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Thread: A thought about Gil (Spoilers, of course)

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    A thought about Gil (Spoilers, of course)

    It's possible that Gil Alexander made the requests for someone wandering through to kill him without knowing of the plasmid Tenenbaum had created to cure little sisters. With her also coming up with a way to treat Adam sickness in the Minerva's Den DLC, it seems like Alex could have been cured. Even if he would remain a mutated blob, he atleast had a chance of getting back his cognitive thinking. The game seems to support Gil's potential for being cured since the statue for saving him has Delta pulling a man (Gil Alexander) out of a serpent (Alex The Great).

  2. But would that cure work on him ??? It cured little sisters who werent spliced (and certainly not mega spliced like Gil was).

    In Minervas Den Tenenbaum is still looking for the 'cure' to Splicers Disease (that would be closer to what Gil needed)

    And at the end she still hadnt found 'the cure'.

    Whether it would cure his madness is a seperate issue (alot of the splicers are pretty far gone too an dwhat good would 'curing' them be if it didnt make them alot less crazy....).

    Apparently for the ending, killing Gil counts as a 'bad' point against you....

    And if they really wanted to push it, even if you electrocuted Gil Alexander he still might not be dead or not past the point he could be revived using a Vita-Chamber. (any one of the old characters could actually be returned via that route).
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