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  1. LMFAO! Roman Reigns mobile entrance better than XBoxOne/PS4 lol
  2. Crashes
  3. Are there cutscenes in career mode?
  4. Please add full screen immersive mode...
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  6. Needs buttons to play ! And add a lot of dirty moves !
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  9. update
  10. Please add HID controller support for mobile version
  11. Wrestling Management /Booker / GM Mobile Game
  12. Account Help
  13. New Characters And New moves and blood
  14. I am asking if there are cutscenes in career mode?
  15. Review plain forward
  16. App Update
  17. When will it be available on IPhone 4S?
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  19. CAW mobile app for future wwe2k games
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  21. I don't understand why mobile?
  22. Have WWE 2K on iPad 2
  23. Update the WWE 2k mobile
  24. When is WWE Champions coming to the UK?
  25. Gamepad idea
  26. Add some more Players into the game
  27. wwe 2k mobile apart of the annual series?
  28. New to the game.
  29. Add buttons please
  30. WWE 2K no longer available for purchase
  31. Need new superstars and match types