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  1. NBA 2K17 Wishlist
  2. NBA 2K17(Cover Athlete Wishlist)
  3. NBA 2k17 MyCareer Wishes
  4. A new idea for 2k!!!!!! Check it out
  5. NBA 2k17 MyPark Wishlist
  6. NBA 2k17 - Bring back the old signature introductions for MyPark!
  7. NBA2K17 Badge ideas (Wishlist)
  8. NBA 2K17 - My Career story (NEW thread, just for MyCareer)
  9. NBA2K17 Badge Idea
  10. Real Names on 2k17
  11. NBA 2K17 should have TWO versions of MyCareer next year.
  12. NBA 2K17 MyLeague Wishlist
  13. Last name issue! 2k17 Wish
  14. A game manual enlcosed in the game nba 2k17 please !!!
  15. No more VC???? REAL CASH???
  16. NBA 2K17 - Create A Legend?
  17. NBA 2K17 Team Creation?
  18. 2k17 Badge Progression
  19. "2K Customs Store" 2K17 suggestion for my sneakerheads!!!!
  20. Requested NBA 2k17 Legends Feature: Rookie Legends Roster
  21. NBA2k17 Soundtrack Wishlist
  22. MyCareer Online
  23. More realistic hoop and net
  24. I hope that basketball is better than last year?
  25. A couple suggestions to make the game better
  26. Attributes for MyCareer players
  27. Time for new announcer
  28. Speed consistence
  29. Please include Nike basketball accessories for the USA team and MyPark in 2K17.
  30. Team Gears and Accessories
  31. MyPark Splitscreen (2 players) ?
  32. Improvements
  33. Besides fixing the obvious nonsense
  34. Can the big guys get some love too!
  35. Jerseys (MyPark customising)
  36. Rotation system
  37. Park pro am
  38. Different versions of the same player should look different
  39. More creative control over MyCAREER
  40. My Career Shoe Endorsement Deal suggestion for NBA 2k17
  41. Buying VC ruins the dynamic, Lack of Crew Content, and why don't you PATCH!?
  42. Crew on one TV
  43. Update problems for NBA 2k17
  44. personal release timer idea
  45. New cyberface for Allen Iverson
  46. Bring Back Shared Created Players and Share Created Teams
  47. NBA 2k 17 Prelude including My Park ?
  48. Still have Stat Cap for Single Player MyCareer/MyStory
  49. Announce name wishlist
  50. Tournament modes
  51. Off screen player indicator.
  52. Add QTR Sim Options in MyCareer
  53. Future Customization
  54. feature ideas before 2k17 releases
  55. Offline face scan and MyCareer continue to next game
  56. Since they don't have a patch update page, submit your requests here
  57. Headbands - current players (I want to edit them)
  58. About 2K17 Legend Edition/Legend Edition Gold
  59. Jordan tongue animation
  60. Authentic Bulls jerseys for the current team
  61. Nba 2k17 update wishlist
  62. Add a Kobe Mode
  63. My 2K Wishlist
  64. Please give us 2009-2010 lakers On NBA2K17
  65. Dreadlocks - VERY Simple Request
  66. Face Scan
  67. Missing from 2k17 - was in 2k16 (stat and GUI related elements)
  68. Badges, Patch Request, and more!
  69. Improvement in MyCareer...Practices/Gameplay/etc.
  70. NBA2K18 2K Share Mode and wishlist (PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 1S)
  71. K.I.S.S. Keep it Simple Stupid
  72. Major MyCareer Improvements...Please ;)
  73. More Player Jerseys in NBA Store!
  74. MyLeague, starting in offseason
  75. Overall Fix Requests & Additonal Items (over 40+ Ideas)
  76. Improvements for 2k17
  77. Just and Idea for my Career
  78. Shooting system
  79. NBA My League/My GM
  80. Online Play Difficulty
  81. Fix the pg speed boosting... That is all.
  82. Please fix the rim protecting bigs!
  83. Suggestions for Improvement
  84. MyGM Game watching options.
  85. All Star Team Up: Please Fix Home Uniforms for Kobe and Shaq
  86. MyTeam Upload/Download Designs
  87. How 2k can improve
  88. all star competitions
  89. VC for endorsments!!!
  90. MyLeague Online Suggestions
  91. MyTeam Multiplayer suggestion
  92. NBA2K17 Requests for Patch 1.05/.06
  93. Better MyTeam domination rewards
  94. Phoenix suns
  95. Mechanics of passing
  96. #WhereIsDerozan wall mural
  97. New game modes for My Team offline
  98. Adjust starting lineups before game in play with friends mode
  99. What would "You" like?
  100. Difficulty Settings for singleplayer
  101. Mynba2kmynewidea to improve the gm.
  102. Wishlist for NBA2K17 patch 1.06
  103. Please fix for 2k18 or an upcoming patch
  104. My list for next patch or 2k18.
  105. Dynamic Replays
  106. What Needs To Change In NBA 2K18
  107. Why, in my opinion, nba 2k17 has the worst player vs AI gameplay i have ever seen
  108. My wish list
  109. My urgent MyCareer Wishlist
  110. Suggestion for future updates
  111. my wishlist
  112. Ideas for 2k18
  113. Team ups
  114. Player Appearance Fixes
  115. Kevin Love needs a major buff
  116. patch 1.07" NEED TO DO"
  117. What's next for 2K?
  118. Skipping Stats
  119. mycareer
  120. Wishing for
  121. NBA 2K team authenticity
  122. Simple wish to apply, for better basket ball experience in my park.
  123. NBA2K17 MyTeam Wishlist (Making MyTeam Points/Moments Challenges)
  124. MyGM fixes
  125. Suggestion for 2k18, improvement from 2k17
  126. Please bring back old shot meter.
  127. Court View
  128. Can we PLEASE get Unranked My Team
  129. NBA 2K17 PS4 WISHLIST: Chris Paul Attire & Deandre Jordan Hair
  130. NBA 2K17 Roster Update : Strength Drops & Buffs
  131. NBA 2K17 Pro/All-Star Sliding Game Balancing
  132. My New Years Resolution Wish For 2K
  133. Where is the Offensive Rebound option on ios version NBA 2K17 ?
  134. My 2k17 Wishlist - Melo/Freestyle Mode
  135. D league added (request)
  136. Archetype evolution?
  137. Make pro an tournament available to more countries
  138. Play Online player of the game
  139. Banner
  140. Shot Creator needs hot fix
  141. NBA2K18 Create Player Mode
  142. Pro am pre game
  143. Play online modes detailed analysis and suggestions - LONG!
  144. Be Able to Upgrade Badges Outside your Archetype
  145. Add the '06-'07 Lakers or '13-'14 Lakers
  146. Bring back the old step backs and base jump shots.
  147. Pro am Power Rankings
  148. 2k17 Pro-am Defensive Settings
  149. College March Madness
  150. My last name
  151. Patch Double Teams in MyCareer
  152. (Apparently) Easy improvements and fixes in MyLeague Online
  153. Speed up gameplay let us skip stuff
  154. Fix your bias 3 second calls!
  155. Give sharpshooters Limitless range back don't adjust it anymore just undo the change
  156. Fix online play for 2k18 and trash 2k17 immediately or fix it too.
  157. Update for 2k17
  158. Open World In My Player
  159. MyPark and MyCareer can be vastly improved
  160. Passing trajectories.
  161. Option to regain spent VC
  162. Nba 2k18
  163. Nba 2k18 archetypes
  164. Sneaker selector?
  165. Improve shooting mechanic
  166. MyCareer this year...sucks!
  167. NBA 2K18+ 2K Sports needs to collaborate with Rockstar Games developers?
  168. No 2k18 gameplay No money
  169. Mid game save option for off line franchise
  170. Cross Platform Custom Rosters/Draft Classes/Settings for 2k18
  171. domination / historic domination mode option to reset or play it again
  172. La'Var Ball Storeline MyPlayer Mode
  173. Thoughts on 17 Wishlist for the 2k18
  174. My Idea of How the MYPLAYER CREATION Should Work This Year.
  175. How the Player Creation in 2K18 SHOULD be.
  176. Why did 2k devolpers do this? (Online issues)
  177. 2K17 roster errors.
  178. My Team Diamond Hakeem Olajuwon dynamic duo
  179. Intel 360 replay camera
  180. What is 2Ks deal with the Player models?
  181. 2K18 NO Sidekicks!
  182. 2K18 MyCareer
  183. Fix this issue for your next game.