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  1. "This feature is unavailable. You do not have the required account privileges"
  2. Game randomly crashes to dashboard (Xbox One)
  3. Missing VC
  4. Everything wrong with NBA 2k16
  5. It's Been Over a Week and Still No Sign of My Michael Jordan Edition Content
  6. NBA 2K16 Bug Database
  7. Bug Database Split
  8. Why sneaker store wants me to purchase shoes I've already purchased?
  9. 3-Point Contest and Dunk Contest
  10. My friend won this in historic domination... ('96 Bulls rewards not showing)
  11. Xbox One ProAM stuck at 98% loading
  12. Michael jordan connection
  13. Why are Pro Am positions messed up
  14. Michael Jordan Terminal 23 NOT SHOWING UP
  15. My Park Championship Bonus/Prize for Rough Riders
  16. My Career glitch ?
  17. Historic Domination rewards not showing in Collection (1996 Bulls)
  18. (Xbox one) game is crashing to home screen after i win the finals
  19. (xbox one) Game crashes and quits to my xbox home screen after i win the finals
  20. "Text String you entered contains one or more potentially offensive words"
  21. MyGM glitch on XBox One
  22. Update message ruining my game
  23. Pro Am issue again... 0 opponnent left
  24. 2K support sent me to you guys, please help...
  25. Lost Kyle Lowry practice jersey
  26. off ball offense
  27. INVISIBLE PLAYERS PLEASE FIX video footage please help ASAP
  28. Plz fix Joining friends mypark, career loading, & player switching issues.
  29. My summary of NBA 2K16
  30. Attributes upgrades not unlocking
  31. NBA 2K16 PS4 - CE-34878-0 Error - Need Help
  32. 2k16 XBO Error efeab30c cant connect with 2k server
  33. Bust a move trophy didnt pop
  34. Cant get Vernon Maxwell
  35. Auction house error
  36. Severe, global lag on MyPark.
  37. Pop ups for micro transactions
  38. Xbox One game won't start
  39. Huge bug when playing with a friend locally
  40. Can't connect to 2K server Error code efeab30c
  41. Did not receive rewards for rival weekends
  42. Editing MyPlayer causes errors
  43. Have you sent in a ticket yet?
  44. 2k myplayer corrupted
  45. PS4: Post game interview freezing game in myCareer
  46. Records reset
  47. newest patch problems
  48. Jumpshot Additions
  49. please help my NBA 2k16 Virtual Coins not recieving yet...
  50. MyTeam second Warrios challenge broke!
  51. Players not loading please help
  52. Players not loading please help
  53. MyPlayer Face Scan Patch
  54. NBA 2k16 GHOSTS?? Please HELP
  55. Aussie needs help!
  56. SG 99 in 3pt overall 99
  57. Unique ID in My GM
  58. Got banned on 2k upload for no reason
  59. Problem connecting to 2kservers. It boots me out every time i get to main menu
  60. All star mypark swag
  61. Why isn't there any sound in halftime/post game show?
  62. 923b16b7 Error every game
  63. XBOX One all Saved Games (My Career/My Park) are defect?!
  64. I need technical support!
  65. Problem with the new home player interview??? Gets skipped as soon as they show playe
  66. my park rep
  67. Patch Shot Mypark Onball Defense and still turnovers when rebounding
  68. Badges in MyTeam - Please help!
  69. Why can't I load and save offline on Xbox one
  70. Issues with NBA 2k16 (Used VC but lost upgrades)
  71. Unresponsive controls in local co-op after latest patch 1.03
  72. myplayer keeps ressting...
  73. MyPark Rep won't increase
  74. Defensive Bug - Help?
  75. Keeps Resetting My Controller Settings
  76. Lost My Career Save
  77. Nba2k.com - accidentally deleted my account (URGENT HELP!!)
  78. Constant Crashing
  79. Online League Fantasy Draft Frozen
  80. Please help! My career player files all corrupted
  81. Crowd BIG problem (in MyLeague)
  82. domination mode problem
  83. NBA2K16 Account verification
  84. Still can't jump into MyPark with friends together from Mycourt....
  85. Free Throw Bug
  86. Custom shoes still not working after patch 4
  87. NBA Today not updating
  88. Having to guard wrong person in mycareer
  89. Offline lagging
  90. NEVER received my VC . Please help
  91. "How Much Ya Got?" trophy is glitched
  92. nba 2k16 pro-am arena floor color problem
  93. cannot connect
  94. My Career Away Games Played at Home
  95. Endorsements not showing up in Inbox in My Career
  96. Various errors for Pacers
  97. mypark
  98. Earnings can not be saved
  99. 2k server issues, everything is gone
  100. 2K account Confirmation
  101. Animation Previews
  102. 2ktv
  103. Are the PS4 servers down for anyone else?
  104. Rosters not correct NBA2k16
  105. cant see player indicators in local multiplayer
  106. Expired account problem
  107. Every time I start the game it asks for my email
  108. Chris Bosh's Jumper is completely broken online
  109. Error CE34878-0 PS4
  110. Can't Play My Career. Stuck in LOADING. PLEASE HELP ME.
  111. Pro-Am
  112. Copying saves within the game, to the game, from the game
  113. How to reset my team arena
  114. OldTown Shirt?!
  115. Problem with VC
  116. Trouble badging my players
  117. Franchise/Season Glitches
  118. Corrupted file
  119. MyPark Waiting For Opponent.
  120. Randomly Missing Drafted Players???
  121. MyAccount Expiring...?
  122. MyPark ranking won't increase
  123. Glitches in NBA 2K16 - Exiting to Xone Menu during MyLeague Games
  124. Stuck on loading screen to get to the main menu
  125. My camera wont flip
  126. Invisible Players!!
  127. Lebron Signature Shoe
  128. Chris Paul Signed Jersey for MyCourt
  129. Why issit so laggy?
  130. Stanley johnson
  131. V.I.P stats
  132. Downloading a patch?
  133. Save Error with Connections PS4
  134. My Player is lost. No saved data in the cloud, what can i do? spent $ here
  135. Will never buy another 2k game ever!!!!
  136. All Star Team up Mode Lakers'
  137. You don't meet the requirements to have a MyPlayer Account and play online
  138. Dismiss Update Required Message?
  139. Xbox one
  140. Rune code NOT showing up
  141. error code 923b16b7
  142. MyCareer - player exhausted (No Substitution)
  143. Corruped File? (XB1)
  144. I just want my last name added to the game
  145. Lost all of my players
  146. Have more than one my career?
  147. Stuck on "Please wait, retrieving data from 2k sports server" Then corrupts file!!
  148. WTH Happened to this game
  149. Needing help!!!!!! (error code a21468b6)
  150. My team issues- badges and RTTF
  151. My views for everyone to look at, I'm done with these forums
  152. Playing the Ball Man Up
  153. More content
  154. MyNBAStore issue: losing custom shoes, no finger sleeves, no African flags to wear.
  155. mycareer: teammates improving
  156. NBA MyTeam All star Pack
  157. Inappropriate Language
  158. Ps4 MyCareer - slam dunk contest trophy doesn't show up in trophy cabinet on mycourt.
  159. Heat Challange: 1st rnd. completed, but no reward
  160. Everyday seeing a mascot glitch!
  161. MyGm relocating issue. "problem saving arena"
  162. The missing Jordan collection in terminal 23 ?!?!
  163. how is my last name foul language?
  164. Error code 7d1cdfe7
  165. Team Selection
  166. Historic players badges
  167. cant start up nba 2k16 on xb1 even with disk
  168. Won a reward Karl Malone and its vanished from my lineup
  169. Refund
  170. Was Celtic Dee Brown released?
  171. Wrong Stats for MVP Jordan
  172. Internet Connection Jittery
  173. MVP badges
  174. MyPark choppy
  175. syncing data for 2k16 not working
  176. MVP Drose too many cold zones?
  177. Unable to get online on college campus wifi
  178. data corrupted while downloading NBA 2k16
  179. My rep got reset by 2k was legend 3 for sunset I have proof of me bring L3 need help
  180. Patrick Ewing
  181. NBA 2K16 Cant stop Celebrating after scoring on My Park
  182. all voices echoing
  183. I'm having a major problem with create/edit shoe its costing me VC...
  184. Can't visit Rivet City
  185. Trouble with my VC saving after a game in all game modes.
  186. MYGM - in game player rating vs rating in roster view
  187. Requirement problems
  188. MyCareer Problem
  189. ERROR CODE 2ba5d5d0
  190. 2kTV Lag
  191. Not Getting Any Endorsments
  192. How to get selected for dunk contest but NOT 3pt?
  193. MyCareer File Not Working?
  194. Help! 2K got my money but I didn't get my VC!
  195. Reward Ceballos
  196. Request for 2K Community Highlights
  197. My Park (everyone is invisible)
  198. Getting EFEAB30C ERROR
  199. Crash problem where I can no longer play the game in any form whatsoever??
  200. Forget this bum ass 2k16
  201. Game still cost money?
  202. Corrupt data on digital copy... download again
  203. Help please! Unable to download official and shared rosters.
  204. MyCareer corrupted, pls help!!!!!
  205. This feature is unavaliable. you do not not have the required account privileges.
  206. Need Help! Dont understand why?
  207. Can't go to other parks
  208. Connection problems
  209. Finishing Alley Oops in NBA 2K16
  210. MyPark (Won't load)
  211. This is getting annoying (Verification issue)
  212. Getting Cheated Out Of a Win In Myteam Road to Playoffs
  213. 4b538e50 error code , connection problem
  214. Dev"s please help major issues with nba 2k16
  215. Choppy Frame Rate
  216. Missing content
  217. MyCareer VC Didn't Added After the Games
  218. NBA 2K16 Path Update 1.06 PS$ cannot be installed
  219. Issues (Downloading corrupted my files?)
  220. My park help
  221. error playing Allstar teamup and The gauntlet
  222. Intnesity of cursor's colour
  223. No VC in My carrer after the match
  224. Accessories help
  225. New MyPark gear
  226. Default Setting
  227. Problem with invisible Steph Curry:
  228. Who's online shows no one.
  229. MyPark rep reset & 2k support can't help.
  230. My Story Appearance Issues
  231. Can't Upgrade MyCareer Player
  232. "The 2KSports Server is not available at this time. Please try again later."
  233. servers issue
  234. stuck at 92 overall
  235. Having a problem with myCareer (Graphic Glitch)
  236. MyPlayer: Fouled out, still picked up 2 points before sitting the last couple minutes
  237. 2K Freezes on Beginning Create-a-Player
  238. H.O.F all of sudden no more green releases
  239. Online my league problem
  240. "Account does not meet requirements" to play MyPark!! Im sad I can't play withfriends
  241. Can't connect to 2k16 servers?
  242. MyPark SUPER GLITCH
  243. Refund???
  244. 2k16 NBA Store Glitch
  245. my team cards
  246. WANTED !!!!! E.Baylor 72 and T.Booker 12
  247. My League freezes