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Thread: Press any Key on Keyboard at all - Game Crashes!

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    Question Press any Key on Keyboard at all - Game Crashes!

    OK so basically as above game plays fine up until the point where I have to swim forwards, then I basically can't go on. I can look around, but I really would like to be able to move too.

    Game: Retail

    Windows XP
    2gb OCZ PC4000
    7950 GX2
    Gigabyte GA-K8NF-9

    Tried installing the VS redist thing but installer wont work, just closes itsself without an error message.

    Any ideas?


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    Do you have the Xbox360 controller plugged into your machine? The game can auto detect this and sometimes assumes that is what you are wanting to use to control the game.

    Remove the controller, try the game again.

    If this has not fixed the problem, can you tell me the make and model of the keyboard you are using?

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    Unfortunately no game pad is plugged in sorry. Keyboard is a pretty standard DELL SK-8135

    I've installed on both hard drives but still same, no key can be pressed

    Thanks for any help on this

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    Try deleting the games configuration file :

    C:\Documents and Settings\<Windows Username>\Application Data\Bioshock\

    Delete the content of this folder.
    Then start the game again. Did this work?

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    Sorry I don't have this folder yet, but I havent configured anything yet either.

    The mouse works fine but any press on the keyboard will result in an immediate crash

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    I have just tested with another keyboard, and its the same effect so its not the keyboard model thats the problem. (this is Logitech)

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    So, anyone got a clue what this is, because I still can't do a thing! Why does pressing a key cause the game to crash?


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