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Thread: Civilization V slow performance...

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    Civilization V slow performance...


    Whenever I play Civilization V, I get slow to below average performance speeds. I have the game's video settings set to its lowest.

    My specs:
    Intel T3400 (2.16GHz, 1M Cache, 2 cores)
    Mobile Intel® 4 Series Express (1.26GB)
    3GB RAM (PC2-5300)

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    I would certainly blame it to the integrated graphic card you are using; I am afraid if you are using an Intel GM45 it's even a miracle it manages to launch the game at all, since as far as I recall minimum graphic card requires is a 9800 (Nvidia) or a 4830 (ATI).

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    Agree with MAFIA, with one (minor) change.

    Nvidia is the 7900GS, and ATI is HD2600 XT.

    Your notebook, is not supported at all, as such, performance WILL be impacted, greatly.

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    Has anyone noticed performance degradation after the November/December patches?

    I run Civ 5, and have just added the expansion pack this week. My PC has plenty of strength, but the Civ 5 program runs 10x slower than it did back in September.

    My laptop has a quad core processor. 8 Gig of RAM. Nvidea graphics integrated to my T410 Lenovo laptop.

    In short, I am not sure what changed in the Steam version of Civ 5, but my performance now sucks.

    Anyone else having this issue?


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    Yep, I noticed it. Though I haven't played Civ for months and has just started playing again for 2 weeks. Its performance's just bugging me, it takes ages for the button to be switched "A unit needs an order" to "next turn". Even with "next turn", I have to click several times for the game to start switching!!!

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