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Thread: Bioshock III Idea

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    Bioshock III Idea

    So, here goes:

    The year is 1983. For 4 years, Rapture went quiet. Nothing new, just a dying Utopia. But now, the cult known as the Saturnine have emerged from Arcadia, and have enslaved The remaining denizens,spreading the idea that Chaos is it's own form of Order. They have taken over most of Rapture, and, lead by one Travis Holstead, they plan to gather an army of new Splicers, and attempt to take over the world, Uniting it under the flag of the Saturnine. You are Codename Dante, the first Experimental Little Brother, but your Aggressive nature forced you to be Quarantined in the room ever since 1958, but you were a Toddler then. You didn't know Rapture. Now, as an inexperienced, frightened Manchild, you must learn how to Survive, with the help of Masha Lutz, a former Little Sister, and together, You will decide the fate of not only Rapture, but the World it is threatening to invade.

    New Splicers:

    Juggernaut: The Saturnine are no Scientists, but it doesn't mean they haven't tried to make a force to be reckoned with. The Juggernaut is a massive, Failed Splicer. Standing at 10 feet tall, weighing 1000 pounds of Pure Muscle, the Juggernaut is slow, but if he gets in melee range, you might as well turn off your console or PC right there. He has the ability to throw large objects like Trolley cars, Trees, and Brute Splicers.

    Tweezer: The Tweezers are fast, deadly foes. Their nails are like swords, each about a foot long, except for the thumb. Tweezers can leap long distances, climb on walls, and are extremely agile. However, their eyes have been covered by a wall of flesh, so they cannot see or hear. They, instead, rely on smell. His mouth is completely human, having what was it's top lip stretch up, revealing it's bloody gums.But there is one more thing: They don't make noise, except a screech when they are about to attack.

    Hybrid: Houdinis mixed with Brutes, Thuggish mixed with Spider, You get the idea.

    Steelskin: These are the Remaining Big Daddies. Some of their armor is always missing, be it a boot, a steel sleeve, a Porthole, or a glove. They're considerably weaker than a regular Big Daddy, but they are also slightly faster. Their strategies differ, not from type, but each individual one's Strategy is different, and switches up if you start a New game. They could try and Take Cover or Retreat, or they may just keep coming at you until they or you are dead. Their strategies even change MID-BATTLE.


    New Locations

    Rapture Zoo: Once, Rapture's home to Exotic animals and Petting Zoos, Rapture Zoo is now a Boneyard, and home to Spliced animals like Gorillas, Tigers, and Sharks. The Cult uses the Zoo as a Base for it's attack Animals, like Tigers and Gorillas.

    Hermes Run: Hermes Run is a giant, Circular tunnel surrounding Rapture. It's home to a a massive Trolley System, which is used to reach Destinations in Rapture quickly. The Run is operated by 'Messengers', who Deliver updates to different Saturnine Strongholds.

    Siren's Call: Once the infamous Lighthouse, Siren's Call is now a heavily guarded entrance, surrounded by anchored boats, The
    Saturnine brutally raid and boats who get too close, and usually take Prisoners, sending them to The Grind. They send Taken Supplies down to Rapture, to keep Food and Drink coming.

    Vulcanus: Vulcanus is a huge, abandoned Factory, complete with hundreds of assembly lines, The Saturnine use it as a huge Torture Chamber. Sewing, burning, and slicing 'Criminals'.

    Rapture Square: Rapture Square is a huge mall, complete with Two Grocery Stores, Several Pharmacies, Toy Stores, Clothing Stores, you name it.

    Warden's Keep: Owned by Fontaine, Warden's Keep was a part of the Welcome to Rapture level that was cut off because of an exploding tunnel in BS1. It was a Death Camp for Ryan Supporters and such. Now, it serves as a monitoring position for the Saturnine to see who's coming in or going out of Rapture.

    There would be a couple other levels from 2 & 1, Like the Medical Pavilion or Siren Alley.

    Well, what do you think?
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    I don't think there should be another correctional facility since everyone was already sent to Persephone.

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    The Watch: -- "The Saturnine trade with Surface Dwellers, covering up Rapture by claiming they are Stranded" needs a different story to make this trading happen --- this part just doesnt work (stranded people would want to leave, not trade). Maybe something about the splicers being pirates and stealing the stuff instead of ships they sink (and grab passengers as slaves or somesuch).

    Needs more filler about why anyone would follow the Saturnine (Chaos and anarchy are usually ineffective in buying off followers or organizing anything beyond meetings where the participants continually argue about the rules for the meeting). Needs something more 'mind-control' or the crazy splicers simply just turn on you when you tell them that they have to follow orders.

    Skyward Avenue sound more like one of Lambs ideas (and too much like Portal)

    Walk of the True - Saturnines wouldnt care about these 'heroes' it would more likely be a museum to themselves and their fictional 'great' achievements.

    Broadway should be slowly growing towards whatever the Saturnine control - expanding since they seem to be a power capable of fighting the Saturnines. A giant plaster Cohen should be found before the quadrytch and up in that room in the thearter is a rocking chair with a person apparently sitting in it (facing away from the viewer)....

    Hades Run should be madmax type Motorcycles (withc some choreographed chase scenes)

    Mercy's End Correctional Facility - the prison things already been done -- how about something about Raptures 'Supermarket' instead??

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    Only in my dreams could this be a reality.

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    Edited Locations a bit

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    Pshh, I wish. If this actually was made, I would melt with joy.

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