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Thread: Bioshock + Dubstep = SWEET! - I made a Bioshock Dubstep tune

  1. Bioshock + Dubstep = SWEET! - I made a Bioshock Dubstep tune

    I'm obsessed with both music making and Bioshock. Here is the merging of the two!

    - neutrient

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    That is just amazing, i love dubstep and bioshock! great job mixing the two.

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    WHOAH! This is fantastic. You've done a great job sir. Combining two epic things, that is.

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    Dont mean to troll, but I hate dubstep, I wish it was never INVENTED! IT EVEN HAS A STUPID NAME!

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    This is pretty sweet man! You could push this so so so soo sooooo much more, with like the 'Come on mister B' quote make it a real durrrwty dubstep remix! ^^
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    I haven't really been into dubstep for a few years, but this isn't bad. It's different, which is a good thing. I'd say it could be cleaned up a bit. What are you using to mix? I have to agree with the comment above mine. More little sister sound files would help. The screams made a lovely touch though. BioShock 1 and 2 both have some amazing sound files. Dig deeper and don't go 'dirtier'. This has just the right level of drop and melody. Anything else and it just screams BRO BRO BRO BRO BRO BRO BRO BRO.

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    i am not much into dubstep so i did not like it all i did like the start it was very bioshock in nature

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