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Thread: New Telefeed: Mind Control

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    Thumbs up New Telefeed: Mind Control

    It would appear Citizen One found an interesting diagram pointing out a possible Mind Control Thread.

    Anybody speak Russian?

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    It seems strange that Citizen One would bring up a Russian mind-control diagram. Perhaps there's more to the image than meets the eye? I have heard tell of people hiding information within images such as these in manners that are normally undetectable without specialized software or hardware.

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    I lived in Russia for a short while, I am on it.

    The title is something like 'psychotronic method of brain washing" I think... working on the rest.

    I can't get this:

    гипнотиэм = hypnotism

    Pretty sure the stamp is 'SECRET'

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    Maybe some kind of dual threat? Russian agents and brainwashed Americans. Could they have infiltrated the government as well?

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    This could explain the Spywatch and the lack of help the previous organisation got.

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    Here's what I got, using Russian alphabet and Google translate:

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    Red mind control, I've read about the Red Chinese brainwashing GI POWs in Korea. Good thing our boys don't do anything like this. Perhaps their are brainwashed Americans signaling those strange things in the sky (flying saucers and the like) to do whatever they are up to (Most likely nothing good.) Also notice how the brainwashing attacks not only vision and hearing but also your conciousness itself (How can they even do that!) This is some serious stuff.

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    I sure hope the training session in Texas was not a exercise to brain wash a group of Skywatch citizens - that would be very bad and more than a little scary. I am thinking it is possible though.

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    Sorry I have been absent from the bulletin board for a while. I've been really busy at work, and to top it all off I spent the last day mourning the death of one of my friends and mentors. Things seemed to have settled a bit, though, so I'm back and I'm going to try to hit the ground running.

    This whole idea of the Soviets possessing telepathic technology is certainly disconcerting, but definitely not a new theory. Back in my time as a reporter I would get calls from people on a daily basis claiming that their loved ones had disappeared or done some horrible thing as a result of Communist mind control. Most of the time it was clearly just people trying to get attention, or perhaps trying to get out of the consequences of a crime, but there were a handful of reports that were just strange and couldn't be explained. Of course, reporting on those, in addition to my reports on the Rockwell Giant from a few years back, led to my termination from the "esteemed publication" I wrote for.

    Bunch of hacks. More concerned about keeping suburban America happy than reporting real news, no matter how strange it may sound.

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