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  1. Have you sent in a ticket yet?
  2. Lost My Career player
  3. controller not working on Pc version
  4. Out of sync error/Region lock
  5. I canīt open the game
  6. I have a huge ping in mypark
  7. Error Code: 6f8ce31b
  8. Error load error 3:0000065432 for pc version/steam
  9. Can't Join Friends in Pro-Am; Even When We're On the Same Team
  10. Skill boost error
  11. Nintendo Switch Glitch - MyCareer cutscene slowdown/Audio sync
  12. Server Status Check Thread
  13. High/ultra settings problem
  14. NBA 2K18 v1.02 Bug Database
  15. how to play friends online nba 2k18 nintendo switch
  16. My closet my court shoot around is broken
  17. Nba 2k18 bug or error
  18. Fantasy Draft - Exclude Duplicates Broken
  19. Missing Legend edition items after restarting career
  20. Cannot find an opponent to play against on MyTeam and Play Now Online
  21. [PC]_[PLAYGROUND]_stuck on playground
  22. Is there a number we can call or a employee we can speak to?
  23. Didn't get VC after paying for it
  24. Can't Play With Friends.
  25. Not zgetting VC for PlayNow Online Games.
  26. Can't get past player registration screen
  27. Height bug or glitch??? (ps4)
  28. Freeze at the activity ending (HELP)
  29. 2k18 banned my PSN for being inappropriate.
  30. How should I report a duplicate prospect glitch in MyLeague?
  31. 2K18 Bryan Message Freeze (MyCareer)
  32. Error Code: 56d85bb8
  33. Unbearable fan noise when playing nba 2k
  34. VC money dissapear bug in my career .
  35. [PS3] Some BUG in 29 games season in season mode
  36. Myplayer bugs... help please
  37. [Switch] MyPLayer Account expired, no verif email, no Switch login on 2k site
  38. My 2K18 app login issues
  39. 3 problems (PC)
  40. Crashing issue
  41. Deleting a Shirt Design from voting slot.
  42. Stuck on VC Purchasing Loafing Screen
  43. Can t download game updates pc??
  44. Lost badge progress and game progress
  45. Error code 0cfbfd49
  46. MyTEAM Player Dissapeared
  47. "A problem has benn encountered that prevents gameplay from continuing" problme (PC)
  48. They are quick to take my money but not give me my vc so i just bought 75k more vc
  49. error efeab30c or 4b538e50
  50. Low FPS on xbox one
  51. Crashes back to Home Screen on Xbox One
  52. 2k18 my career stuck on pre game show screen
  53. How to fix Ps4
  54. Lagging on my park online
  55. Play Now Online (more losses than I should)
  56. PS4 stuttering in online games
  57. Agent's office in mycareer always closed
  58. Pre-order problems.
  59. NBA2K18 east pacific country latency issue
  60. ps4) Korea serious network problems
  61. Missing items in closet & some others unable to equip
  62. Game keeps freezing + no audio
  63. Xbox One Audio Issues
  64. how to play online xbox one
  65. XB1 Digital Version Keeps dashboarding after update
  66. PS3 / PS4 controlls are unassigned
  67. Can't create new MyPlayer
  68. Cannot upload to xbox live
  69. Missing preorder bonus
  70. Horrible frame lags in Playground
  71. My career 30% loading error
  72. MyCareer Crash after Rising Stars Game (PS4)
  73. Still have my player but story reset?
  74. Game crashes right as the playoff game is starting
  75. Why send in tickets?
  76. Screen Artifacts when playing 2k18
  77. Fix the shooting please
  78. NBA 2k18 Switch Connectivity Issues
  79. NBA2K18 User Data and Settings Data Corrupted on Switch
  80. My gm gets stuck every time. V1.02
  81. MyGM Team Uniform issue when using simcast live (Xbox One)
  82. [PC] MyCAREER store problems
  83. Poked 2k and it gets nowhere
  84. Shedule Mode Bug / cannot start mavs Challenges 14
  85. Can't join Pro Am Arena as team of 5
  86. [PC] historic domination duplicate jersey problem
  87. Can not remove arm sleeve accessory in MYPlayer/ Neighborhood
  88. Auto playcalling in mycareer
  89. Weekly My Team Packs missing?
  90. VC not being added from Play Now Online Games (PS4)
  91. Play Now with Friend Sync Error XB1
  92. Play Now Online Bug (Hall of Fame to Greatest of all time)
  93. Nba 2k18 pc - xbox one gamepad issues
  94. a BIG problem with my SKIN TONE
  95. (PS3) Problems on" the association" mode for PS3
  96. Settings not being saved
  97. Gatorade - WIN 5 park games Bug
  98. Game-breaking frame dropping in Neighborhood playground games (PS4)
  99. Free 5000 VC Code not working - hardcopy version
  100. Accidentally deleted my MyPlayer any way to recover?
  101. My career ps4: game speed messed up completely (level 89)
  102. Not Getting Paid After Games
  103. Continually freezing in friend's neighborhood
  104. Stuck/glitched? In a loop of game crashing.
  105. My submitted shirt disappeared
  106. Black screen then crashing
  107. Play messages/ secondary postion
  108. Reset MyCareer
  109. Shoe Edit Problem
  110. 56d85bb8 error code
  111. MyGM Loading Bug after relocation
  112. Error code db18fc2c
  113. Mycareer-boosts
  114. PS4 2K server help
  115. Possible ProAm timeout glitch
  116. Choppy play pro am
  117. Accidentally changed the language. Can't change it back...
  118. Black Screen and loading after an MT game
  119. Game Clips Game DVR Xbox ONE
  120. So, how long for a support ticket to get a response?
  121. Scores and stats being doubled
  122. Agent Text Glitch
  123. MyCareer Team Practice Camera
  124. MY Career for PS4 Problem
  125. BUG ...Game closed and force come back on Windows desktop
  126. Xbox one MyGm issue
  127. gamecrash when i start my career
  128. Can't use my created roster
  129. Legend gold edition refund
  130. My Career - skill bonuses deplete when doing street dunk?
  131. ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺ laggggggggggg
  132. Plaw now online and Mypark capped at 60fps on PC?
  133. MyCareer: Limited Offline Mode
  134. Perfection trophy not popping?
  135. MyCareer Offline Issue. Stuck in the first round of the playoffs.
  136. MyTeam Super Max not counting wins
  137. Negative Badges
  138. Invisible Custom Shoes/Crashing Closet issues
  139. After the first ticket response.
  140. Not receiving any endorsement money after latest update
  141. Fouling Out Super Max/Pack
  142. NBA 2K18 v1.04 Bug Database
  143. Game Froze, all players disapeered leaving just the ball while playing undocked switc
  144. Fouled Out but Still Playing
  145. Getting kicked out of game halfway through
  146. Pro AM shoes
  147. I can’t get hot OR cold spots huh?
  148. MyCareer: Post-game VC not added correctly
  149. Tattoo bug
  150. Equiping Kiosk bought shirts sends the game to error screen
  151. NBA 2K18 (PC) - I Can't Download Any Team Designs
  152. Can't play any games in Playground (PS4)
  153. MyCareer Freeze at the end of the three point contest
  154. Error problem
  155. Excellent! Team practice facility is broken
  156. Problem with my Controller
  157. 2k i just want my skateboard and custom shoes.
  158. Xbox1/MYLeague/Controller disconnecting
  159. Unable to Complete MyPlayer Creation
  160. Error code ef738b48
  161. Game crashes when I put on new shirts from t-shirt kiosk, and can't wear none of my s
  162. App wont sign in to Xbox
  163. Error in multiplayer mode
  164. TIME-OUT on the time outs!!!!
  165. Shoe Contracts Glitched
  166. I cant buy animations.
  167. Shoe deal glitch...another
  168. Pro-Am instantly kicking out
  169. Turbo/shooting problem
  170. Signature Shoe glitch
  171. GAME CRASHING - My Career (NBA matches)- PS4
  172. Pick and Roll overlay gone
  173. My Career file disappeared (Steam)
  174. Game crashes to desktop after update
  175. NBA Rookies Real-Time Stats in MyLeague: Start Today
  176. MyTeam
  177. Controller doesn`t work
  178. Cant upgrade player or buy anything on 2k career (support ticket already submitted)
  179. xbox one free throw glitch
  180. SHooting is broken
  181. Cant find my created jumper
  182. iOS - Player Options/Extensions
  183. Change shoes and accessories in my league
  184. NBA 2k18 pro am
  185. Why can't we upload game clips to Xbox Live then share anymore?
  186. My Career: NO VC earned after playing NBA matches
  187. Vc not given
  188. Mycareer kiosk shirts
  189. Stuck at 'Downloading game data'
  190. Inappropriate MyTeam franchise name error
  191. Myplayer File Corrupted
  192. Is there a way to improve/eliminate lag in on line games?
  193. Shot blocking collision errors
  194. Badges error
  195. Game crashing during shoe deal creation.
  196. Auto Loss for myteam games that go to overtime
  197. i need help to verify myplayer on line
  198. 91 OVR can't take shirt off after patch 7
  199. <My career> Loading stuck at 30%
  200. Badges gone to ZERO progression with NEGATIVE advance!!
  201. MyTeam: Won Kobe Bryant 81 point challenge but did not receive reward.
  202. Putback dunks
  203. ps4 shooting in general
  204. Keep getting "don't meet requirements for MyPlayer account" with proper account!
  205. XBOX one Issues NBA 2k games not working
  206. MyTeam Start game crashes.
  207. Uninstall game from one console and re-install using same download code?
  208. Cannot get online to access MyPlayer account due to age restriction
  209. NBA 2K18 (Switch Version) Uniform Bug
  210. PS4 Neighborhood ghost town glitch
  211. Game crashed and deleted my myCareer character.(Steam platform)
  212. NBA 2K18 Historic Dom. collection rewards glitch
  213. Ongoing dunk contest bug - AI never takes their turn in round 2