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Thread: Impossible to start Protector Trial DLC?

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    Impossible to start Protector Trial DLC?

    First of all,hi guys! I'm new to this forum
    So,i just started to play bioshock 2 (the normal one) and i noticed that some sounds were missing,like the little sister.Reading on internet, i discovered the solution: installing protector trial dlc and playing it atleast one time.I installed the DLC,everything fine,but when i go to "extra" the "start dlc" button is greyed and unable to be pressed.So i can't play the DLC and most of the sounds are still messed up.I think my version of the game is solution? ALso i readed some post where pp had the same problem,but they are old and a patch should have already fixed it.Thanks in advance!

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    Hi, Ryan Storm, and welcome to 2K Forums.

    I am having exactly the same problem and looked all over the internet, no joy yet.
    You might find this of some interest:- Wikipedia - BioShock 2 - Expansion packs.
    Please let us know if you do come across a fix, I am still looking and waiting for replies.
    I will post if I find a fix.

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