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  1. Social Policies and you
  2. The first strategy post
  3. Early ideas for Egypt
  4. Puppets aren't Free
  5. Optimal city spacing
  6. Tactical Tidbits
  7. "Range" of ranged units?
  8. Pact of Secracy
  9. Songhai is underrated
  10. Too many workers
  11. china thread
  12. You'll pay for this in time.
  13. Why is a Nation "Hostile"?
  14. Works on Auto change farms into trading posts and cities starving
  15. Tricks that are wonderful, but slightly overpowered.
  16. Low diplomacy units...
  17. Earth??
  18. Can you raze/starve "capitol" cities?
  19. Expanding Borders
  20. My Cradle of Civilization (The Americas) Scenario Pack Giveaway
  21. Longswordmen vs. modern tank (bonuses)
  22. England "Sea Only" Strategy Problems
  23. Anyone managed cultural victory yet?
  24. Specialists
  25. I miss towns
  26. Problem with Embarking
  27. What to do with City-States
  28. Achievments
  29. So....economy
  30. Best Civilizations?
  31. Why Open Borders?
  32. Spam, Spam, Deer, and Spam
  33. Pacts... where do I find what they are?
  34. India 3 city
  35. Is buying tiles worth it?
  36. I am having no Iron showing up
  37. Diplomacy Issues.
  38. Online.
  39. How fast do you expand?
  40. Population and unhappiness
  41. Improving tiles tips?
  42. Border expansion
  43. how often have you gotten a cultural or tech victory?
  44. Upkeep for units
  45. list of specialist buildings?
  46. Why Civ V should add offline 2 player lan support
  47. One-tile Islands...
  48. cultural victory?
  49. Which Civ special ability do you like the best?
  50. Social Policy Standing & Citizen Allocation Focus?
  51. Any benefits to expansion?
  52. Anyone else noticed that letting the game manage your specialists is a bad idea?
  53. Anyone else feel that eras are too fast?
  54. Settling cities in a hexagon with resource.
  55. Enemy turn rather fast and obscure
  56. Food converted to Production?
  57. Cultural Victory--Tips and Lessens Learned
  58. Road/Railroad Movement Costs on Different Terrains
  59. number of turns per game always the same?
  60. Is this a bug or am I missing something?
  61. Retarded Razing Citys, bcuz of game mechanics..
  62. civ leader messages
  63. Must start a game to see Civlopedia?
  64. "Food" Buildings
  65. 2050 bc i am in medieval age?
  66. Hom Many Tiles Can a City Work?
  67. Are there Colonies?
  68. Perfect press opinion vs idiot AI
  69. Gold and Unhappiness on Huge Map, Marathon games.
  70. AI Puppet Cities = unfair advantage?
  71. how to build a road to a city-state?
  72. population unhappiness
  73. About the World Age
  74. Advantages and disadvantages of conquering/puppeting?
  75. Am i missing something?
  76. Blossoming Turtle War Strategy
  77. Japan - Scout Attack
  78. The Power Civ's?
  79. Advice for Tile Improvements?
  80. A Trade route is broken
  81. Should you specialize cities?
  82. Automate Workers need more settings
  83. is republic politic working
  84. AI won't stop attacking me, help?
  85. Prince, Marathon - Possible exploit or just too easy
  86. City-States and Razeing
  87. AI suicide embarkment
  88. Worker construction rate policy
  89. Great Person buildings?
  90. City state as troop training ground
  91. Why is the generate wealth option so bad?
  92. Cultured v. Maritime v. Militaristic. Which is best?
  93. Acquiring resources out of territory
  94. civ 5 difficulty
  95. I cant beat this game any other way then War...
  96. American Minutemen?
  97. How to make a City-state my ally?
  98. AI using Air
  99. Is there one screen where I can see all my cities
  100. City Specialization - Happiness
  101. Peace Treaty Expired bug
  102. Miles and miles of Trading Posts
  103. How many luxury resources?
  104. Catapult Question
  105. Grand Strategy a bust against a brain-dead A.I.
  106. Iroquese - forest does not count as road to complete a trading route
  107. Alexander Culture loss bug
  108. Can't Find A Balance
  109. Resource Question?
  110. Questions from a first timer
  111. One time in Warsaw... the story of an epic fail!
  112. Stagnation - how do I fight it ?
  113. Great Generals
  114. How can I "Break my word" when I declare war on a civ.
  115. first time playin civ
  116. List of Passives?
  117. Aztec Cultural Victory
  118. i don't want to be a warmonger
  119. production
  120. Scout Farm
  121. Workers/Slaves
  122. Need help with aggressive/militaristic civs...
  123. Some things doesn't make sense
  124. So what is your sweet spot?(aka # of cities)
  125. Is the AI dumb or sadistic?
  126. Are Wonders Worth It?
  127. Settling next to barbarians
  128. Which map
  129. Only build trading posts?
  130. Where does the AI get all their happiness from?
  131. Why does the AI spam cities 3 tiles apart?
  132. purchase city production
  133. Furor Teutonicus? Wow!
  134. A (hopefully) simple question
  135. What do you gain from freeing worker/settlers, and giving em' back?
  136. Has anyone won a non-domination game 4 or above?
  137. How many turns does a science agreement take to produce science discovery?
  138. Improvements! (That's what she said!)
  139. Are the ancient ruin bonuses round-randomized?
  140. We need more control over computer civ teammate!
  141. Great General / unit xp who*ing?
  142. Scouts turning into archers
  143. XP earned via combat : not dependant on damage dealt, fail
  144. Aztec Culture Win
  145. Research Agreements
  146. Setup Start Locations
  147. Gifting Units?
  148. Discussion of "Overall Strategy"
  149. Can't attack Unit in tile right next to my Unit
  150. What does the "Pact of Secrecy" do?
  151. How does the AI get 15 food per tile?
  152. Get AI to help at war how?
  153. Allying with the AI
  154. My Game Pwning Civilization 5 Strategy
  155. Hidden gold costs?
  156. Railroads
  157. combining units?
  158. Need advice on city size
  159. When do you throw in the towel?
  160. Movement through marshes
  161. Funny thing to do with capitals.
  162. Whats up with land based trade routes?
  163. Early Cashflow
  164. How do you win with a small country?
  165. Maps
  166. Immortal growing pains...
  167. Resources... rly?
  168. question from a total newb
  169. Lets talk about Factions
  170. Great General Movment
  171. -The Ever Adaptable Strategy Archive-
  172. Policy says +2 sci only get +1
  173. Delete
  174. Egypt is too easy
  175. Game too SLOW and easy?
  176. Were can I see what luxuries I have?
  177. Were is the manual placed?
  178. Promotion Exploit
  179. disbanding city
  180. Ruins unit upgrade record?
  181. An Indomitable Will
  182. Difficulty level advancement, non liniair?
  183. What is the damaged unit penalty?
  184. is this a good Strategy
  185. Fastest Wonders Strategy - Great Engineers?
  186. Make the tedium go away!
  187. The Early attack strategy
  188. Samurai Rush
  189. Is there any counter for Nuclear Weapons?
  190. Ships won't heal
  191. Most FUN Civilizations?
  192. Finding combat units
  193. Returning a conquered Civ's capital
  194. Befriending Civ's
  195. Best way to grow up a city?
  196. Puppet States and Culture?
  197. Warriors: Badass
  198. New Forests?
  199. When to convert to Specialists?
  200. Strategic usage of the Great Library (early game era jumping)
  201. Peace Treaties
  202. Imbalance: Unique Unit Traits After Promotion
  203. When to develop Tiles?
  204. Deity culture victory by razing everything cheese
  205. Whats the AI of workers like?
  206. Buy with gold?
  207. Crossing the ocean
  208. Forrests...Clear them or lumber mill?
  209. Occupational Unhappiness and You
  210. Tips for the science victory?
  211. Promotion paths / How do you do promotions?
  212. What's the calc. for a great general emergence?
  213. Wonders in Puppet Cities?
  214. What happened to the VERY COOL music of Civ 4?
  215. Civ V Handbook for Despots & Dictators
  216. Do Great Generals bonus stack?
  217. Roads on luxury resources useful?
  218. Defense against guided missiles
  219. Rivers - Am I missing something?
  220. AI and science victory
  221. Protecting Jungles
  222. play now setup
  223. Domination Victories too easy?
  224. My thing about winning without domination...
  225. Can I purchase a Court House ?
  226. damaged units attack power calculation?
  227. Compendium of City planning and Tile Improvement choices
  228. Winning by Diplomacy or Culture questions...
  229. City States
  230. Traditional Policy City Planning
  231. Spamming
  232. Stack a Settler onto a Military Unit
  233. Naval Battle system seriously broken
  234. Diplomacy relations?
  235. One unit per tile ... epic game concepticide.
  236. Do I have to produce certin buildings for the Science Victory?
  237. City Location + Resources
  238. The Great Law of Peace
  239. How to use specialists effectively?
  240. Do you use farms?
  241. Land Stolen?
  242. Ultimate Frontier
  243. Need Cultural Victory tips
  244. AI suck ass
  245. Strapped for Cash...
  246. great person query
  247. Counter Artillery
  248. General Strategies of Warfare
  249. Question regarding production.
  250. Roads : Upkeep vs Trade Income