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Thread: Windows 7 64-bit|||game crashes in chapter 5

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    Windows 7 64-bit|||game crashes in chapter 5

    Windows 7 64-bit|||game crashes in chapter 5
    Can you help me please! I passed the fifth chapter and moved on to chapter the beginning of the chapter when Vito do his first fight in jail the game crashes and takes me to my desktop. There is no error message. All that happens is the screen turns black for a moment and just crashes. What do I do?!

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    As you have been able to play through to chapter 6 without any problem it seems that your basic game install is OK.

    This type of problem can be caused by a corrupted save and replaying chapter 5 ( The Buzzsaw) could get you back on track.

    It might also be a good idea to defragment your hard drive if you haven't done this lately.

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    Mmm, I'm having the same problem. Use the machine gun from the window at the start of the main gun fight in Buzzsaw chapter 5, and as I leave to run in the stairwell to go downstairs, the game just crashes to desktop with no error messages.

    I've tried reloading the chapter and replaying through all the previous sub-missions, going to the cafe, getting the guns, driving to the stakeout, etc. The game is re-saving. But still after using the machine gun and trying to go downstairs, it crashes to desktop with no message.

    (Realise this is very old thread, but if anyone solved this - would appreciate an answer)

    Wanted to replay this classic before Mafia III comes out.

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