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  1. Custom Logo Website Discussion/Status
  2. List of all bugs and problems i noticed in the last 3 days of playing the game
  3. [XB1] Read This If You Digitally Pre-Ordered WWE 2K17
  4. Sound issues? (MyCareer)
  5. Terrible lag with custom arena
  6. OMG Glitch (announce table)
  7. Arm/hand attires go over jackets when you go to create wrestlers
  8. CAW Logo Issue? (Mirroring)
  9. Bug/Glitch Thread
  10. Online pin delay
  11. Cops disappeared from Goldberg's entrance.
  12. WWE 2K17 Doesn't Move Past Menu Screen?
  13. Please patch the Audio Volumes
  14. A couple of issues I came across
  15. Hair Dye keeps appearing after erasing and can't be removed via deletion (Bug)
  16. Charlotte vs "Error Roster"-Universe Mode Glitch
  17. Custom Belt Invisible in Universe Mode Cutscenes?
  18. How to remove logos from turnbuckles in arena creation??
  19. Some previews in Create a Moveset are broken.
  20. Universe Mode Match Count Discussion (Bug?)
  21. Problem with dyeing hair (XBOX One)
  22. Caution PS4 Owners / Save Bug (sleep mode from main menu)
  23. Lana shoes bug report
  24. minir univwrse title glitch
  25. Is community creations search still not fixed?
  26. XB1 BUG -Titles Not Showing After Changing Entrances
  27. Attributes can only go down to 30 by default?
  28. MyCareer Hair Glitch
  29. Extremely frustrating CAW studio issue.
  30. Mycareer rivalry neverending
  31. Purple Hair Glitch?
  32. Iron Man match is broken
  33. Freeze after post match breakout
  34. Pretty Funny Universe Glitch
  35. Universe Mode Issue. (Women's Championship)???
  36. Got Error Code at the end of a match
  37. Lilian keeps messing up
  38. Invisible tables bug
  39. highlight reel pretty much useless and other glitches
  40. Xbox 1 missing sound during entrances
  41. Two 6 man tag glitches, locker room brawl glitch
  42. Universe: Wrestlemania Main Event Glitch: Rivalry vs. Royal Rumble Winner
  43. Controller rumbling not working???????
  44. Do we start a list of big issues that need addressing?
  45. Game Issues
  46. Huge problems in universe mode!!!!!!
  47. Major Bug: Every superstar with a custom attire has a very ugly gloss in the match
  48. HUGE glitch for online!!! (Entrances not correct for opponents)
  49. Pin System Bug Report (Video)
  50. WWE 2K17 Bug Database
  51. Have you sent in a ticket yet?
  52. Bug Database split
  53. No NXT Superstars (Jax,Crews,Nakamura) Code in the NXT Edition
  54. Community Creation search feature heavily bugged
  55. WWE 2k17 Deluxe Edition problems~~~
  56. Anyone else encountered this glitch in Universe? (Video)
  57. Two Bug/Glitch Threads From The regular WWE 2K17 (PS4/XBOX One) forum
  58. My list of every bug and glitch i personally noticed
  59. Tag Team Matches are slow, framedrops
  60. Stuck in Main Menu Since Tuesday
  61. Account Banned???!?!?!
  62. Wrestlers randomly added to matches in Universe
  63. Universe is a complete joke.
  64. No sound in Replay's
  65. Hardcore Champion announcing
  67. Falls count anywhere match in 2k17
  68. Glitches and hopeful fixes.
  69. Pin system is buggy online, and often the background crown noise will be absent.
  70. Known Bug List for Universe an FYI for Universe Mode Users (Already Submitted Report)
  71. Just lost EVERYTHING because of community creations
  72. Rivals in 'play' mode
  73. MyCareer rivalries ending before the pay off PPV
  74. How do u put Titles up?
  75. Crowd reaction is deactivated in matches with 3 managers
  76. Easy to become a Heel hard to become a Face?
  77. Bret Hart Elbow Pads With Custom Logo
  78. Help: Universe Tag Team Championship Match in PPV
  79. MyCareer No Match Glitch
  80. Scott Dawson default grab on the ropes is glitched
  81. Hell in a Cell glitch?
  82. Custom Logos
  83. HELP please! my wwe2k17 wont download the update
  84. Tag Match - Finisher bug (video)
  85. Universe Mode Glitch (Next Match option missing)
  86. WWE 2K17 NXT edition missing codes.
  87. No Ref Count in Cage Matches
  88. Odd glitch - Cannot move after taunting
  89. Alternate attires made using Goldberg'04 Template Cannot Be Used
  90. Weapon wheel "gone" in Extreme Rules matches. (Xbox One post-patch)
  91. I can only upload two arenas
  92. Giants in the crowd!
  93. Are we ever going to be able to play 2/3 Falls matches again?
  94. Match Outcomes in UM
  95. Goldberg Default Reaction "Boo"
  96. Create a Video
  97. Samoa Joe: Eternal NXT Champion Bug
  98. ummm...6 woman Hell In The Cell...no ref glitch...no counts??!!!!
  99. Custom tag team title glitch
  100. Royal Rumble music glitch
  101. Framerate drops in matches of 4 or more
  102. Achievement not working
  103. Title ranking edits do not work
  104. Charged Finisher /_\ into Chick Kick doesn't work
  105. Glitches I ve experienced
  106. Missing parts in Create A Superstar
  107. PSA: Momentum speed does the opposite of what you set it on
  108. Did the Digital Deluxe Edition pre order on PS4 include Goldberg ?
  109. Community Creations Not Responding
  110. Bray wyatt corner finisher
  111. Please add heels (shoes) back into the game
  112. Single leg Boston crab 2 glitch
  113. Create an Entrance-Advanced Music?
  114. Is there a way to get more entrance music?
  115. Demon Balor Attire Parts Missing in CAS
  117. People Stuck in Walls
  118. Is there any official statement about the problen or a patch ??
  119. Logo Uploder problem this morning. (73/10 LOGO SLOTS USED)
  120. Data Erased! No Custom Logos Involved.
  121. caw creation additions
  122. MyCareer no cutscenes/stories
  123. Wwe 2k17 servers
  124. Why is every dean ambrose match in universe falls count anywhere?
  125. Creation mode logo issues around shoulder and on arms. Not an issue last year.
  126. My Career WrestleMania black screen
  127. Please make the Ref get down on the mat faster
  128. Kane's Masks Issue
  129. Booker T + Sting 99 do not come out with Titles
  130. So "next match" and "exit" are the exact same function after a match?
  131. Logo and lettering quality is atrocious again
  132. Am I The Only One The Game Is Screwing Up Championships For?
  133. MyCareer Unable to cash in Money in the Bank
  134. Trish Stratus does not use her signature moves ot Chick Kick
  135. Input Lag when playing online
  136. Gender locked
  137. Will 2k please fix the kick out glitch, im tired of having matches given away
  138. Account banned from online
  139. Announcing issues
  140. I love the Universe multi saves feature but...
  141. um...I can't default attributes?????
  142. Entrance music glitch?
  143. Major Reversals buff and debuff showing up wrong
  144. Pin Combo for Bray Wyatt corner Sister Abigail not working
  145. AI Stops Moving in Mult-Man Matches When I'm Downed.
  146. Why aren't my creations appearing when I try to upload them?
  147. error ce-34878-0
  148. Can't Upload Any Creations...
  149. Another excellent job
  150. ANd the NEW world heavyweight champion...when he went into the match already champ?!
  151. Would really like to know why body morphing was removed from the Creation Suite.
  152. Universe Mode Bug. New one? I haven't read about a bug like this in other threads.
  153. Bug: Entrance props on Alternate Attires
  154. Community Creations Error
  155. Finisher Charge Reversal Rate Issue
  156. Typo of City in New Jersey
  157. Superstars unavailable for rivalries in Universe.
  158. Cannot perform corner signature if you have a finisher stored!
  159. Omg moonsault doesn't work.........
  160. Damage and Kickouts
  161. Online pin glitch is game wrecking. (PS4)
  162. Champions Not Coming Out With There Title Belts?
  163. Submission System Issue
  164. Unable to use empty slots in Uploads on Community Creations
  165. Ironman match time limit glitch
  166. No crowd pops in WM 31 day arena.
  167. Bayley is completely broken in Universe
  168. Refund please
  169. CE-34878-0 Error
  170. What is up with Asuka?
  171. More stipulations in rivalries.
  172. Momentum setting locked to Fast in Universe mode.
  173. Achievements not Popping
  174. Universe mode crashes every match
  175. Minor Issue (Winnipeg, Ontario?)
  176. Becky Lynch wears belt around her coat
  177. Commentary Calls wrong person the Champion
  178. Matches change in Universe Mode
  179. Earthquakes 'Earthquake Splash' DOESN'T WORK!!
  180. Is there a way to start Universe mode with all titles Vacant?
  181. Most of the new move Have no crowd reaction
  182. Ticket Time
  183. Game freeze when editing Tag Entrance from Universe.
  184. Alt Attires Not Showing Up In Universe After Being Set
  185. Community Creations Search
  186. Editing Part
  187. My Save File Deleted?
  188. WWE 2k17 error
  189. WWE 2k17 bugs
  190. WWE 2k17 bugs
  191. Most Buggy Wrestling Game Ever Created
  192. WWE 2k17 glitch
  193. WWE 2k17 hurricarrana 2
  194. Downloading Community Creations just hangs...
  195. Every Superstar with a second attire still has a shiny glossy skin. NOT fixed 1.02
  196. Female CAWs after patch.
  197. New glitch!
  198. Post patch bugged moves
  199. Unable to Install NXT Edition DLC XBox One
  200. Logos Glitch
  201. Alternate Attire Glitch For WWE Universe Is Patched
  202. Vibration problems ?
  203. Universe Mode: Championships change hands in DQs, and Countouts (on rivalries)
  204. HELP!!!! Still can not dowload certain wrestlers after Patch on XBOX ONE
  205. Community Creations Upload Slots,Career Mode Rankings & Facepaint This Has To Be Done
  206. Loading Times Post Patch 1.02 Way To Slow!
  207. Major backstage glitch
  208. DDP Entrance
  209. wwe 2k17 springboard reverse ddt and hurricarrana bug
  210. Download's are still failing.
  211. Online match desync
  212. Universe: The male wrestler with women's title glitch from last year... its back!!!
  213. Think the patch broke My Career RR winner's title shot...
  214. No Custom Champion/Championships in Universe Mode?
  215. Feet stuck in ropes in post-match breakout (XBOX One)
  216. wwe 2k17 handspring enziguri with glitch
  217. Dlc not available?
  218. WWE 2K17 version 1.02 patch: "Cannot download"
  219. Face Photo problem (404 Error on website)
  220. Randy Savage glitch.
  221. No sound when turnbuckle pad removed
  222. Comunity Creations Logo Issues.
  223. minor glitch (winning title by countout)
  224. Face morphing changed after patch
  225. Iron Man match is a 2 out of 3 falls match? GLITCH
  226. Question
  227. Universe mode fixes
  228. More problems in my carrer mode.
  229. failed challenge for red health on arms when getting to dark red
  231. My Career still bugged?
  232. Match options incorrect in Universe
  233. Iron Man matches are now 2 out of 3 falls matches? Universe Mode Glitch
  234. Universe Mode Wyatt Family Managers Glitch
  235. Weird issue
  236. Blue screen error message
  237. download search?
  238. Logo Data Deleted Post Patch.
  239. Tag Team Entrances [Slapped into Teleportation]
  240. Rumble winner and Undertaker rivalries
  241. Edge-o-matic without impact sound
  242. Career black screen glitch
  243. titles and title entrances
  244. T-Shirt Sells Stay at $0
  245. Just noticed something
  246. Superstars com do not use th comeback
  247. moves apron under bottom rope does not appear the reverse
  248. handspring enziguri not appear on the list springboards ring run
  249. It does not appear the reverse kick reversal moves
  250. Game Session No Longer Available