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Thread: A sandbox game???

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    A sandbox game???

    Sorry for the length!

    Ok, well I loved the first two games, favorite game/movie/book ever, hands down.
    And when I heard Infinite will have no ties to rapture I was really sad. :'(

    I don't know about anyone else but for me Bioshock was the ocean, Rapture, little sisters, big daddies, and most recently, big sisters. I love these things about this game, and find very little flaws in both games.

    Now from playing other online games (World of Warcraft, Cod, Gears of War) I know that most companies just follow the money, even if it means making a less than perfect game, and in no way am I saying 2k and them do/will do that.

    I guess what I am saying is if you guys came out with a new bioshock, or an addition that let me "make" my own Rapture that would be insane. It would be welcome by just about everyone I think, and it would bring in a lot of revenue.

    I had a few ideas of how to accomplish this, first if you were to do this, maybe make it so we can change alot of things, but not the physical layout of alot of rapture, as that may get kind of complicated.
    Second, it would be pretty sick if I could get a sandbox bioshock where I could create my own Rapture in both its height and fall, as that would be sooooo cool.

    And what would really make my day if you guys were to do this is if you could add alot of detail to the pieces we create with. I hate it in Halo and such where you can make these cool maps, but they are seriously lacking in detail.

    Any constructive conversation would be great! Thanks!!

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    From what I understand, BioShock Infinite will have it's own Rapture.

    Rapture isn't about ocean. It's about a man who decided to create a society outside the current one. Rapture is Andrew Ryan's attempt to start an utopia within the waters.

    BioShock Infinite would be most likely about another individual, hiding his society not in the waters, but above our heads. This is Rapture, it's just not an oceanic one, but aerial.

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    I know... BUt the city was like a character itself to me! I would love to return if even for a moment!

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    I think one of the big differences between the two is the concept on which they have been founded,
    Columbia is founded on the pilliars of faith and is all about protecting religion and there nation, purity
    Rapture is founded on freedome and is about the self the free market and the great chain "no gods no king only man"

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