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Thread: Entertaining ways to smash up stuff in mafia 2

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    Entertaining ways to smash up stuff in mafia 2

    Hi folks,
    What do like to do to smash up stuff in Mafia II?
    I like to steal a Tanker(s), block off a bridge, climb up in the trusses and blow up the tanker, torching a lot of cars and people. Shoot the cops when they show up and use their own ammo against them while blowing up more cars. You can also crush unlimited number of cars and people with the tanker which is virtually indestructible.

    My favorite voice over, when the chaos is fully underway and the cops say "Code green- return ot the station" when there are a dozen cars torched, and dozens of cops and people dead.

    Of course, you can follow the linear game flow but boring after awhile.

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    i shoot phone booth 1 shot and they fall apart awesomely (more stuff needs to fall apart like phone booths)

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