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  1. Kotaku impressions of Evolve
  2. Welcome to the Evolve forums
  3. Other types of evolving monsters?
  4. What system are you thinking of getting the game for?
  5. Beta
  6. Size of maps
  7. Multiplayer Only?
  8. New Evolve Information on Strategy Informer
  9. New footage?
  10. Mod tools for the PC version?
  11. Design a Monster, Win Awesome Stuff!
  12. Steam release?
  13. Replayability
  14. What engine Evolve use ?
  15. An idea for a new monster
  16. DIgital copy pre-order
  17. Possible Lazerus nerf needed before launch
  18. Evolve ALPHA key activation and pre-load...
  19. Evolve Key Beta
  20. evolve alpha
  21. Cannot connect to my2k servers
  22. Evolve Alpha
  23. Evolve SLi Profile
  24. Evolve Alpha Crashing
  25. trouble patching through steam
  26. Downloading Issues
  27. Evolve Alpha
  28. Resolution too large for my screen!
  29. Evolve Alpha Key
  30. Evolve Wallpapers
  31. Evolve Collector's Edition
  32. Evolve website down?
  33. new to shooters
  34. [Help]Key bought with amazon
  35. Alpha Key Error
  36. Not recognize the code alpha Evolve xbox one
  37. Game still classed as pre-order (xbox one) - UNplayable
  38. Twitch.tv Broadcasting
  39. Cant find a game..
  40. Game Not Found (UK)
  41. Black screen
  42. Connection To Host Lost!
  43. Goliath First Impressions (Evolve Alpha)
  44. Great game
  45. Stream The Closed Alpha this weekend?
  46. help!!!!!!! dumb question
  47. My List of Bugs/ Improvements needed (will continue to update)
  48. Monster strength under powered?
  49. Black screen FIX READ!
  50. Initial judgement
  51. Still cant play the game
  52. Unfair treatment !!!
  53. Joining a game with friends!
  54. Can't find people for matchmaking for PC platform
  55. Mouse shows when Playing.
  56. Evolve Pre-ordered, used code to register no e-mail as of yet.
  57. PC, matchmaking broke
  58. PC switching modes
  59. PC Playing with AI
  60. UI Issues
  61. single player
  62. Try for private matches on PC
  63. Try for private matches on PC
  64. Patch for Big Alpha matchmaking issues on PC now on Steam
  65. PC version, Controller support is confusing..
  66. Inviting friends lobby
  67. Playing as monster being invisible!
  68. [BUG] Game crashes when attempting to stream using OBS.
  69. PC Controller support
  70. Goliath Mobility
  71. Preorder
  72. Evolve Alpha Animation Bug
  73. Live streaming on XBox One.
  74. Mouse Sensitivity too high
  75. So is streaming okay?
  76. Can't make reports in the bug thread
  77. *PC* Can not check the Status of your progression!
  78. Monster needs retooling
  79. Evolve Not Optimized?
  80. Assault class exp
  81. Game is very choppy
  82. Unable to post in bug thread...
  83. Can't wait for PS4 Evolve.
  84. Assault class exp
  85. Distillery Wall Lock
  86. Unplayable In-Game Framerate
  87. Service Unavailable at the BUG thread for the last hour
  88. No Sound/Audio in-game?
  89. evolve error "Failed to connect to my2K servers"
  90. How do you kill the hunters?
  91. Guide to being a monster
  92. 32 bit - ever going to work?
  93. always the monster?
  94. Can you play Evolve alpha on 650ti 2gb?
  95. Were you guys bought out?
  96. Can't connect to my2k account
  97. kraken to strong
  98. Fail to download new update for evolve on Steam
  99. Post Battle Recap - Shields and Blips - Suggestion
  100. Reporting of boosters on evolve.
  101. Game keeps crashing
  102. slight input lag pc (advice?)
  103. Tier 2 medic is completely and utterly broken
  104. Medic Suggestion
  105. Monster in parties.
  106. 2K Support team/ Alpha Code doesn't work
  107. Game gets stuck on Dell 4K monitor
  108. Question about Terms of Use - Youtube Monetization?
  109. Wow, Just Wow.
  110. Huge stuttering when changing from medium to high+ settings.
  111. Bots/Shut downs/Lag
  112. Goliath Bug maybe? Unsure. Please help.
  113. Trade Pc Alpha Key to Ps4
  114. Ps4 matchmaking
  115. PS4 codes anyone?
  116. Streaming Some Evolve!!!
  117. Monster Sneak Attacks on Players VERY un-Sneakily
  118. Evolve Alpha Extended till 11/4/2014 (12pm PDT)
  119. Kind of sexist
  120. A Monster a day keeps the Hunters away!
  121. My Evolve Experience: Glitches, Balancing, and Everything Else
  122. Problems when trying to queue with friends?
  123. Just wondering
  124. Custom Game questions
  125. Exploit with Daisy as the monster.
  126. Psn id
  127. EVOLVE match making
  128. running Steam on 2 systems
  129. can't queue?
  130. Question about playing the game
  131. Thanks for lack of communication on PS4 Evolve alpha
  132. Thoughts so far.
  133. an honest request from ps4 users
  134. Pc Users, There is a FIX for queuing! Leave the consoles behind and lets Que!
  135. Intro: How to Kraken
  136. Bucket, Griff and general tweaks
  137. Just some balance suggestions.
  138. PS4 Error
  139. Plans for friends as monsters
  140. Suggestion for character skins vs special abilities.
  141. ditch the generator
  142. Alpha schedule
  143. so no mpore Ps4 Alpha?
  144. General Feedback and Suggestions
  145. Carnivorous plants
  146. I Pre-order the Evlolve from steam,but something wrong,they don't give me the game.
  147. Game needs to be more balanced
  148. My 2 cents
  149. General Feedback and my Experiences 60 hours Gameplay
  150. New Moster Idea
  152. General feedback and suggestions/feature requests
  153. Thanks for the update... not
  154. I'm a Monster Player, let me play with my food!
  155. Thanks to all involved
  156. My Feedback from the Alpha.
  157. Competitive gaming, esports.
  158. Re-open servers
  159. My feedback on Big Alpha
  160. Pre-order options?
  161. Kraken Stage 1 Victory
  162. Evolve: DLC Maps to be free?
  163. Second(Xbox One) Alpha concerns
  164. Does This Forum Have A Moderator?
  165. Digital Preorder of Evolve? (XBox One)
  166. need help finding DL for Big Alpha
  167. Tech Support? Need help with evolve's website
  168. Looking to make a Squad of Hunters.
  169. PS4 Evolve Technical Test Beta
  170. Bucket UAV key config
  171. Evolve PC Specs Revealed
  172. Upcoming Beta
  173. Evolve Big Alpha Emails
  174. Duration of Evolve beta?
  175. Oh NOW you release the higher tier packs....
  176. why can't we trade cards with other people?!?!
  177. did any else get a duff code for evolve tech test?
  178. Xbox one Preorder Headstart for beta doober
  179. Sick of this
  180. people with out mics
  181. Can't be Monster if you're in a Party!?!?!
  182. Pretty please :/ (Steam/PC beta)
  183. 2K: You can't force me to play the way you want.
  184. Okay, ☺☺☺ happened with the Kraken?
  185. Terrible UltraWide support + still no SLI!
  186. Just got my new 21:9
  187. Pre-purchase bonus not unlocked in Beta?
  188. Unable to find game
  189. This game is boring and frustrating
  190. Character got reset back
  191. Does progress transfer for ALL Xbox users?
  192. Can't connect to my2k
  193. Evolve's Caira
  194. Highend computer cannot run game without Huge lagspikes
  195. Is evolve supposed to remember my stats from the first beta?
  196. Evolve Alpha Download. Keep it or delete it?
  197. Pre-order bonus works ?
  198. Evolve Beta Key
  199. game worked fine, now wont load.
  200. Stuck on Loading
  201. Tier 3 Characters not unlocked - PC Pre-Order
  202. Hunters have insane advantage over monster... (and other stuff i think about beta)
  203. my2k logon "not old enough to log on" message
  204. Current Opinion on Evolve's Monsters and Hunters.
  205. Need support for chatting in other language
  206. Can i receive evolve beta codes for the PS4 I cant seem to find any anywhere
  207. PS4 Technical test download
  208. Tier 3 Hunters not unlocked after preordering from Steam (PC) Help PLease
  209. I cant login to evolve tech test
  210. Why no pre-load feature on PS4
  211. Satistic system needs to be affinate!
  212. 5 man party with monster randomiser
  213. I am only able to Play Tutorial (PC) Multi Player causes CTD
  214. Evacuation defend gamemode
  215. Please implement improved PS Vita Remote Play controls!
  216. evolve not want to start
  217. Level Reset
  218. I was just wondering...
  219. My feedback on PC Beta
  220. Stuttering on PC = no buy from me
  221. Xbox beta review
  222. Problem joining game in a party
  223. The Final Round of Evacuation is a Joke
  224. Chasing down the monster is 80% of the game and 100% the worst part
  225. Monster race edition question
  226. Character Progression Access
  227. Long match-making search times on PS4
  228. Suggestion: let us practice/play while waiting for match-making
  229. TeamMates without mics and vote to kick option.
  230. [XboxOne] Looking for people to play with
  231. NAT Type Issue PS4
  232. MINOR Bug Fix/Suggestion - Remain Stealth if you were before eating
  233. [PC] Can't connect to 2k servers
  234. Revised Current Opinion of Hunters and Monsters
  235. Jetpacks and the Hank AI
  236. Suggestions and possible bugs (PS4 version)
  237. Game get's stuck while loading MP
  238. Progress Reset
  239. Max Settings = Poor LOD
  240. Long Load Times....
  241. Leaderboard
  242. Follow these instructions if you want to get SLI working on Evolve. DEVS PLEASE READ.
  243. Evolve unplayable
  244. My findings in the beta(so far) and ideas for improvement
  245. Five Player Party
  246. Fynland Gaming Discussion and Thoughts
  247. Hunters VS Wraith strategies (how to take out wraith)
  248. Max Level For Hunters/Monsters?
  249. My PC lags on Evolve Big Alpha
  250. If I buy the PC Monster Race edition, will I get all future (unannounced) DLC?