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Thread: hello?? dlc? yes or no?

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    hello?? dlc? yes or no?

    Hi,I bought the game past week,really enjoyed the game!! was welcome after ****** 5 month's playing gears o w 3... got all the achievo's so I was wondering if there comes any dlc of it? don't see ANYTHING on the net... just a yes or a no would be fine from someone

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    Seconded. Any word from 2k on this would be greatly appreciated. The game is intense, and I've had a whale of a time with it, but it is rather short, and any extra content would be greatly appreciated =]

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    damnn what a FANTASTIC forum this is

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    Maybe more co-op missions could be a nice filler until TD3 arrives.

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    You know what I think would be cool for DLC? An Angelus game with Jenny as the new host. I think that's why they're taking forever to upload.

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    As for Darkling costume ideas. I thought of a football helmet, a ninja, the classic costumes from the original game (gotta have those),

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