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    Updates 1/17/2011
    Also Ill be doing polls for the larger groupings so I can meaningfully order the suggestions based on forum feedback Ill start the polls next week.

    I'll try to keep a tally of other player’s suggestions and update this master post as we go. I can already see this post is going to go long

    Sanity Check, i know they are not going to have time to do everything we suggest, but I hope they get a chance to do 1 or 2 fan suggested inputs. Radically changing play is a bad idea, but throwing the hardcore fans a bone that doesnt take too much resources and adds to the feel of play...would be appreciated! Lots of great suggestions but concerned that some of these requests go more into fundemental game design than feature requests. I'll include them but I'm doing some semi sorting of the inputs to the ones that fit within my understanding of the above defintion more towards the top, as they are more likely to be considered than design choices that could potentially require Firaxis to completly retool the game.

    Base Building
    • Allow Multiple base construction and customization.
    • Infirmary will speed up healing process for injured troopers significantly
    • Have a chance that civilians are armed, or military, local police forces show. Having locals trading fire with the aliens will at first seems like a boon to the player, but later having your squads get in a cross fire will turn armed civilians and authorities into a mixed blessing and some great X -Com style thematic moments!
    • Save weapon loadouts of squads, with allowing players to create multiple templates for their troopers
    • Custom location loadout of soldiers when loading skyranger/transport
    • Lightning more useful, possibly by giving it doors on all sides
    • Have both Turn Based and Real Time options available for the tactical combat.
    • Missions have more (optional) objectives that simply kill or move to location, such as rescue/protect&recruit expert staff missions.
    • Make lighter smaller weapons have advantages over larger counterparts, like better chance to hit at shorter distancs and higher ranking for opportunity fire.
    • Increase the utility of armor: In X-Com your power armor will likely protect you from a plasma pistol shot, maybe even a rifle, but by that point in time the aliens are all using heavy plasmas anyhow and they cut through power armor like butter.
    • Weather and other things that effect LOS and the fog of war and add to the tactical depth of the encounter. Elements would could have an impact on LOS, vision depth, how guns behave
    • Allow players to deploy larger teams into the field, depending on the tech, 24+
    • During a mission, there might be a low chance that the local mayor, govenor, scientist, etc is in the area, and it is up to the player to decide if he wants to keep mopping up at their own pace, or high-tail it to the npc
    • Terror mission has multiple outcomes, escort survivors out of the city, defeat the aliens, and saving civies if able. With different effects depending on outcome.
    • Realistic weapons
    • Weapon mods
    • Different posture & shoot from cover options like prone, crouch, lean from cover.
    • Ballistic shields for soldiers
    • Day/night cycle added to the ground battles. So that if the land at 6pm and its night time. Depending on how long the battle lasts the day could become slowly brighter as the sun comes up and day becomes night.
    • Replay of combat event in realtime

    • Speaking of who is making the game. I would love to create a civ like palace for key accomplishments. How about a museum, that has a few upgrades that can be purchased and the rest that are earned by game progress merits. Maybe these upgrades could even give you a small bump to your monthly budget, due to additional visitors to your museum?
    • Another Civ nod. I would love a vanity ending, where you get points based on set accomplishment, keeping countries happy, ect and an associated ranking based on those earned points
    • Any new threats and challenge keep to theme of the original and includes new threats and challenges that matches pop culture of alien lore so we go..’oh right i know what’s that’s from!’. Like a mobile weapons platform that a sectiod drives that is like a mortar gun (Battlefield Earth) or a crysaliod upgrade that actually masks itself for a time as a friendly and wreaks havoc back at base (The Thing).
    • If you are going to have a farm mission map, have some cows for darned sake. I mean really!!
    • Highly moddable design to allow player to tweak for the hard core fans
    • Keep the meaningful parts of X-Com- Destructible terrain. Multiple levels, meaningful micromanagement in the geoscape and battle, damage types (incendiary, armour piercing, laser, plasma, melee, stun, explosive, etc), Please keep British spellings, i.e. Personal Armour, Unit Skill System
    • Keep the system requirements down
    • Blood. We'd all prefer a mature game.
    • Intelligent counter strategies to player success, like timed self destruct to alien craft after first few are taken, and base assault if very effective in defeating alien goals.
    • A Proper PC UI and not some console ported rubbish
    • Ideas from other X-com game (and homages) Cyborg parts for soldiers, ability to recruit sympathetic Aliens to your cause, Powered Armor suits with heavy setup weapons.
    • A HUGE variety of enemies and weapons
    • The ability to select and move a group of troops, instead of moving them one at a time - which is incredibly annoying if you want more than one to go to the same place.
    • Allow the player to select and move another trooper while the previous trooper to completing his movement task, to allow players to the option to speed up the flow of turns.
    • Fog of war

    Game Settings
    • Iconic X-com favorites: - Chryssalids, Blaster launchers, sectoids, power armor, (more to come I'm sure)
    • Bring back the Men In Black, which were supposed to appear on the original game. Have parallel secret organizations with their own agenda and that can fight/collaborate with XCOM. Set a multiplayer version based this.
    • Underwater missions built in (i.e. Terror of the Deep)s. possibly as DLC.
    • Actual alien looking aliens as enemies; hideous, slimy, tentacled, clawed, fanged abominations instead of cartoon figures.

    • Make air combat more tactical. (editor’s amendment I love anything that allows for more depth and complexity to play, if players want to micromanage, but also allow for these added improvements to be easily auto managed if that level of complexity isn’t desired)
    • Have the countries do something else other than give you money or join the alien side. Geoscape should have a political element into it that would reflect also in combat, like losing an immediate alien assault on any XCOM bases located on a country that defected to the aliens. Or you could also have assassination missions like killing a country leadership before it signed a pact with the aliens. Or performing your own abductions for interrogations
    • A City Destroyer type and when it arrives over a city, you have a countdown and unless you can get some fighters over there and damage it a certain amount, then the city is toast.
    • Integrate diplomacy into the recruitment process too. Say for example you make the US happy with you one month. In addition to increased funding, you might see a Navy Seal or Green Beret appear in your recruitment pool. (editors comment meaningful micromanagement, such as suggested by OP)
    • Data lots of data is good.. chance to hit, DPS stats on weapons with skills applied, all this good stats like we love
    • Some type of information warfare component, as the aliens attempt to steal sensitive data from military networks and spread propaganda on the internet via human agents
    • Deployment craft for smaller teams is faster to deploy, while larger team deployments are much slower
    • More balanced resource management system
    • Biomass, like in UFO: Aftermath

    • Scienced based tech

    • Expand the types of alien tech (editor's addition, in a meaningful way)- (paraphrasing poster) allow for more rock paper scissor implantation of new techs, rather than having everyone just run around with Blaster launchers and heavy plasma weapons by the end of the game.
    • Night vision as a researchable and expensive upgrade from the electroflares. Possibly also shotguns and perhaps grenade launchers, though their role is largely taken by the heavy cannon.
    • Less linear research to improve replayability
    • Specialized scientists that give extra bonuses to specific types of research

    A list here

    • Medals for the squaddies. You can do this automatic style, like in apocalypse where a squaddie earns it for completing a certain criteria. Have me (the commander) award a portion of the eligible candidates every month with medals. Have the medals give the squaddie a boost to their calm values and a chance to boost psi resistance (maybe with the first medal a bump and each subsequent a reduced chance of a bump).
    • Player assigned promotions to squad member based on eligible pool.
    • Cloning: Research, adapt and use the alien cloning technology to clone lost soldiers that were battle-hardened veterans by using their dead corpses.
    • A evolving perk system where the latter ones are better, more impactful
    • Have specialist/named characters (soldiers/scientists) with specific bonusses or skills. These characters should not be editable at all.
    • Have generic characters that are editable (names/looks)
    • Detailed performance statistics for every individual soldier: Kills, favorite weapon, missions joined, etc.


    • Merchandising: Badges, miniatures, nerf guns, patches, coffee mugs
    Rock Paper Shotgun wishlist
    Gamespy list
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