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  1. When will multiplayer be fixed?
  2. Companion App - Mastery bonus not transfering
  3. Evolve APP 2k link problem
  4. Evolve instant lose
  5. Stuttering and frame loss
  6. Some issues
  7. Progress reset to lvl 1 from lvl 29
  8. Error message.
  9. Payed for $100 Pre-Order, LOST ALL bonuses for it
  10. Cannot Find ANY players ! Havent played a single match in 3 days ! :(
  11. Evolve PS4 frecuent Stuttering !!!!
  12. Huge evolve rank bug!
  13. 3440 x 1440 - ultra wide problems
  14. 2 problems that I would really like if they could be fixed :)
  15. Can't join multiplayer matches
  16. Support Tick - 20+ hours between reply
  17. Looking for PS4 players to hunt with and game chat
  18. Join in progress needs a little help; so here it is!
  19. Help-Report
  20. Evolve companion App
  21. Evolve Pre-order
  22. Help - screen name issues
  23. CHEATERS spotted.
  24. Evolve Data Wipe
  25. Pre ordered for PC....quick question about install
  26. Leader board stats RESET?
  27. Data wipe- while the game was loading in.
  28. I lost all progress!!!!
  29. Lost all online progress on Xbox One!!!
  30. Possible SLI stuttering fix
  31. Anyone else seen healers in the walls/celings healing at any range?
  32. Progress Lost Twice......really.
  33. Trophy failed to unlock
  34. refunds?
  35. verification issue
  36. Broken Loading Screen
  37. "Sign into Xbox Live Account"
  38. Game window closes
  39. level 40 to 1 really turtle rock really
  40. 2 Players Coop
  41. 60%download..no multiplayer...no store..
  42. Bug Report 2/20/15
  43. Install Help please?!
  44. Gamebreaking Bug -- Disabled Abilities Goliath [Video Included]
  45. "You have no network connection"
  46. connection to my2k cannot be established. ps4 thru evolve
  47. everytime this crepy monster...
  48. Frozen Wraith Bug
  49. Progress Lost at Level 39 :'(
  50. I can't connect to the server
  51. lost progression
  52. evolve, missing dlc + [PC] - missing form shop = account?
  53. Dxgi_error_device_removed
  54. Evolve Hunter quest has been down.
  55. Connection issues (XB1)
  56. Shirt | Sweatshirt design.
  57. Extra minion on nest
  58. Protocol Error
  59. Evolve "Downloading Fusion Plant" bug
  60. Trying to Revive
  61. Customer Support Issue: Any Advice?
  62. Totally Bummed over Matchmaking :(
  63. Can't get any match, other things seems to work fine (XB1)
  64. Hyde's Character Mastery
  65. looking for cool gamers to kick butt with on evolve
  66. Steam Cant Connect my2k
  67. Inactive players on evolve taking it to far? PS4
  68. Can't post to forums
  69. Advertisement Spamming
  70. Hackers invade and it's time to immigrate to another game...
  71. Unable to login
  72. Ideas for Evolve gameplay
  73. Incredibly unimpressed with 2k support
  74. Monster invisible? Joined mid game
  75. Need major support
  76. Evolve Hunters Quest Replays Not Uploading
  77. Hunting season pass problem
  78. Hunters quest event: where's my rewards
  79. Evolve Hunting Season Pass
  80. I didn't get my arctic skin from arctic hunt
  81. Bug with codes
  82. Behemoth Problem Support in email is No help same generic message
  83. Support skins 4/18/15 problems/ideas to fix
  84. I can't join a game
  85. Not received hunter evolve skins
  86. Is Behemoth fissure glitch (game crashes) ever going to be fixed?
  87. Network connectivity error
  88. Ps4 patch
  89. Need help just got evolve not letting me update
  90. Display Issue (1920x1080 res gets black borders)
  91. Monster Race Ed doesn't give Behemoth?
  92. take the monster
  93. Game Breaking Bug
  94. Please help by purchasing with access to the game.
  95. Evolve Mastery Issues
  96. please fix matchmaking
  97. Please check your network connectivity error
  98. [PC] Very bad matching system.
  99. Hunt 2.0 issue with getting into a game
  100. Graphical Glitch/Error with flashing colours
  101. Preowned and New
  102. Connecting issues
  103. Service outage (28 August)
  104. cant connect to my2k issues.... any help?:)
  105. Missing Purchased Content
  106. crash
  107. PS4 my2k link problem
  108. Evolve multiplayer searches for other players forever!
  109. Gorgon Cometh Is OP (EVOLVE)
  110. Why does the hunters feel so under power?
  111. Evolve disconnect i get penalize with a lost
  112. I need help. My evolve won't work
  113. Ps4 to pc, account sync?
  114. Problems with the servers
  115. Weird Issue with Character Selection (both monsters and hunters)
  116. Missing purchased character (SLIM)
  117. I bought Evolve and it won't Install
  118. Evolve - Steam won't even load
  119. Particle rendering
  120. Hunter Abilities not activating
  121. Xbox One Evolve Problem installing
  122. can we get a rejoin game feature for those who lose connection.
  123. Help! I can't play evolve. (Infinite loading issue)
  124. Evolve code redeem after release f2p model
  125. Wrong queue?
  126. Firewall Ports
  127. VSync Bug.
  128. a few bugs I've found - not sure where to post
  129. How to hover as kraken?
  130. CryEngine Error
  131. Getting 3fps after update
  132. Major graphical problem immediately after the new patch.
  133. Infinite Looping Download
  134. Not Getting Profile XP After Getting Level 20?
  135. Lazarus cloak doesn't work on wildlife.
  136. After update to "EVOLVE Stage 2" i have screen error in game
  137. Request: Ansel Support.
  138. Monitor/Video problem with Evolve Stage 2
  139. TRS Forum - Self-Help Tech Support
  140. Report hacker please help !
  141. Cannot join any team or party.
  142. Can't competitive
  143. Report For a bug I found in Evolve Stage 2
  144. Punish Players who quit!
  145. played on PS4 how do i get my stuff from there to PC
  146. Please punish those who deliberately give in Monster
  147. Spent Tons of Money on Evolve on Console - Founders Bonus - Help Needed
  148. Stuck in buggy, dark lobby after matches
  149. Why the HELL do you allow quitters?
  150. Instant dead as a monster
  151. Freezing and major lag spikes
  152. new sections in evolve forum
  153. Game's chat is not working
  154. Profile Emblem Not Saving
  155. Map is way too bright. Is this a bug or something?
  156. electro griffin
  157. Cheater (How do I report them?)
  158. Strange Swimming Glitch
  159. No-Sound-Bug since last Patch
  160. Bug sound ingame
  161. 1 million + player event
  162. Ranked Play and Game Crashes
  163. Daily redemption bug
  164. Twice today in ranked I have lost monster matchs at unexpected times.
  165. My thoughts on evolve
  166. Bug reporting
  167. Bug / exploit
  168. Behemoth not for supporters?
  169. About minds of very disturbed persons...
  170. Game bugs
  171. Dual Monitors Issue for Evolve
  172. Behemoth leveling up bug
  173. Connection issues
  174. Evolve servers are broken!
  175. Servers are broken
  176. I have to buy Behemoth?
  177. Problem
  178. Server login issues (with technical data)
  179. Evolve match start problems.
  180. Unable to log into the servers again.
  181. Evolve objective problems
  182. Matchmaking taking too long to find a game with full players
  183. Suggestion: Evolve Matchmaking
  184. Can 2K at least allow TRS to finish Kali?