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  1. Future Civ Game Speculation and Wishlists
  2. Civ VI more than a rumour!
  3. Civlisation 6 ??
  4. Has it even been rumored that...
  5. suggestion for Civ6 - early call for time victory
  6. Links, Media, Let's Plays & Videos
  7. Civ6 Language support
  8. What's with the ala Civ Rev cartoony skyle ?
  9. Will "asynchronous" multiplayer be handled correctly this time?
  10. So you're using Endless Legend's expanding city style?
  11. Childish graphics
  12. Mac and Linux support
  13. Can we finally have a good online game?
  14. What do we know about gameplay?
  15. Anniversary Digital Soundtrack - Simply the OST or remastered classics?
  16. What do you DISLIKE about Civ V?
  17. So now we have a game ..Donald do you know?
  18. Why I lost interst in every Civilization... Hoping this is different!
  19. New game engine, is it 64 bit?
  20. Tecnological Progress - Leaf Tech for Linear Progress - Any Info or thoughts?
  21. Serious defect of the Civ series that Civ6 should address
  22. DLC: Stripped features in vanilla?
  23. Resouce Distrobution
  24. A few ideas from me!
  25. Docks and Naval Connections
  26. Mods in multiplayer
  27. Happy camper
  28. Cartoonish graphics: Yay? Nay?
  29. Screenshot Analysis
  30. Should civilization 6 be made for ps4 and Xbox can it be?
  31. Game will have a day-and-night cycle and different unit graphics for cultures!
  32. [Feedback] Adjustable Roofcolor of the Districts & Pitboss / Asynchronous Multiplayer
  33. Really?!? Not one wishlist for Civilizations to be included? I'll start things off th
  34. Civilization VI combat system
  35. Diplomacy
  36. Barbarian diplomacy debate
  37. Apolyton.net has its Civ 6 forum up.
  38. Gameplay problems that need to be addressed in Civ 6
  39. Civ 6 competitive mode proposal
  40. Want better multiplayer
  41. Leader/Civ Perk System
  42. Hub City Review critiques religion in Civ V and offers improvements for VI
  43. Any physical Collector Edition incoming ?
  44. Any word on Game Engine?
  45. Suggestions for Improving Game Movement Mechanics
  46. I need a victory celebration.
  47. Difference between standard and deluxe?
  48. Gandhi in Civ VI
  49. Civ VI: No more Diplomatic Victory? Or What?
  50. Internal politics on Civ VI
  51. The Great Wall: Wonder No More?
  52. Time's interview with Ed Beach (lead designer) and Brian Feldges (Gameplay designer)
  53. 2K/Firaxis: Modding Community Request for a FOSS License
  54. Confirmed civs and leaders
  55. WW1 combat for Civ 6 (or era-specific combat rules for all eras thread!)
  56. 4k scalable UI? (user interface)
  57. Ironman success rate
  58. Slavery?
  59. Map size and your systems memory...
  60. Random events that can occur at any time.
  61. My Civ 6 Wishlist
  62. Early Espionage = Gossip
  63. Civ6 Resource List
  64. Please consider Vassalage.
  65. Reintroducing, and improving, Map Trading!
  66. Omg!!! :(:(:(:(:(:(
  67. Unstacked cities, archipelagoes, and small islands
  68. Diplomacy vs. Prosperity
  69. Modding books with quotes etc. into the game.
  70. Roads built by trade units ... what about connecting strategic resources?
  71. Civilization VI's Graphics: Cartoons, Yay? Nay?
  72. Civ 6 Economy Expansion
  73. Era-specific gameplay
  74. Rough Riders
  75. Which graphics do you like better? Civ 5 or Civ 6?
  76. Wait... Just... One... More... Turn...
  77. Culture Web?
  78. The Dutch leader should be...
  79. City-State gameplay info
  80. Will builders have promotions by working on tiles?
  81. Looks like we gonna get new natural wonders
  82. Diplomacy and City-States
  83. Marketing Suggestion:Teach people history & also interest people in buying Civ VI !!!
  84. Can we get a better pitboss this time please?
  85. Early game trireme gamble!
  86. Does Your Civ Background Affect Your Outlook?
  87. hexagons negotiate with neighboring
  88. Please let us use mods with multiplayer.
  89. Make the AI realize when it can't win.
  90. Can you Mod it?
  91. Is Civ VI being set up for multiple leaders for each Civ?
  92. Allow Multiplayer Games to use Civ's NOT shared by all players?
  93. unit hit effects
  94. Treaty ports?
  95. National Parks
  96. Research / Game Speed
  97. Please - No More Panzers
  98. How far will Leader/Nation diversification go?
  99. Pillaging with Ranged Attacks
  100. They should add diseases and immigration to Civilization 6.
  101. So with 4 new Civs coming, which Civs do you think bit the dust?
  102. Caravans to trade special resources?
  103. Texture Quality
  104. Civilization 6 Truely Historic Mode
  105. Alternative to Zeroes
  106. Tech requirement for unit promotions
  107. disasters, pollution, and rivers
  108. Razing Capitals or Extermination Victory
  109. Civ6 UI - Font
  110. Great General Combat Strength
  111. Why are the maps NOT 3D globes yet?
  112. Religion
  113. Will leaders be moddable in Civ VI?
  114. Opinion: Civ VI - Why I Won't Buy
  115. Water channels
  116. Question regarding coastal cities.
  117. Request: Rename 'England' to 'Great Britain'
  118. Add new Civilization
  119. To Everyone Who is Disappointed with Civ 6's New Direction
  120. Civ 6 Leaders
  121. What about the multiplayer infrastructure?
  122. Feature Idea! Geographic Region/Feature Names, by Exploration.
  123. What I donít like about Civilization V.
  124. Pc Gamer artical
  125. Suggestion - Collect and present stats on gameplay
  126. City format question
  127. Feedback from Civ 5 (suggestions to Civ 6)
  128. Why did Cleopatra get hit with the ugly stick?
  129. Road-building
  130. Civilization VI: Qin Shi Huang Leads China
  131. Why is Montezuma so unattractive?
  132. Pre-Order Civilization VI and Get Early Access to the Aztec Civilization Pack
  133. Fortify City action needs to be added in Civ VI
  134. @Firaxis: If you're going to have Queen Victoria...
  135. Clarification on Aztec pre-order and the number of civs in the base game
  136. Please notify fans when pre-order is available outside us, uk, france
  137. System requirements?
  138. Alpha / Beta
  139. Alliances
  140. Teeny Tiny QOL that would make Multiplayer MUCH BETTER
  141. The forest fell on Catherine de Medici
  142. Catherine deí Medici Leads France in Civilization VI
  143. The Trade Overview Screen
  144. Brazil's Unique battleship
  145. War Weariness is back along with Bankruptcy!
  146. Civilization VI: Pedro II Leads Brazil
  147. Please bringback the Longswordsman and Landsknecht
  148. PS4 version later ??
  149. As an atheist, will I sabotage myself by not pursuing faith?
  150. 52 minutes of gameplay on Polygon: What do you think?
  151. Unit diversity?
  152. My feedback after watching lots of civ6 vids
  153. Question for the devs
  154. Will we see an improvement in Barbarian AI?
  155. Small feedback suggestions from civ5 to civ 6 :)
  156. Automatic healing when a unit gets a promotion is really bad imho
  157. Idea for Support units
  158. First Look: Scythia
  159. Hotseat confirmed for release day?
  160. Small request on narration
  161. Any revealed drawbacks of insane city sprawls?
  162. How will we know who the best player in the world is?
  163. Civilization VI: Frederick Barbarossa Leads Germany
  164. Civilization VI - First Look
  165. Government Legacy Bonus Permanence?
  166. CIV VI Multiplayer: A Few Simple Questions
  167. Concept for settling bonuses
  168. What have they done
  169. Civilization VI: Philip II Leads Spain
  170. In Defense of the Realm
  171. districts, improvements and tourism
  172. Please consider adding seasons
  173. Q: How Will Islands Be Settled in Civ VI (With City Unstacking)?
  174. Will Civ VI support any controller or just the Steam Controller
  175. Civilization VI: Limited Quantity '25th Anniversary Edition' Revealed
  176. Any chance South African Steam pricing can be fixed?
  177. Please don't keep the upgrade and promotion issue!
  178. Will there be a Digital Deluxe upgrade?
  179. Some tips for Civ VI
  180. Dear God, He's back [aka Gandhi first look]
  181. Civilization VI: Mahatma Gandhi Leads India
  182. How the happines works?
  183. Pedro II's physical appearance and uniform
  184. 25th Anniversary Edition
  185. Some questions from a backpacker
  186. Idea that game mechanics depends on current era
  187. Civilization VI: Mvemba a Nzinga leads Kongo
  188. Norway's UB seems to me a poor choice
  189. 25th Anniversary Edition
  190. Day and Night Cycle
  191. Will Civ VI support 21:9 display?
  192. Sustainability in Civilization
  193. Q: for gameplay mechanics ? and MP ?
  194. How can I submit my ideas to the devs?
  195. Suggestions
  196. Districts - Zoning Regulations in Civ6
  197. Arabic language
  198. Ridiculous Leaders legitimately make me reconsider buying this game
  199. I need a lot of help.
  200. System Requirements
  201. Preorder in Ukraine
  202. Crunch Time Decision
  203. Civ 6 requirements for Mac?
  204. Any incentive to actually build wonders?
  205. Russian Leader
  206. Civ VI SDK: Any info?
  207. Building in districts
  208. Build list for city UI tweak idea
  209. Why is there no Corruption or Squander in Cities in Civ6?
  210. A great civilization missing
  211. WePlayCiv Pre Release Democracy Game
  212. Civ 6 graphics vs Civ 5
  213. Suggestions for the developers from an average guy
  214. Russia Question
  215. Can I legally download a game I purchase as hard copy?
  216. The depiction of Barbarossa is positively offensive
  217. Multiple Zoo or Power Plants within 6 tile = multiple bonuses?
  218. Disasters: Hurricanes, Plagues, Volcanoes, Meltdowns
  219. Multiplayer gameplay/maps
  220. Touchscreen Controls Available?
  221. Concerns regarding diversity of YouTube content.
  222. AI in gameplay videos so far seems exteremely passive and...weak
  223. Question about physical copy/manual.
  224. Unit cycling order
  225. Pre-order on Steam from Turkey and CIS countries (excluding russia)
  226. You guys made a slight ☺☺☺☺ up in Civ 6 - Please Fix !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  227. Pleading for access
  228. Beta version
  229. Combat power and Japan
  230. Hello Devs
  231. Who Are You Going To Play As First in Civ VI?
  232. Portuguese civilization is missing?
  233. Dlc civs
  234. What New Feature of Civ VI Are You Most Excited For?
  235. Missing UI features
  236. culure and war
  237. Throwing Down the Gauntlet ♫
  238. Will there be a hotseat mode?
  239. Hall of Fame in Steam Cloud please
  240. How it is Civilization and there is no IRAN(/Persia)???
  241. Question About Steam Authentication / Digital Download with Limited Edition
  242. Civilization 6 information gathered from preview versions
  243. Why no test of the game in French ?
  244. Install into AWS Cloud?
  245. DLC and friends!
  246. Regional Unlock Times
  247. 25th Anniversary Edition Shipment Date Via Amazon?
  248. Mods and Multiplayer
  249. Demo? Please?
  250. Can't purchase digital deluxe edition