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BioShock 2: Rebirth

[Prequel to BioShock 3 fanfic]

(Click on the chapter to view)
Chapter 1:Rebirth (this post)
Chapter 2:The Drop (http://forums.2kgames.com/forums/showpost.php?p=843243&postcount=15)
Chapter 3:Wanted (http://forums.2kgames.com/forums/showpost.php?p=845903&postcount=25)

Bonus: Character Bios (http://forums.2kgames.com/forums/showpost.php?p=843475&postcount=17)

====Chapter 1===
Rebirth (Part 1 of 3)

It picks up right off of BioShock 2 (good ending,saved all little sisters,spared all NPC's from BioShock 1 & 2) to were the Delta Doll was dropped into the ocean. The doll floats down to Rapture. On it's way back to Rapture, the doll gets tangled in some seaweed and sits there for a while...

5 Years Later... (1973)

A Shark passes through the seaweed and knocks the doll on it's fin. The shark heads toward Rapture. While the shark swims through Rapture, the doll gets loose of the shark's fin and falls into a pipe. The pipe leads back into the walls of Rapture. The doll flows through the pipes, until it leads into Fort Frolic...

A splicer searching through random stuff, notices the doll, picks it up and looks at it,

Splicer: "What's this junk? (grunts) Just more trash in this dump!"

then throws the doll over a balcony.
The doll lands right next to a vita-chamber.

On impact, the head of the doll breaks off. A red liquid trickles out of the doll and flows into a crack on the vita-chamber...(A comic will be drawn for this part.)

====Chapter 1===
Rebirth (Part 2 of 3)

Delta, stumbles out of the vita-chamber

Sander: "Ah... Welcome back... I thought you left this place a while ago..."

Delta stands in silence. Looks around in wonder.

Sander: "I noticed that you didn't look at my pieces of art while in Dionysus Park."

Delta starts to walk around to inspect the new area he is in.

Sander: "Don't ignore me you little man of tin!"

Splicer screams and laughter can be heard in the background. Delta walks towards the "Epstein the Swami" machine and activates it.

Epstein the Swami: "So, you think you're getting out of here?"

Delta quickly smashes the machine in anger.

Sander: "Destroying my property!? I'LL DESTROY YOU!"

Cohen's Scherzo plays loudly in the background, hissing is heard in the background as well. Three splicers appear with even worse mutations than from 5 years ago.

Splicer One:"Let's rip this ol'rusted bucket into bits!"

Splicer Two:"Harvest his ADAM!!!"

Splicer One lunges himself towards Delta with his mouth wide open.
Delta quickly uses his drill to whack Splicer One to the side.

Splicer Two:"GIVE US THE ADAM!"

Splicer Two Rapidly Crawls towards Delta.
Delta raises up his foot and stomps on Splicer Two.
Delta turns to look at Splicer Three, and the splicer crawls away, hissing.

Sander:"COWARD! I'm ever so sorry Delta, for my little, outburst."

Sander:"Please come in and enjoy the show!"

Delta walks towards the entrance to the Fleet Hall Theater. Blue glowing eyes looks at Delta through a little sister vent. Curiously, Delta looks straight back at the eyes as they disappear in the darkness of the vent.

Sander:"Take a seat where ever you may please."

Delta stands watching as the lighting in the theater becomes a pinkish tint and creatures start to fly across the room.

Sander:"Those damn pest keep interrupting my performances!"

Fireballs are quickly thrown at the creatures flying in the air.

Sander:"Once again, I apologize."

Red smoke fills the floor of the theater.

Sander:"Ladies and Gentleman, with out further a-do, I give you, Maria!"

A girl is tied to a chair and unconscious. Then the spotlight lands on Delta.

Sander:"And look, here's Subject Delta to join us in our little show!"


Sander:"Oh, no! Maria seems to be doomed! HAHAHAHAHA!

Spider splicers from all directions creep towards Maria. Delta runs to the center of the stage to protect her.

Sander:"That a boy, Delta! Let's begin!"

???:"Let her go!"

Sander:"Not you again! Scram you doubter!!!"

???:"Not with out her and you know it!"

While they yell in the darkness, spider splicers start attacking Delta. Delta starts to fight them from getting to Maria. All of a sudden, lightning shoots from out of the darkness, strike splicers one by one.

Sander:"Don't make me come down there!"

???:"C'mon Cohen, I just wanna play!"

Fire and lightning fly in the darkness. Delta unties and picks up Maria, then runs out of the theater with her over his shoulder.

???:"Looks like I gotta go! See you later songbird!"


Delta runs frantically around Fort Forlic.

???:"Hey, drop her off near the nearest vent. Thanks."

Delta does as the voice says. Maria wakes up, sees Delta, and quickly jumps into the vent in fear.

???:"I owe you one Delta!"

Delta goes to the bathysphere station. Delta looks at the water. Then jumps in. Once again, Delta walks through the cold waters of Rapture. In the distance, Delta can see a lit up dome shape. No where else to go, Delta heads to the dome...

====Chapter 1===
Rebirth (Part 3 of 3)

On his way to the Dome shape in the distance. A strong water current pushes Delta off of his path, and Delta tumbles down a hill. Delta stands up to find himself infront of a airlock. A sign above the airlock reads, "Atlantic Express Control Room". Delta enters the airlock.

Upon entering the control room, Delta finds an audio diary and plays it.

-=Julianne Corona=-
"Little Sisters are all gone. I ain't seen one since hell knows when. Big Daddies still wandering around, keeping busy. I see a leak spring in a window, then one of the big oafs wanders on by and seals it up. Like clockwork! It weren't for them, Rapture would'a been completely flooded for years, I figure. Big, dumb animals! Why can't you just let it end?"

Delta explores the control room, finding a rivet gun and a gene tonic. Delta then sees a map and walks up to it. The map contains locations of all of the train stops in Rapture. A sudden *Ding* noiseis heard on Deltas helmet. Delta turns around to see what caused the noise. An unspliced woman with a wrench in her hand, drops to the floor crying.

Julianne:"Please don't kill me! I'll give you what ever you want!"

Delta just turns around to further inspect the map.

Julianne:"Oh, it's you. You've been gone for about 5 years. Why did'ya come back?"

Delta walks to the airlock, then Julianne jumps infront of him.

Julianne:"Wait! Take this. It'll help you get around the city easier."

Delta takes a genetic key from her.

Julianne:"I found it going through one of Ryan's offices, poor guy.
Also, go head over to that door and it'll take ya to the trains."

Delta hops onto the train and heads to the next destination...

L33t B0uncer/R0sie
05-28-2010, 08:50 AM
Alright! More FanFic's!!! Mmm...What Happened to Bioshockingly?

05-28-2010, 10:06 AM
Im pretty sure I know what happens next ;)

05-28-2010, 10:09 AM
Im pretty sure I know what happens next ;)

I had a fanfic idea but I think I'm gonna hold off til' this fanfic frenzy (yay alliteration! :D) dies down just a tad :p

Chronic Alchemy
05-28-2010, 12:58 PM
Alright! More FanFic's!!! Mmm...What Happened to Bioshockingly?

I had to drop out on the project. :( I just didn't have enough time to do it the way I wanted to be done... (All BioShockingly was gunna be just spoofs. I do have a rough draft of a comic, I'll try to get it and finish it in my spare time.) but for the next two weeks I'm completely free and felt bad about stoping out on that so Im defintely gunna finish this through.

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05-28-2010, 01:02 PM
Hey! If I recall correctly,I haven't seen you,Chronic,around for a while...soo..allow me to welcome you back to forum for however long you're going to be back! :D

Chronic Alchemy
05-31-2010, 03:49 AM
Hey! If I recall correctly,I haven't seen you,Chronic,around for a while...soo..allow me to welcome you back to forum for however long you're going to be back! :D
Yes, I've been away for a while, and I'm glad to see some old members around here. I'll try to get more active around here again! :D

Part 2 of "Chapter 1:Rebirth" is up! Check my first post!

Adam Addict L
05-31-2010, 07:38 AM
awesome :D ...I wish you would so more comics,though :o

Chronic Alchemy
05-31-2010, 12:49 PM
awesome :D ...I wish you would so more comics,though :o

I would put more comics up... I'm just not in the mood to draw right now... :p Part 3 will be up tommorow. So keep checking in for the twist and turns in Rapture through my brain! :p

Chronic Alchemy
06-01-2010, 03:00 AM
Sorry for double post... :p part three is up. :D

06-01-2010, 03:07 AM
what? where? huh?
EDIT: never mind.

Chronic Alchemy
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what? where? huh?
EDIT: never mind.

What are you confused on?

06-01-2010, 06:17 AM
not any more. hows ch#2 coming along?

Chronic Alchemy
06-01-2010, 06:26 AM
not any more. hows ch#2 coming along?

It's coming along. Part 1 of 2 will be up tommorow.
I've actually had this all set in breif scribble scratch in docuements on my computer. I'm just going back to proof read, edit, add stuff, delete stuff...
Like for example, I never thought of adding Julianne to the story, but when I found out she was removed from the BioShock 2 story, I felt kinda bad... :p but she'll have more of a role later on in the story such as "???". :)

Chronic Alchemy
06-02-2010, 01:49 AM
===Chapter 2===
The Drop (part 1 of 2)

(Over the radio) Julianne:"Pauper Drop? Why go to such a place?"

(over the radio) Grace:"Tin Daddy is that really you? He..(static)"

(Over the radio) Julianne:"No worries! I'll try to fix the radio connection soon enough."

On the way to Paupers Drop, the train has an abrupt stop at "ARTEMIS ZOO"

(over the radio) Julianne:"Something has gone wrong with power on the trains, I'll have it fixed asap! Go explore around in the mean time!"

Delta steps out to explore the zoo. Walking on the misted ground floor, Delta sees movement once in a while but doesn't quite take notice of it. Delta, looking around at all of the exibits, does take notice that they're all empty with blood splaters on the walls. Delta then enters an area titled "Reptile House".

Delta looks in the distance and sees a speargun. Walking towards the speargun, Delta is forcesively knocked to the floor. Trying to get back on his feet, something quickly wraps around Delta's foot and drags him around the floor. In a desperate attemp to stand up, Delta grabs the nearest object. Unknowningly, he grabed the speargun. Delta takes aim at the creature wraped around his foot and fires. The creature quickly lets out a harsh screech, then the creature fully wraps around Delta. The giant serpent is revealed and Delta can't get free from the serpent's grasp.

???:"I knew someday I would have to pay you back and now seems to be a good time to do that!"

??? quickly jumps on top of the serpents head and jams a wire through it's skull. The serpent lets go of it's grasp on Delta. ??? helps Delta from off the ground.

???:"I never properly introduced myself."
???:"The name's Billy. Billy Parson"

Billy shakes Delta's hand.

Billy:"It's been awhile since I've seen a Big Daddy like you. All of the other Alpha Series have died out, a just few still roam around Rapture."

Delta looks behind Billy and sees Maria.

Billy:"Yeap, it's just me and Maria. I've spliced a bit. It's something you gotta do to survive here, but I haven't gone insane like the others. Maria helps me control it."

Maria looks at Delta and begins to speak.

Maria:"I was once a little sister, but for some reason I no longer see Rapture like I use to. I've out grown some of the effects of being a little sister. I can still see bodies with ADAM left in them though."

Maria takes out a needle filled with ADAM from her pocket and gives it to Delta.

Maria:"Take this, I never thanked you for saving me. Electro-Bolt is Billy's favorite and we had some left over."

Billy:"Yeah, that plasmid rules! I've maxed it out on me. Remember the lightning from the theater? That was all me baby!"

Billy buffs up for a sec in a tough guy pose.

Maria:"Delta, please be careful. Rapture has evolved far to great for even Big Daddies to handle."

Billy:"It's been nice talking to ya Delta, but me and Maria need to go to Fontaine Futuristics. Stop by if you're in the neighborhood!"

Maria:"Bye Delta."

Both Billy and Maria leave through a vent.

Delta quickly runs to and hops back onto the train.

(over the radio) Julianne:"Good timeing Delta, everything is fixed. Off to Paupers Drop!"

===Chapter 2===
The Drop (Part 2 of 2)

Delta on the train, injects the plasmid into his arm. Soon after injecting himself. the plasmids take effect on Delta once again. Delta regains his posture, Delta sees that he has arrived at Paupers Drop.

(over the radio) Julianne:"Here you go Delta, Paupers Drop."

Delta steps off of the train. Then all of a sudden the train takes off.

(over the radio) Julianne:"The darn main frame seems to be on the frits again! I'll try to fix it, again! (cuts off into static)"

(over the radio) Grace:"Delta, (static) Delta, can you hear me? (static) head to my safehouse and please hurry!"

Delta is infront of the fish bowl diner when loud stomps can be heard. then three brute splicers jump infront of Delta.

Brute One:"Where do you think you're going?"

Brute Two:"To Grace, I presume."

Brute Three: (in a squeaky voice) "I say we let him go."

Brute Two smacks Brute Three in the back of his head.

Brute One:"Well, I say we crush him."

Brute Two:"Delta doesn't seem to be a problem at the moment."

Brute One:"Yeah, but Cohen said to get rid of him asap."

Brute Three:"Cohen didn't like my finger painting I gave him."

Then the three brutes argue enough to where Delta tippy toes away to continue on his way to see Grace.

[[[Mean while...]]]

*Billy and Maria are crawling through air vents.

Maria:"So who's this Gil guy you've been talking about?

Billy: "I'm not really sure, but from what I've been reading, he seems to know how to get that slug out of ya."

Maria:"Let's hope so because it's really starting to hurt."

Billy:"Can you make it the rest of the way?"*

Maria:"Yeah, I think so."

[[[back to Delta]]]

Delta arrives at Grace's safe house and knocks on the door.

Grace:"Is that you Delta? Thank the heavens."

Grace let's Delta in and locks the door behind him.

Grace:"Delta, be warned honey. Sander Cohen seems to have a lot of control of Rapture lately and he's cooking up something that just doesn't add up."

Then in the background, a Big Sister screech is heard.

Grace:"Masha! Delta, please find Masha and bring her back to me!"

Delta leaves the safehouse in search of Masha.

The Big Sister screech becomes louder and louder every minute. Then Delta sees rock debris. Then another screech is released and Delta hears it come from under the debris and starts to remove most of the rocks. Then Delta is knocked out and falls to the floor.

Brute Two:"Okay, wrap him up and grab the Big Sister as well."

Brute One:"I would of expected more of a fight from him, a good ol'knock to the noggin did the trick."

Brute Three:"That wasn't very nice."

Brute Three picks up Delta and Masha and follows the other two Brutes.

06-02-2010, 03:21 AM
Nice, what other unexplored areas of Rapture are you going to add?

Chronic Alchemy
06-02-2010, 03:47 AM
***Bonus Content***
Character Bios
(This will be updated as the story continues)

Billy Parson
(First appearance in Chapter 1:Rebirth)
Age: 15
The son of Harold and Gloria Parson. His survival through out Rapture's history is unknown. He is aided by Maria while he tries help Maria and to uncover what happened to his dad. Gloria Parson was killed by "The Rapture Family".[/COLOR]

(First appearance in Chapter 1:Rebirth)
Age: 17
Once a little sister, she was left behind from the events of BioShock and survived by staying in Tenenbaum's safehouse all those years until Billy finds her shortly after the events of BioShock 2. She also helps Billy control his spliceing. She suffers chronic pain from the slug inside of her.

Julianne Corona (First appearance in Chapter 1:Rebirth)
Age: 38
Not much is known about her. She is found hiding in the main control room of the Atlantic Express.

Masha Lutz (First appearance in Chapter 3:Wanted)
Age: 20
Masha was the daughter of Mariska and Samuel Lutz. Masha's Big Daddy was killed shortly before the events of BioShock and was then taken by Gil and turned over to Sofia Lamb. Masha followed Lamb and her orders because Masha knew that it was the only way she could survive. In the process, she became a Big Sister. After the events of BioShock 2, Masha survived and wandered around Rapture. Later on she found Grace Holloway and in time, became a friend to Grace.

06-02-2010, 03:59 AM
Well i meant like, a school or maybe Athena's Glory or some other places you'd expect a city to have.

Crazy Demon
06-02-2010, 04:28 AM
Yay! Someone else who uses the index system. Me glad.

Anyway, this is a pretty interesting story. I actually forgot that Delta, unlike Jack from the first game, it actually incapable of speaking since he is a Big Daddy! I like how you bring this "mute" characteristic out by describing his actions out simply and plainly. It makes me feel like I'm in the game with all these little fleshlings scurrying around and telling me random things :)

Chronic Alchemy
06-02-2010, 11:57 AM
Yay! Someone else who uses the index system. Me glad.

Anyway, this is a pretty interesting story. I actually forgot that Delta, unlike Jack from the first game, it actually incapable of speaking since he is a Big Daddy! I like how you bring this "mute" characteristic out by describing his actions out simply and plainly. It makes me feel like I'm in the game with all these little fleshlings scurrying around and telling me random things :)

Demon, I was hopeing to give reader that first person view of Delta like in the game. Yeah, I've also found it chaotic on other threads going through post after post to find something so I put one up and will be using it a lot!

Blade, you'll just have to keep reading to find out!

Chronic Alchemy
06-03-2010, 01:03 AM
Chapter 2 Part 2 of 2 is up, check the first post. Gunna post Chapter 3 later on today or tommorow.

06-03-2010, 02:59 AM
Chapter 2 Part 2 of 2 is up, check the first post. Gunna post Chapter 3 later on today or tommorow.

i assume its Masha Lutz from Bioshock 1?

Chronic Alchemy
06-03-2010, 05:47 AM
i assume its Masha Lutz from Bioshock 1?

:D just pay attention and see!

06-03-2010, 05:49 AM
:D just pay attention and see!

thats a yes.:) Hows ch#3?

Chronic Alchemy
06-04-2010, 12:28 AM
===Chapter 3===
Wanted (Part 1 of 2)

Delta just waking up is straped to a chair along side Masha. Looking around, Delta notices that he's in Dionysus Park.

Sander:"Welcome back to Cohen's Collection and this time Delta you have all of the time of the world to be amazed by my art."

Brute Three:"Very nice work, Cohen."

Sander:"Big oaf, guard these two while I'm gone."

Brute Three:"Okay boss."

Brute Three watches Delta and Masha.
Masha wakes up also. Masha then becomes covered in a purple smoke. The smoke clears and she disappeared.

Brute Three:"Boss, boss! We got a problem!"

Masha reappears behind Brute Three and smashes a rock on his head. Brute Three falls to the floor.

Masha:"Delta? Is that you?"

Masha quickly unties Delta.

Masha:"Wow, I haven't seen an Alpha Series in ages!"

Delta looks around. He grabs Masha's hand to pull her in the direction He's going to go in.

Masha:"Dont worry Delta, hold on."

Purple smoke covers Delta and Masha and they disappear. Brute One walks in and notices they're gone.

Brute One:"Boss ain't gunna like this."

[[[Mean While]]]

Billy climbs out of the vent.

Billy;"Here we are! Finally Fontaines Furturistics."

Maria:"What's that big tank for over there?"

Billy:"I don't know let's check it out."

Billy and Maria walk up to the tank.
Billy then knocks on the tank.

Gil:"Who's there? Oh two teenagers. I haven't seen normal life forms in years! How can I be of an assist to you two today?"

Billy:"Maria was once a Little Sister and the slug in her now is starting to hurt her. What can we do?"

Gil:"Here, take this and drink it, it should kill the slug in you."

Billy:"Will she still be able to harvest ADAM?"

Gil:"I'm afraid not unless you're able to replace that slug with another. Then the effects of a new slug might take it's toll on her."

Maria then falls on the floor in pain.

Billy:"Please just help her."

[[[back to Delta]]]

Masha and Delta teleported to another location. Delta stumbles around, since he is not use to being teleported.

Masha:"Delta, regain your stance. We must go now."

Delta standing in a hallway sees a door with "7" above it. Then all of a sudden, a ghost like figure walks through the door. Delta then quickly chases it. Opening the door with no one on the other side. Delta does see 2 corpses as if they were hugging before death came upon them.

Masha:"I see you have found my mother and father. They commited suicide for being no longer able to see me as a little sister. I only wish I was able to stop them back then."

Delta takes out the rose from the present back in Dionysus Park. Delta then throws the rose gently on the corpses.

Masha:"Thank you Delta."

Loud foot steps are heard outside the door.

Brute Two:"You two won't run from me."

Delta exits the room and a giant fist knocks Delta down the hallway.

Brute Two:"By the way, my name is Moe."

Moe picks up Delta and throughs him over the blacony and Delta lands on the bar. Moe then jumps down and grabs Delta by his helmet, pining Delta against the bar.

Moe:"The great Subject Delta can't even handle me? This will be over quick."

Right as soon as Moe raises his fist, a giant needle pops from out of his chest. Moe's eyes open very wide and he falls to the ground, revealing Masha standing behind him.

Masha:"C'mon Delta. There's no time to waste."


Billy:"So is she alright?"

Gil:"She should be fine if you did what I told you to do."


Gil:"It's only my debt to Rapture."

Billy picks up Maria heads to Fontianes Office. Billy and Maria arrive at the office. Billy puts Maria in a chair while he inspects the office. Then a purple smoke covers a part of the office. The smoke fades, Delta and Masha appear.

Billy:"Delta? Didn't expect to see you here."

Masha:"The girl in the chair."

Billy:"What about her?"

Masha:"She isn't going to make it for long."

Billy:"How do you know that?"

Masha:"Her body can no longer handle the slug. She will die soon."

Billy breaksdown crying.

Billy:"Maria? Why Maria? She doesn't deserve this."

Masha:"None of us did, but look, we can't change the past. Get up and let's go."

Billy:"And just leave her here?"


Billy stands up and in anger charges towards Masha. Delta then steps infront of Masha and stops Billy.

Billy:"You guys go if you want to, I'm not leaving!"

Masha:"Be that of what you wish."

Masha heads towards the door and Delta follows.

06-04-2010, 12:48 AM
couldn't Delta remove te slug using the Sister Plasmid that Tenenbaum invented?

Chronic Alchemy
06-04-2010, 01:30 AM
couldn't Delta remove te slug using the Sister Plasmid that Tenenbaum invented?

You just have to keep checking in to see what happens! :)

Bonus Content added, check first post.

Chronic Alchemy
06-08-2010, 11:52 AM
I'm sorry for those that have been following this. Just been busy. I'll have the next chapter up as soon as possible.

06-08-2010, 11:54 AM
ok then...

Chronic Alchemy
11-30-2010, 05:47 AM
The fanfic will continue! (Sorry for being absent for so long from this.) This post will be edited later on tonight continuing the story. Hopefully I can get my fans back or gain new ones. If you haven't been around check the my first post on the first page to catch up on the story. Thanks! :D

11-30-2010, 06:38 AM
I'd really try not to start sentences with characters' names so often. Delta did this. Delta did that. So and so did this. So and so did that. It just gets tiring to read. Also I believe saying something "rules" is more modern slang than is appropriate for the setting.

Chronic Alchemy
12-01-2010, 09:03 PM
Sorry but I can't make everyone happy. I'll try to be more descriptive with the actions of the characters...
And I have part 2 finished, but it won't be in here until I can get on a computer to put it up. :p hang in there guys...