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Thread: Little Sisters not talking, new fix for this problem on PC.

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    Little Sisters not talking, new fix for this problem on PC.

    As far as I know this fix only works for the following setup:
    Playing on Windows 7, PC, with retail DVD. version 1.0, Single Player mode, using a LOCAL profile, with default game settings. You could try this fix on other setups, but it might not work?
    This fix might only work for the no talking audio problem when picking up a Little Sister.

    When you go to pick up a Little Sister she should:
    stop crying, turn around and face you, hold out her arms and talk to you (or occasionally just smile at you), in these situations:

    1. When you kill her Big Daddy and you pick her up (ADOPT)
    2. When she has finished gathering Adam and you pick her up.
    3. When you exit a Vita Chamber and you pick her up.

    If she just stands there silent or just stands there crying, the following fix might help.

    Open your game.

    Assuming that you have saved your game levels, at the start of each level do this:

    LOAD one of your saved levels that has a Little Sister in it. Kill the Big Daddy, when you have killed the Big Daddy, walk right up to the Little Sister, until you will get the F/B options. If she does not react or talk, retreat and back away from her, a few steps, until the F/B options are gone.

    1. Press the Esc. key, to get to the PAUSE MENU.
    2. OPTIONS.
    4. Use Reverb (if ON change to OFF) or (if OFF change to ON).
    5. APPLY.
    6. BACK.
    8. Walk right up to the Little Sister and she should talk. You can adopt her, but you can also try this before picking her up:- SPOILERS: walk back a few steps and she should turn away and start crying. Walk forward again and she should talk again. You should be able to do this a few times, before you pick her up.
    9. You might have to do the 'Use Reverb' toggle method above, for each saved level?
    10. This works for the Rescue and Harvest talking dialogues (Happy and Scared) when you come to this part of the game.

    PLEASE NOTE :, The 'Use Reverb' toggle method above, might only sort out the picking up a Little Sister, talking dialogue audio problem. It did not solve all of the game audio issues on my PC.
    I still have a few talking audio issues that I am working on.

    Please do not ask me questions about this fix, I probably will not be able to help. I am just letting you know what worked for me, with my game setup.
    If you have related questions, other threads might help you.

    Let us know if it does work for you, as it might help other gamers, with the same problem.
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    Related topic to this thread:

    IMPORTANT: Using the 'Use Reverb' method above, also fixes the Abandon a Little Sister, talking dialogue audio.

    When you abandon a Little Sister, she will have a whole different set of talking dialogue.

    I don't know what triggers the abandon audio, distance or time?
    If you go a couple of rooms away from your Little Sister and then go back to her, she will stop crying and will talk the abandon dialogue. 'See, angel, Daddy wasn't leaving' etc.

    NB. This has nothing to do with the abandon a Little Sister 'Warning' you get, if you stray too far from her.

    SPOILERS: If you abandon her a second time immediately and then go back to her, she will not be crying, but will be crouching, hiding and silent, (feeling very abandoned) until you go up to her.
    You can also try this if she is reacting or talking to you, in any situation:
    When you are standing in front of her, move to the left and right of her and she will turn her head towards you. She will only turn her head 180 degrees though.
    If you stand in front of her and then carefully move in a close circle around her, till you are exactly behind her, she will shake her head from left to right, waiting for you.

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    This is actually happening to me, and I was intending to create a new thread just because of this trouble. This is what is happening to me and also the 'thriller' theme when she starts gathering ADAM from a body.

    BUT... That started happening when I installed the v1.5/v1.4 patch (which so far I don't know what's the official section to download on 2K website). So I wanted to know which procedures should I take to fix this.

    I tried your solution, but it didn't work as well. I could play the game without patching to solve this problem, but there's a handy feature I can't leave behind: Smooth Mouse Movement. Maybe if a mod or a staff member replied to this thread could save our lives. I'll wait for it. =P

    (PS: Cheers! My 1st post on 2K forums! \o/)

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    Hi, X_Hunter. Welcome to the forum.

    I think that your problem is slightly different to mine.
    When I play the game with any patch installed, I totally lose all of the Little Sisters talking dialogue.
    When I play with v.1.0, about half of the dialogue is missing.

    As you have specific questions to ask, I would suggest starting a new thread. You should get a quicker response.

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    So you must go back to an older version? And how do you make a Local profile??

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    ^ Simple answer to your question: I do not know.

    You can search other threads on the forum for better more expert solutions, but also read below.

    NB. This post should probably be a new thread, but it is all related to the Little Sisters not talking problem.

    If the Little Sisters are not talking at all, you could try this:
    This is what worked for me, on my PC set up:

    Uninstall BioShock 2.
    Delete any leftover files, folders etc. on your PC. (I use Revo Uninstaller for this).

    Reinstall BioShock 2 from your DVD (when you are offline and not connected to the internet)
    Click 'Finish' when the game has installed.
    Click 'Allow' Sony DADC Austria AG.
    When the 'Release date check failed' window comes up, leave it open.
    Go online and click 'Retry' in the Sony DADC window. The window should then close and the game should open.
    Click 'Single Player'.
    Click 'Quit to Windows'.
    Go offline.
    Open the game. (when you are offline and not connected to the internet)
    Press the Home key on your keyboard. The GFWL window should come up.
    Click 'Create New Profile'
    SCROLL DOWN (all the way)
    Click 'Create a Local Profile'. Type in a name, etc. Submit, Done.
    Close the GFWL window.
    You should now be able to play the game offline.

    Then if the Little Sisters do not interact and talk, when you go to pick them up, use the Reverb fix above, or use the other fixes discovered in other threads, e.g. the toggle adaptive training fix, or try the playing under the Protector Trials fix, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.

    The above restored my game back to v. 1.0 and I got most of the talking audio back. There are still some audio and other problems with my game though.

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