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Thread: Graphics glitch when picking up spears

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    Graphics glitch when picking up spears

    Hey everyone,

    I had the Gene Bank glitch where the background went all crazy, so I lowered my drivers to 262.99 (Using GTX 580) and that fixed the problem.

    However, I also had a problem that when I picked up spears after shooting them at an enemy, a large box would flash on the screen then flash off again.

    Just wondering if there's a particular fix for this or if anyone knows which are the best drivers for Bioshock 2?

    I'm going to keep going down the list of drivers in the meantime, but if you know the ones that are best compatable with the game then please let me know, thanks.

    UPDATE: Well I first of all reverted back to 197 drivers, and that fixed the problem, but then in some parts of the game the framerate would drop. So I decided to go back to latest drivers and turn off shadow maps setting, then it worked great.

    But I'd rather have shadow maps on, so I'm going to keep sifting through some drivers and see if I can get it to work.

    UPDATE 2: Ok, found a driver that works really well, but there's now a problem of being able to see the enemies shadows through the ceiling
    Not sure if this is a game bug or graphical bug or what.
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    Been looking around for a few months and I can't find anything on this graphics bug with being able to see enemies through the ceiling.

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