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Thread: Top Spin for Playstation VITA

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    Top Spin for Playstation VITA

    Hello glorious Top Spin devs...

    I've been playing Tennis for over 15 years, and have quite a few titles under my belt. I absolutely LOVE your game, which is easily as close as it gets to real tennis. However, as PC-only gamer, I've stopped playing your games when you stopped developing for PC. But I'm buying the PS Vita this week, and the only tennis option we have is the horrible Virtua Tennis 4. Please, please, please port your game for the PS Vita. It doesn't even have to use the completely useless touchscreen and rear touchpad (I know Sony will push you to use them in your games). Just PORT YOUR GAME TO THE VITA. Top Spin 4 is a game meant to be played on the go with other humans. It has potential to be the best selling sports title on the platform (second maybe to FIFA, of course).

    Just look at how incredible looking sports games can be on the VITA:

    Please tell me you're working on it!

    Thanks guys,

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    Hey there, this post is probably better suited for the 2K Sports Forum:

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