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Thread: City State wont die in Civ 5

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    City State wont die in Civ 5

    I hope my question doesn't offend or anger anyone. I attacked the first city state and defeated them. I had 3 catapults and 1 archer attacking and conquered them in about 3 to 5 rounds of attacks. The first city state started out with 17 shield status. I turned them into a puppet.

    *** here is where I got stuck ***

    I marched on the 2nd city state's territory and they got all angry. After 1 to 2 rounds of attacks they declared permanent war against me. I figured they would fall to my units because they had no backup. The 2nd city state was at 14 shield status (less than the first city state) when I started attacking them. After 9 to 12 turns with 4 catapults and 3 archers they won't die. I get them down to the last sliver of hit points and then my seiges do zero damage.

    Am I doing something wrong or is this a designed feature of the game. Unkillable city states seems pretty retarded. To make matters worst their shield status has increased from 14 to 22 so it is like my attacks are making them stronger?!

    Please help a confused newbie out...

    Thanks in advance.

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    You have to get them down to low health and then capture them with a melee attacker. Ranged attacks can't capture cities. The first time you besieged a city state, you must have unwittingly finished the city off with a regular ground unit.

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    Yup, need a melee troop to deal the final blow.

    The city's combat strength increasing probably means they built a wall.

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    Thanks guys. I kept avoiding melee because the military advisory was cautioning against it and pre-attack data (mouse hover) said that my upgraded spearmen would be killed. They survived with 1 hitpoint and I took the city. However, I wasted 2 to 3 hours trying to kill 1 city state and that was at least 40-60 turns so I know the other Civs are probably way ahead of me. I may have a save file just after I captured the first city state (I hope).

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