome is the Most Powerful Civ in the game forget America
  137. Civilization Revolution Contest at Apolyton!
  138. Civ's and era Bonus
  139. As of right now which Civ do you plan on playing first
  140. Do the Romans need only 3 more techs to reach the Medieval era since they start with
  141. new 1Up article on Civilization Revolution
  142. Aussies dumped on again
  143. Gamespot announces the Civilization Revolution Demo!
  144. Demo Out This Thursday
  145. PS3 demo matchmaking!
  146. For Those Who Have A Few More Questions That They Can't Find Answers To
  147. You can play through all the Civs in about 60 hours
  148. Demo Is Out!!!!!!!!!!!!
  149. Space race?
  150. Post your 'Quick' reviews of the demo
  151. Where to find demo?
  152. In this tread we discuss civ bonuses
  153. Chinese Acrobat movie?
  154. Overall Opinion Of Demo
  155. Matchmaking in the Demo
  156. Is there still time for a couple of fixes?
  157. army strength???
  158. Build orders?
  159. Tech advisor
  160. Time limit in actual game?
  161. Swedes
  162. Is there a map generator for single player?
  163. Create Your Own Bonuses Contest Question
  164. Crash Or Bug?
  165. Loophole and strategy discussion (before game's release)
  166. Gift with Purchase
  167. Strategy Guide
  168. Some question that i really need answering :-)
  169. I Have 5 questions
  170. PS3 Demo Graphics Bug?
  171. What Ratings Civilization Revolution Has Got
  172. Congrats to the winners
  173. For old civ players that like 'epic' games...
  174. What would happen
  175. End Game - Vision Cam?
  176. Voice Chat included in the DS Version?
  177. Civilization Revolution Gift with Purchase???
  178. Demo Problems
  179. advertising
  180. Civization demo freeze on 360 -_-
  181. New Demo map
  182. Unit Production
  183. Question before I buy
  184. Civilization Revolution Sig
  185. Dialouge box problems
  186. Strategy Guide
  187. How do you protect catapults.
  188. Which Civilization is your Favorite!?
  189. CivRev PS3 multiplayer broken?
  190. Civ Rev Appreciation Thread & Wishlist.
  191. Will CivRev Be A Foundation For Other Stratagy Console Games?
  192. Where is Cyrus?
  193. Are Wonders Ever Lost?
  194. no special units for some civs?
  195. What Would Your Dream Civilization Game Be Like?
  196. Good place to import from?
  197. Kenki's Guide to TECH victory (demo)
  198. Riflemen,Knights,Catapults?
  199. Victories acheved in demo!
  200. A Huge Thank You To Sid and Firaxis for this FANTASTIC Game!
  201. Domenation Guide.(Demo Version of Game)
  202. Different Tech Tree Chains
  203. PS3 Online Multiplayer Question
  204. New Demo Maps Each Week!
  205. Game Informer Review - 9, 9.25
  206. Overwhelmed
  207. What do we want in Civ Rev 2
  208. Your Favorite Unit?
  209. Finally Makes It To Europe
  210. CivRev demo review: I'm feeling kissed by Firaxis
  211. Dude gets Nukes in Demo
  212. PS3 Multiplayer vs 360
  213. Demo Map Photo/Screencap Reference Thread
  214. New civ rev Trailer
  215. More Cities or Fewer But More Developed Cities.
  216. Getting nervous
  217. I Got The Game.
  218. starving an enemy city
  219. YAY! Eurogamer reviews Civ Rev and gives it 8/10
  220. Do You Ever Get Time To Reach Alpha Centuari?
  221. Irish Civilization
  222. Civilization Could Be Made A Bit More Realistic
  223. How does one grow a cities population?
  224. Voice chat evaluation
  225. Questions?
  226. no "open borders" option?
  227. Team games
  228. how to tell what "age" you are in?
  229. New futuristic Government for Civ Rev - Technocracy, discovered when you research...
  230. Can You Flip Palaces?
  231. Burn
  232. Demo MP
  233. This may be a dumb question but,
  234. Anarchy?
  235. In demo, how far can you tech?
  236. Reviews from New Zealand, Australia, and the UK!
  237. Will we able to form Military Alliances?
  238. Woohoo new podcast
  239. The Nuke
  240. Full game from PSN PLZ
  241. How does MP communication work?
  242. 360 *You have been kicked from game.
  243. Length of an actual game
  244. Gold Exploit
  245. Is it going to be too short?
  246. Its Gandhi .. not Ghandi
  247. Is This game Region Free
  248. Two quick questions
  249. I Got It Wooooooo
  250. ps3 owners